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May 18, 2010

Titleist 910 Drivers Spotted on USGA Conforming Club List

Posted at 1:47 PM by David Dusek | Categories: Drivers, Prototype Equipment, Titleist, USGA

I did not receive a press release yesterday from Titleist announcing the release of any new clubs, but golf equipment message boards were buzzing about Titleist's new 910 D2 and 910 D3 drivers.

Bloggers and gearheads got some basic information about the clubs after noticing the drivers had been added to the United States Golf Association's list of conforming equipment.

Titleist 910 Drivers USGA Listing

Months before equipment is available to the pros or the public, manufacturers have to submit woods, irons and balls to the USGA for testing to ensure they conform to the Rules of Golf.

According to the USGA's Web site:

"The Research and Test Center receives nearly 3,000 equipment submissions each year. This includes nearly 900 different models of golf balls and more than 2,000 other pieces of golf equipment such as clubs, clubheads, shafts, gloves, tees and other devices. While the golf balls are submitted by a relatively small number of manufacturers from around the world, the other pieces of equipment may come from a major equipment manufacturer or a golf enthusiast tinkering in his/her garage. Regardless of the source, each submission is handled with the same diligence, care and confidentiality."

For serious equipment junkies, the USGA's searchable database of conforming clubs, which is updated every Monday, is the place to go to learn what equipment might be coming out before press releases are mailed and ad campaigns begin.

I wrote "might" in that last sentence for a very good reason—clubs that are tested and added to the top of the list of conforming clubs do not always get produced or made available to the public.

However, if you ever get your hands on a Titleist 910 D2 and 910 D3 driver, you can now rest assured that it is legal for play.

Titleist 901 Drivers

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