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August 26, 2008

More New TaylorMade Clubs Arriving Soon

Posted at 1:28 PM by David Dusek | Categories: Drivers, Irons, TaylorMade

Tm_burner_driver_08 Last week TaylorMade announced the release of the new r7 Limited driver. This week the company is releasing even more new drivers and new irons.

Designed for players who are looking to get maximum distance off the tee, the new Burner (top photo) and Burner TP drivers weigh less than 300 grams, which promotes a fast swing. Both feature what TaylorMade refers to as Dual Crown technology, which essentially means that the base of each driver's head is larger than the crown. According to TaylorMade, this allowed them to shift more weight down and into the back of the club, so it should be easier to hit a higher-flying, lower-spinning drive.

While the updated Burner will come standard with a 49-gram graphite shaft, the TP version will be available with either a 55-gram or 65-gram shaft. The face of the TP version is also slightly more open than the standard Burner, which should help fast-swinging golfers avoid hooks.

The updated Burner driver will be available Oct. 1 and will retail for $400. The Burner TP will be available March 30, 2009, and will retail for $500.

Tm_burner_irons_08 On Sept. 19 TaylorMade will release the new Burner Plus irons (middle photo). Designed as max-game-improvement clubs, these irons have extreme perimeter weighting, plenty of offset, a thin face and a very low center of gravity. All of those features are designed to help golfers get the ball off the ground easily and hit straighter, longer shots. The sole of the Burner Plus irons is also extremely wide, which should help players avoid digging.

Like the Burner drivers, the shafts of the Burner Plus irons are light and slightly longer than standard for increased swing speed.

The standard set of Burner Plus irons ($599, steel/$799, graphite) will be 4-AW ("attack" wedge), but a combo set will be available with Burner Rescue 3 and 4 hybrid clubs and 5-PW ($699 steel/$899 graphite). The standard women's set will come with 4 and 5 hybrids plus 6-AW ($699, steel/$899, graphite).

The newly updated Tour Preferred irons (lower photo) are for mid- and low-handicap players who want to work the ballTm_tp_irons_08 but need some forgiveness. The leading edge of the sole has been rounded slightly, so these irons should still work through the turf when players make an aggressive downward swing. Weight has been redistributed to the perimeter of the clubface and down, which should make the long irons slightly easier to hit. Housed within a shallow cavity behind the face is a vibration-dampening mechanism that TaylorMade says will enhance feel.

The Tour Preferred irons will be available Sept. 19 and will retail for $899.

Look for more-detailed information on all these clubs in an upcoming issue of GOLF Magazine.

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