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January 29, 2009

Titleist officially launches the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x

Posted at 12:43 PM by David Dusek | Categories: Golf Balls, PGA Show, Titleist

Titleistprov_400 ORLANDO, Fla. — Despite the ongoing legal battle over the patents used to create the Pro V1 line of golf balls, they have been the best selling balls on the market for 94 consecutive months, according to Titleist. So it was no surprise that the auditorium was packed when the company launched the 2009 update of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x this morning at the PGA Merchandise Show.

George Sine, the vice president of golf ball marketing for Acushnet (Titleist's parent company), explained to the crowd that the polybutadiene core of the new three-piece Pro V1 has been reformulated and made larger. Sine said this will increase the 2009 Pro V1's ball speed off the tee when compared to its predecessor. The casing that covers the core has been made thinner (.035"), and Titleist says that will help create more spin. Sine also said that the improved urethane cover will increase durability.

The four-piece Pro V1x, which is designed for players with a slightly faster swing speed, still has a duel core like the 2007 model. Like the Pro V1, it now features the improved urethane cover and improved cover durability.

"The Pro V1x will deliver the longest driver distance for Titleist tour-played golf balls," Sine said.

The 2009 version of the Pro V1 will spin more with irons than the 2007 model, while the new Pro V1x will spin less than the previous version. "It is accurate to say that the Pro V1 spins more than the Pro V1x," Sine explained. "It's true with the driver, and it's true with the irons."

Look for the new balls to arrive in shops near you in the weeks to come.

(Photo by David Walberg/SI)

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