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March 16, 2014

First Look: Callaway X2 Hot Deep Fairway Woods

Posted at 5:39 PM by Coleman McDowell
Image courtesy of Callaway


Phil Mickelson virtually sealed last year’s British Open with a brilliant pair of 3-wood shots to reach Muirfield’s par-5 17th in two during the final round. He smashed those shots using Callaway’s X Hot 3Deep (13°) 3-wood. Now comes a more complete offering called X2 Hot Deep, which consists of the 2Deep (12.5°), 3Deep (14.5°) and 5Deep (18.5°).

These clubs feature a thinner, lighter Carpenter 455 forged cup face than in the X Hot Deep for faster ball speeds (on shots struck low on the face, in particular). A higher MOI contributes to more overall forgiveness and greater shot-to-shot consistency while a flatter roll radius causes shots to launch higher from fairway lies. Phil Mickelson, in fact, is one of the players sporting the X2 Hot 2Deep on Tour. By comparison, this stick is 20cc larger than the X Hot 3Deep with a higher MOI and a bigger face. They are $230 each.

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November 11, 2013

First Look: TaylorMade's JetSpeed Line of Woods

Posted at 4:04 PM by Michael Chwasky
TaylorMade JetSpeed
Credit: Chad Matthew Carlson


The new JetSpeed line of woods (driver, fairway woods, hybrids) from TaylorMade will replace the existing RBZ Stage 2 woods in December. The JetSpeed ($299) is the first driver to feature TaylorMade's Speed Pocket technology, which is aimed at reducing spin and increasing speed and distance on shots struck low on the clubface. In addition a low, forward CG location produces significantly faster ballspeeds than RBZ and RBZ Stage 2 drivers on shots struck 1/2" high or low on the face. A twelve-position loft sleeve allows for full adjustability while a 46" lightweight shaft (49g) further contributes to increased clubhead speed and overall distance.  

JetSpeed fairway woods ($229) also feature Speed Pocket technology to produce greater clubface flexibility and faster ballspeeds. Considered by TaylorMade reps to be "the longest, most playable fairway woods ever," JetSpeed fairways will be available in 15-, 17-, 19-, 21-, and 23-degree models but will not offer hosel adjustability.

JetSpeed hybrids ($199) feature many of the same design elements as the fairway woods and will be available in 16-, 19-, 22-, 25-, and 28-degree models. 

The entire JetSpeed line of woods is currently being put through the paces at Golf Magazine's ClubTest, so be sure to check out the results beginning in the March '14 issue.

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July 11, 2013

First Look: New Adams Tight Lies fairway woods

Posted at 10:14 AM by Robert Sauerhaft


It’s been nearly 20 years since the original Tight Lies fairway woods debuted in 1995. The oddly shaped, stainless steel heads featured an “upside-down” design to lower the club’s center of gravity. Those ultra-friendly woods eventually proved to be a hit with Average Joes and catapulted the company from relative obscurity.

The latest stainless steel incarnation features a similar shape and low-profile face. Of course, the 2013 model has “velocity slot” technology in the crown and sole, which enables the clubface to flex significantly more than the rigid faces in the mid-90s. How much more? New Tight Lies has twice the “characteristic time” (a measurement for the relative springiness of a clubface) as the original one. In fact, the new Tight Lies has an updated “velocity slot” design. Company officials say it leads to 10-percent more face flexibility than the “velocity slot” in existing Adams woods, which translates to 1 to 2 mph more ball speed and 6 to 10 additional yards. Besides a lively face, the Tight Lies — 25 percent smaller than average woods — packs lots of weight low and rear to increase forgiveness (MOI) and produce high-launching shots. You’ll find the 16° at retail starting on August 15, whereas the 14°, 19° and 22° will ship on November 1. $199 with Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series graphite shaft.

Adams also plans to roll out Tight Lies Tour fairway woods for better players and faster swingers. The 14.5° and 18° lofts have a slightly deeper face and more forward center of gravity to produce lower-spinning shots. $229 with Aldila Tour Blue shaft.

