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April 10, 2013

Check out Mickelson's new Phrankenwood driver

Posted at 1:55 PM by Michael Chwasky

P1-Phrankenwood-finalHe's created a monster.

Phil Mickelson showed up at Augusta National this week with his "Frankenwood" driver -- a club Callaway developed after Mickelson asked for a modern 2-wood that he could hit as far as a driver but with a flatter ball flight and more shot-shaping control.

Mickelson is known for his unorthodox approach to equipment -- he carried two drivers in his bag in one Masters, and played a U.S. Open without a driver -- but this time he’s breaking new ground. The X Hot Phrankenwood is currently a prototype, but like other X Hot fairway woods it features a stainless steel construction with Callaway’s Speed Frame Face Cup (made of Carpenter steel) and an ultra-thin steel body. 

Here's what Mickelson said about the club at Augusta National on Tuesday:

It's almost like a small driver but its put the 3-wood technology of our X Hot into a driver. What it's done is taken a lot of spin off of it. And if you watch, you'll see a lot of the shots off the tee that I hit have a lot more scoot on them.

He added that he's already seeing the payoff in distance during his practice round this week:

Tee shots on 9 are getting down to the bottom of the hill, and I haven't been able to do that in years. The tee shot on 10 is getting another 15 to 20 yards, giving me a club or two less than I've had in years. The tee shot on 15 is getting down to where I have one or two clubs less, and because it comes off fast, as well as low spin, it's running, which is exactly what I wanted here. 

According to Evan Gibbs, manager of Callaway's performance analysis group, the key for Phil was getting a club that let him hit down on the ball slightly (more like he does with all the rest of the clubs in his bag) while also producing low spin and the ability to move the ball in both directions. 

 "When Phil hits up on the ball with a driver, it makes the transition to the rest of his clubs more difficult, so he wanted something that let him make his normal, slightly descending swing without creating too much spin. He also wanted to be able to hit the ball from right-to-left, which is critical at Augusta, without losing distance. Utilizing the same technology found in our X Hot 3Deep fairway wood we were able to give him what he asked for simply by creating a slightly larger clubhead and putting a 45" driver shaft on it." 

Gibbs added that Phil's Phrankenwoods (he has two) have been machined, heat-treated, and welded entirely in Callaway's R&D facility in Carlsbad, which is extremely rare for a metalwood product. 

Phil’s X Hot Phrankenwood has 8.5-degrees of loft and measures only 250cc’s (most modern drivers are 460cc’s). A 45-inch Fubuki k 70X Prototype shaft makes the club as long as a typical driver. 

April 03, 2013

Bubba Watson joins Oakley team, reveals Masters threads in New York City

Posted at 10:37 AM by Jessica Marksbury


Defending Masters champion Bubba Watson was officially welcomed into the Oakley family on Tuesday in front of a bevy of international media on the rooftop of New York City's swanky Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel.

Watson made his debut as an Oakley apparel endorsee in January. The company prides itself on taking an unconventional approach to golf apparel with its fun, irreverent style. "Wearing the iconic 'O,'" Watson says, "makes me feel like a real athlete."

After a short press conference, Watson revealed his Thursday-Sunday Masters looks (pictured above). "No matter what happens, I'm just going to enjoy it," he said of returning to Augusta as the defending champion.

Unfortunately, Watson chose to remain tight-lipped regarding his much anticipated Champions dinner menu, revealing only that he chose the menu "in about 30 seconds" in November of 2012. "I just went with what I wanted," he said. "I could care less about the other people."


INTERVIEW: Bubba Watson wants to be No. 1

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(Photo: Courtesy of Oakley)

March 26, 2013

Nike releases limited edition TW '13 shoe for Masters

Posted at 12:25 PM by Jessica Marksbury

Courtesy of Nike

In the wake of Tiger Woods' ascension to the top of the world ranking after clinching his third victory of the year, the anticipation for the Masters couldn't be greater. To celebrate the first major of the 2013 season, Nike has released of a limited edition TW shoe that showcases the iconic Masters green on the sole.

Retailing for $180, the shoe’s Nike FREE inspired outsole is the result of a collaboration between Tiger Woods and Nike’s golf footwear team, which sought to produce a golf shoe that matched the fit and performance of Woods’ Nike FREE athletic shoes.

The TW ’13 Limited Edition is composed of multi-stretch synthetic leather and is designed to conform to the foot's natural motion to deliver maximum flexibility. The shoe will be available at and retailers across the country beginning March 28th while supplies last.


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March 22, 2013

Kentwool's Limited Edition Masters socks are back

Posted at 1:21 PM by Jessica Marksbury

Back by popular demand, Kentwool's commemorative Masters sock is again on the market just in time for the 2013 tournament.

First released in 2012, the limited edition style features Kentwool's "WINDspun" technology (a process that infuses the sock's merino wool and high-tech fiber blend with air to provide increased cushioning and comfort) and offers a 100 percent blister free guarantee.

The style quickly sold out after company endorsee Bubba Watson's Masters win, but will be available on for $19.95 through May 15th while supplies last.
Photo courtesy of Kentwool




March 14, 2013

Cobra releases limited edition green AMP Cell driver just in time for Masters

Posted at 1:44 PM by Robert Sauerhaft

Cobra broadened its fashion-forward offerings to include a limited run of 1,800 green-headed AMP Cell drivers.

Starting on March 15, the green monsters ($399; each one marked with 1-1,800 on the sole for authenticity) will be available with a green grip, a Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board graphite shaft, plus a matching head cover and wrench. The club's adjustable hosel has six loft settings: 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw and 11.5°.

Its elliptical club face has "dual roll" -- it's flatter below the center line of the face -- to increase launch without increasing backspin. In addition, an elliptical pad behind the face improves ball speed on low-heel and high-toe shots.


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MORE COBRA: Cobra Homepage on

(Photos: Courtesy of Cobra)

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