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November 30, 2012

Take THAT USGA! Odyssey releasing Metal-X Arm Lock putters

Posted at 4:09 PM by David Dusek | Categories: Odyssey, Putters

Odyssey_Metal-X_Arm-Lock_450x600Seventy-two hours after the USGA and the R&A jointly announced a proposed change to the Rules of Golf that would outlaw anchored putting methods beginning in 2016, Odyssey Golf said it would release a line of putters designed to help players stabilize the club during the stroke. Legally.

The 43" Metal-X Arm Lock putters are not intended to be affixed to the abdomen or chest. Instead, the top portion of the grip is intended to press against the lead forearm.

"We were kind of waiting with bated breathe to see what the actual rule would be and whether this [design] would be conforming," says Austie Rollinson, principal designer for Odyssey Golf. "We were happy to see that it was."

Unlike other Odyssey putters, which come with 3° of standard loft, the Arm Lock putters have 7° because pressing the top of the grip against the forearm creates a forward press. Rollinson says that press is about 4°, so to offset the delofting effect, 4° had to be added .

The one-piece grip was taken directly from Odyssey's belly putters. To ensure the club is being used correctly, Odyssey added the words "Arm Lock" to a red area in the section where the club should be fastened against the arm.

Matt Kuchar has successfully used this style of putting, and according to the USGA and the R&A, it will remain legal if the proposed rule changes are enacted.

"Some people have trouble with the butt end of the club moving independently from how your shoulders rock," Rollinson says. "This really cuts down on the degrees of freedom that the club has while you are stroking it." He adds that while the club does not eliminate forearm rotation, the method discourages it, and the player will be inclined to bring the clubhead back to the ball squarely.

The Metal-X Arm Lock putters are scheduled to debut on Jan. 15, and the Metal-X #7 and Metal-X DART versions will retail for about $189.

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