See below for more photos of the 16° wood.


(Photos: Rob Sauerhaft)

March 27, 2013

New Callaway X Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood

Posted at 10:34 AM by Michael Chwasky

Callaway's brand new X Hot 3Deep fairway wood is the direct result of Tour player demand. Featuring a deep face design aimed at producing a more boring ballflight, the X Hot 3Deep is built with a forged speed frame face for higher ballspeeds and an internal weighting system that creates a lower CG for optimal launch conditions. An improved version of the famous Warbird sole allows for better playability from a variety of lies.

According to Randy Peterson, Callaway director of fitting & instruction, the new model is an extension of the existing X Hot Pro model but with design changes made to suit none other than Callaway staffer Phil Mickelson. 

"Initially the X Hot Pro came about when Phil asked for a fairway wood that he could hit off the tee with a little more distance and workability but could also hit from the fairway. The Pro has great ballspeeds but works better for players who contact the ball a bit lower on the face. Phil tends to hit it a little higher on the face so we made the clubface on the 3Deep about 10-percent higher. This change produces both higher ballspeed and more optimal spin rates for players who strike the ball a bit higher on the clubface." 

The X Hot 3Deep fairway wood ($229) is available in 13- and 14.5-degree models (only 13-degree for southpaws) and comes standard with a lightweight Project X Velocity shaft.   


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November 02, 2012

Mickelson playing stealthy TaylorMade fairway wood in China

Posted at 2:54 PM by David Dusek

Before the start of the HSBC Champions at Mission Hills in Shenzhen, China, Phil Mickelson pulled out his Callaway Big Bertha Diablo 3-wood and added a TaylorMade RocketBallz 3-wood to his bag.

According to Callaway's senior vice president of marketing, Harry Arnett, Mickelson arrived at a Callaway photo shoot last week in Fort Worth, Texas, and told Callaway designers that the Mission Hills course in China presented a problem.

"He said, 'Here's my dilemma: Because of the course set-up, I'm not going to be able to hit driver. I need to have something that I can hit 290 off the tee. My 3-wood goes about 275 to 280 and my driver goes 305. I can't hit my driver there because if I do I'm in all the junk, but I don't want to hit it 270 because in some cases I may not be able to reach some of the par 5s. What do we have?'"

Arnett explained that Callaway is releasing a new fairway wood in a few weeks, but the company didn't have one ready to give to Mickelson for his trip to China.

Mickelson brought a TaylorMade fairway wood to Fort Worth and Arnett said he saw the club. While the off-the-rack RocketBallz fairway woods feature a white crown, Mickelson got one from TaylorMade that is black.

Arnett said, "We told him, 'Play whatever you want. We've got the prototype coming in a few weeks. If you really feel like this is the best way for you to compete and win, then go for it!'"

When Callaway releases its new fairway woods, Arnett said he was confident that Mickelson, who has already tested prototypes of the new Callaway woods, would take the TaylorMade club out of his bag.

Before the start of the BMW Championship at Crooked Stick in September, Mickelson pulled his Callaway RAZR Fit 5-wood and added a 9-year-old Titleist 980F 5-wood to his bag. The Titleist 5-wood made the trip to China and Mickelson is still using it.

The four-time major winner and World Golf Hall of Fame member shot 66 on Thursday and 69 Friday, putting him tie for sixth, six shots behind Louis Oosthuizen.

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(Photo by Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

September 13, 2012

Mickelson using 9-year-old fairway wood

Posted at 5:06 PM by David Dusek

Phil Mickelson continued his hot play last week at the BMW Championship and finished tied for second, two shots behind Rory McIlroy. While most onlookers noticed that Mickelson was putting with the claw grip, sharp-eyed equipment junkies might have noticed another change.

