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July 12, 2009

Ping Shows i15 and G15 Drivers to Pros Before British Open

Posted at 9:51 PM by David Dusek | Categories: British Open, Drivers, Ping

Pingi15-PingG15-Drivers_600x400 In the days leading up to the British Open, Ping Golf started showing its newest drivers to tour professionals.

The Ping i15 is designed for players who are seeking more playability off the tee, while the Ping G15 is meant for players who want a forgiving driver that is designed to hit the ball straight.

Golfers who currently play the Ping G10 driver will find that the G15 (left in photo) maintains ball speed on off-center hits more effectively. The G15 also spins the ball less than the G10 and launches it at a slightly higher angle, which should help increase carry. An external weight pad moves the center of gravity lower and deeper to improve launch conditions. Although both clubs will set square at address, the G15 will be available in both neutral and draw versions.

The shaft of the Ping G15 has a balance point closer to the handle area, which allowed designers to leave more mass in the head without sacrificing the overall balance of the club. Big deal you say? Well, more mass delivered at the same speed yields more power, which increases ball speed across the entire face.

The i15 (right in photo) is intended for high-swing-speed players. The crown and face of the club are slightly more rounded than the G15 for greater energy transfer on shots hit in the center of the face. The center of gravity is low, but more forward in the head than the G15, so drives hit with the i15 should fly slightly lower, with less spin and a more penetrating trajectory.

The face of the i15 driver is square at address, but the internal weight of the club encourages a fade to help heavy-hitters avoid missing left.

If any players use the G15 or i15 at Turnberry this week, The Shop blog will be sure to let you know.

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