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December 17, 2007

An EEZ Way to Read Putts

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Ezzread_300x300Putting is not complicated. The ball is resting on the green, you look at where it is in relation to the hole and hit it so the ball rolls in. Easy.

Sure. Tell that to someone who just three-jacked from 10 feet.

The EEZ-Read (pronounced easy read) is a simple device designed to help players develop a better sense of break and slope on greens. A simple level mounted on a stainless steel disk, it rests on the ground to show which way the green tilts. When the bubble floats toward the 12 o'clock position, the putt is uphill, 6 o'clock means downhill, 3 o'clock means it breaks from right to left and 9 o'cock means left to right.

By rule, you cannot use the EEZ-Read during play, but Momentus--maker of the EEZ-Read--says golfers who practice using the device will become better at reading greens and more confident when putting.

Is it worth paying $14.95 for a silver-dollar-sized disk with a level on it? Maybe. Even if it doesn't help your putting, you can probably use it to hang curtains.

December 05, 2007

Tiger Woods' New Ball

Posted at 5:48 PM by

Gl0315_plt_pkgTiger Woods used a new golf ball to win the 2007 Target World Challenge at Sherwood Country Club Sunday. For the first time in competition, the game's No. 1 player used the new Nike ONE Platinum.

According to Nike, the improved One Platinum and One Black--both of which will be available to the public on Feb. 1, 2008--offer an innovative power-transfer technology. Essentially, the balls have a thick polymer located inside the mantle layer, which increases ball speed for more power.

You won't find any information about either ball at, but both the One Platinum and One Black will list for $56 per dozen.

More information about the new Nike balls will be coming soon, but you can learn more about Titleist's new NXT Extreme and NXT Tour and TaylorMade's new TP Red, TP Black, TP Burner and Burner golf balls in these articles from GOLF Magazine. -- David Dusek

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