Mickelson continued to use his Callaway RAZR Fit driver (9.5°) and his Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Octane 3-wood (15°), but the Hall of Famer replaced his Callaway RAZR Fit 5-wood (18°) with a Titleist 980F 5-wood (17°) with a Graphite Design PM 902 shaft.

Titleist's 980F line of fairway woods debuted in 2003, while Mickelson was a Titleist staff player. Before the start of the 2004 Ryder Cup at Oakland Hills, Mickelson signed a deal with Callaway and switched to the company's gear before the start of the matches against Europe.

It's not unusual for pros to hold on to old, trusty fairway woods. Tiger Woods uses a Nike SasQuatch II 5-wood, a club that was released in 2007, and Geoff Ogilvy has been playing a Cobra S9-1 5-wood since 2009.

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(Photo by Brian Spurlock/US PRESSWIRE)

December 12, 2011

TaylorMade releasing RocketBallz fairway woods and rescue clubs

Posted at 12:00 AM by David Dusek

Mike Ferris, TaylorMade's vice president of product marketing, was counting each stride as he marched across the front of the conference room. "Twelve, thirteen, fourteen," he said before touching the wall, turning around and pacing back again. "Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen."
P.T. Barnum would have loved the way Ferris had just shown how much longer TaylorMade claims the new RocketBallz 3-wood is than last season's Burner SuperFast 2.0.

TaylorMade RocketBallz fairway woods
David Dusek
TaylorMade RocketBallz fairway woods

This is the club that gave the RocketBallz family its name. According to TaylorMade, the engineers who developed the club—and a small number of Tour pros who were given a chance to hit the earliest prototypes—all said that the 3-wood "hit the ball like a rocket."
Having a little fun, the engineers etched "RocketBallz" into subsequent refinements of the prototype, more as a code name than anything else. They never expected the name to stick, but it did, although it was shortened to RBZ on the sole.

(Click here to see an exclusive video on the RocketBallz fairway woods.)
Once you get past the name, the first thing you'll notice about the RocketBallz fairway woods is a cavity carved in the sole. Positioned just behind the face, it is designed to increase the flexibility of both the face and the sole of the club to help increase ball speed.
Golfers will notice a weight plug positioned directly behind the cavity. In drivers, weights like this one are often positioned in the back to move the center of gravity lower and farther from the face to encourage a higher ball flight. In the RBZ fairways, TaylorMade has moved the center of gravity in these clubs forward.
"Historically, we've always said, let's move the center of gravity back to make the club easier to play" says Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade's senior direct of product creation. However, Olsavsky notes, most golfers hit their fairway woods and hybrids high in the face. He says the physics that helps you hit longer shots with your 460-cc driver doesn't help you as much with fairway woods because they feature a smaller head and shallower face. In order to get a higher launch angle, more ball speed and more carry distance, TaylorMade says that it moved the center of gravity in to keep it more aligned with where golfers actually hit the ball.
Olsavsky says the combination of the cavity and the forward adjustment of the center of gravity increased the RocketBallz ball speed by 3-4 mph over the Burner SuperFast 2.0. He also notes that the same features make the RocketBallz Rescue clubs 15 yards longer than their Burner counterparts.

TaylorMade RocketBallz Rescue Clubs
David Dusek
TaylorMade RocketBallz Rescue Clubs

"We have never seen a fairway wood that has gone right up to the USGA speed limit," Olsavsky says. "We had some things made from titanium that got close, but no one wanted to pay for them, so we're excited to be able to produce a product in a steel construction that goes right up to the USGA limits for coefficient of restitution [COR] and CT [the face's trampoline effect]."
Like the rest of TaylorMade's 2012 wood and rescue offerings, the RocketBallz line features a white matte finish on the crown and a black face to aid in alignment. But unlike the R11 clubs, the RBZ models are not adjustable—TaylorMade hasn't been able to incorporate moveable weights into a head that features a channel on the sole. (At least not yet.)
The fairway woods will be available in both standard and Tour models. The Tour version has a slightly smaller head, a more open face angle and a fade bias. Similarly, TaylorMade will offer a standard RBZ Rescue club and a Tour Rescue.
When they arrive in pro shops on Feb. 3, the RocketBallz fairway woods will come standard with a Matrix Ozik XCon 5 50-gram shaft; the Tour version will come with a Matrix Ozik RUL 70 75-gram graphite shaft. Each will cost $229 and lofts will range from 13°-24°. RocketBallz TP fairway woods with upgraded shafts will cost $329.

Arriving in pro shops on the same day, the RocketBallz and RocketBallz Tour rescue clubs will each cost $179 and come with a proprietary TaylorMade graphite shaft. A RocketBallz Rescue TP with an upgraded shaft will be $229. Available lofts will range from 16.5°-27°.

See-Try-Buy: Learn more about TaylorMade clubs and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC or Golfsmith.

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February 04, 2011

My Fitting: Geoff Ogilvy gets custom fit for a new Titleist 5-wood

Posted at 12:15 PM by David Dusek

Geoff Ogilvy didn't play last week at Torrey Pines. In fact, before his white Porsche 911 GT3 pulled into the parking lot at the Titleist Performance Institute in nearby Oceanside, Calif., on Jan. 25, the Aussie hadn't done more than chip or putt after cutting his finger on some coral in Hawaii before the season-opening Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

After taping up his finger, Ogilvy let me watch (and videotape) his warm-up and custom-fitting session with Titleist reps. The winner of the 2006 U.S. Open wanted to find a new 910F 5-wood to replace his old Cobra fairway wood.

In the video below, Ogilvy explains how adjustable clubs are making it easier to find just the right equipment, and he shares his thoughts on what fairway woods should offer a player.

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June 02, 2010

Cobra Releases the Baffler Rail Fairway Woods

Posted at 10:11 AM by David Dusek

Cobra-Baffler-FW_600 Earlier this year Cobra Golf released the Baffler Rail hybrid clubs. Now the company is extending the line by sending Baffler Rail fairway woods to pro shops.

Like the hybrids, the Baffler fairways feature a series of metal bars that extend along the sole from the face to the back of the club. These "rails" help the clubs work through the grass and turf more easily, increasing forgiveness.

The thin faces of these fairway woods are made from steel and are designed to increase ball speed to maximize distance. With a low profile and elongated face, they are ideal for players who are looking for high-flying, soft-landing shots.

The Cobra Baffler fairway woods are available in 15.5°, 18°, and 20° lofts and come standard with a Fujikura Motore graphite shaft for $185.

See-Try-Buy: Learn more about Cobra clubs, and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC.

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January 13, 2010

Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Fairway Woods available Jan. 28

Posted at 1:04 PM by David Dusek

Lucas Glover Nike VR FW Lucas Glover used a new Nike 15-degree Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour fairway wood at the season-opening SBS Championship last week in Hawaii (right). Nike has just announced that those clubs will be available to everyone starting Jan. 28.

Like the Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour driver, the steel-faced fairway woods allow golfers to pre-set the face of the club into one of 32 different positions to help create the desired ball flight.

The sole of the Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour fairway woods also features a red channel running behind the leading edge of the club. In the Victory Red driver, this channel goes all the way across the club, but in the fairway woods it is only runs along the heel and toe.

In a media release, Tom Stites, Nike Golf's director of club creation, said, "Our athletes prefer a smooth sole design for optimized playability on tight fairway lies. In order to achieve that, we split the compression channel on the sole to provide improved performance from every lie."

Another technology imported from Nike's drivers to these fairway woods is the Powerbow, which is essentially a weighted area running along the back section of the club that lowers the center of gravity and helps golfers get the ball into the air more easily.

The Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour fairway woods will be available in four lofts (13°, 15°, 17°, 19°) and come standard with Aldila Voodoo shafts for $299.

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TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver, Fairway Woods Coming in February

Posted at 12:01 AM by David Dusek


Millions of Americans have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight, and so has TaylorMade. In mid-February, you'll be able to get your hands on the new Burner SuperFast driver, which weighs 14 grams less than its predecessor.

The 460cc head of the Burner SuperFast is sleeker and more aerodynamic than the previous Burner driver, allowing it to slip through the air more efficiently and help you swing the club faster. At the same time, the face of the SuperFast is the largest TaylorMade has ever produced, which should help maintain ball speed across a larger hitting area and increase forgiveness.

The Burner SuperFast comes standard with a 46.5-inch Matrix Ozik XCon 4.8 shaft, which is both extremely light and soft in the tip. That combination should help launch drives on a higher trajectory with more spin, which should improve carry distance for slower-swinging players. (Fast-swinging players benefit from a driver that launches the ball high with less spin.)

Even the Winn grip on the Burner SuperFast is light, tipping the scales at just 30 grams.

Steel fairway woods to match the Burner SuperFast driver are also on the way. At 301 grams each, the SuperFast 3-wood (13˚), 5-wood (15˚) and 7-wood (17˚) are the lightest ever created by TaylorMade.

The Burner SuperFast driver will be available in three lofts (9.5, 10.5 and HT, or high trajectory) and five shaft flexes (L, M, R, S, X) on Feb. 19 for $299. The fairways woods will be available on the same day for $199.

See-Try-Buy: More TaylorMade clubs | Schedule your fitting with GolfTEC or TaylorMade

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May 11, 2009

Henrik Stenson's Winning Clubs

Posted at 10:23 AM by David Dusek

Henrik-Stenson It's a tradition at the Players Championship for the winner to donate a club to be mounted on the wall inside the Sawgrass clubhouse. After leading the field in driving accuracy last year, Sergio Garcia handed over his TaylorMade Burner driver.

The most appropriate club for Henrik Stenson to donate would be his 2004 Big Bertha 3-wood. He used the club frequently off the tee and hit 73% of the fairways.

"It’s a course that sets up nicely for my 3-wood," Stenson said.  "I didn't hit many drivers here this week, and I don't think I really had to."

One of the longest hitters on the European Tour, Stenson hit several 3-woods more than 300 yards. On the par-4 15th hole Sunday, he hit the 3-wood 302 yards — without a tee.

"It's 13 degrees, and I hit it far," he said jokingly Sunday evening. "I hit a good one down 18 the other day, and I think [ShotLink] said 318 or 313 or something like that. When you get one going on these fast, firm fairways, it can run on."

Stenson said his stock 3-wood typically flies 270.

Here is a complete list of the clubs Stenson used ton win the Players:
DRIVER:                      Callaway FT-3 (9.5°) with Grafolloy Blue shaft
FAIRWAY WOODS:     Callaway Big Bertha (13°, 19°) with Grafolloy Blue shafts
IRONS:                        Srixon I-506 (3-PW)
WEDGES:                    Callaway X Tour Vintage (52°, 58°)
PUTTER:                      Yes! Donna
BALL:                          Srixon Z-Star

Take a look inside more PGA Tour winners' bags.

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(Photo by Robert Beck/SI)

March 09, 2009

Keeping Up With Phil Mickelson's Equipment

Posted at 2:30 PM by David Dusek

Philmickelson You would be hard-pressed to find a player on the PGA Tour who knows more about golf equipment — and who is more willing to experiment — than Phil Mickelson.

In 2004, Phil won the first of his two Masters championships carrying two drivers. He won the 2008 Colonial carrying five wedges, and in what many characterized as a miscalculation, Mickelson played without a driver during the opening rounds of last season's U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.

This year, Mickelson started the season with a Callaway FT-5 driver in his bag because the USGA had not yet put his customized Callaway FT-9 driver on its conforming list. Unlike other FT-9 drivers, Mickelson's has a hosel.

After experimenting with new shafts in his irons during the offseason, Mickelson had his old Royal Precision Rifle Project X shafts re-installed. Why was he experimenting with his iron shafts in the first place?

"I don't know this for a fact," Mickelson said to a group of True Temper representatives recently, "But I've heard that when True Temper bought Royal Precision, that the tooling it used to make the Project X shaft was not purchased and was not part of the deal. And that the manufacturing of the new Project X by True Temper has not been as good or as consistent. So I have been trying to look into some different stuff. We have three sets on back-order from inventory before the purchase. But is that not accurate?"

Mickelson was assured that information was not accurate, and that the only difference between the Project X shafts now made by True Temper and those previously made by Royal Precision is the satin finish. In fact, the True Temper reps assured Mickelson that if he provided them with his clubs — or a backup set — they would guarantee that the shafts the company provides would match his preferred numbers and specs.

"Okay, so it's just the satin finish," Mickelson said happily upon hearing the good news. "Well, I don't care about the finish. There is not a problem with consistency then."

Philmickelsoncallawaydiablo But Mickelson's 2009 equipment story doesn't end there. Lefty is carrying a new Callaway Big Bertha Diablo 3-wood this season. He used the club extensively off the tee on Sunday at the Northern Trust Open to help him successfully defend his title.

When I spoke with Mickelson about it, he said, "This club has a lower profile [than his previous 3-wood, a Callaway FT], so you can see how thin it is in the back. My other 3-wood had a taller face. And because the CG is low, the spin rate is low. So instead of having an 11.5° 3-wood, I have 14° 3-wood. I'm able to get the ball up more easily because of the extra loft, but it doesn't float, which is the problem I've always had with 3-woods."

Unlike the Big Bertha Diablo driver, which is 100% titanium, the Big Bertha Diablo fairway woods are 100% stainless steel. However, similar to the driver, the Diablo fairway woods have an internal weight chip. In the draw-bias version, the weight chip is positioned near the heal of the club to help close the face more easily. In the neutral version, the chip is positioned in the rear to enhance workability. Mickelson uses a Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft in his 3-wood.

So, how long was the adjustment period for his devilish new Diablo 3-wood?

"Hmmm ... two shots," he said with a grin.

(Top Image: Chris Condon/Getty Images; lower: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

June 05, 2008

New TaylorMade Fairway Woods and Rescue Clubs

Posted at 11:12 AM by David Dusek

Tmburner3_400 TaylorMade Golf officially released two new fairway woods and two new rescue clubs on Wednesday.

The new Burner High Launch fairway woods are designed to do just what you'd think — hit high-launching shots that maximize distance and forgiveness. The Tour Launch Burners are designed for players with higher swing speeds who want more workability and a lower ball flight.

According to a media release from TaylorMade, the High Launch (above right) version is the largest steel fairway wood in TaylorMade's line, but both models are nearly triangular and designed with a crown that is much smaller than the soleplate. The walls of each club are also extremely thin, only .55 millimeters thick, which helps designers redistribute weight down and back in the clubhead to lower the center of gravity. That lowered center of gravity should make the new Burner and Tour Burner easier to hit.

The Burner High Launch fairway woods will be available in 3 (15°), 5Tmburnerr3_400 (18°) and 7 (21°) woods and will come standard with a 49-gram graphite shaft. The Burner Tour Launch fairway wood comes in a TS (Tour Spoon, 13°), T3 (14.5°) and T5 (17.5°).

In a separate release, TaylorMade said the shallow-faced High Launch Burner Rescue (below right) has a slight draw bias and is designed to promote more backspin than the Tour Launch rescue club. That should help slower-swinging players get the ball in the air more easily and add distance. In contrast, the Burner Rescue Tour Launch has a slight fade bias (to prevent hooks) and should help fast-swinging players work the ball more easily.

There will be 3, 4, 5 and 6 rescue clubs available in the Burner High Launch version and T2, T3 and T4 models in the Tour Launch version. Graphite-shafted models will be priced at $219 while steel shaft models will be $175.

January 10, 2008

TaylorMade r7 CGB MAx Fairway Wood

Posted at 12:21 PM by

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