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April 07, 2014

Ashworth Major Series Starts With Masters Champion Fred Couples

Posted at 11:14 AM by Michael Chwasky

Ashworth's new majors series apparel collection features a series of six golf shirts ($100 per shirt) that are designed to honor Ashworth major champions including Fred Couples, Justin Rose, Stewart Cink, Justin Leonard, Paul Azinger, and Retief Goosen. The first shirt available, not surprisingly, is one dedicated to '92 Masters champion and long time Ashworth player Fred Couples, and is limited to only 275 units (Freddie's winning score, not coincidentally).

“I’ve worn Ashworth on tour since they started in 1987 and believe it’s the best shirt ever made,” said Couples. “Wearing Ashworth is very special to me and I’m excited to wear this new golf shirt at The Masters, where I won my first championship.”

Othe features of the Fred Couples Ashworth major series shirt include a button that displays the date of Freddie's Masters victory, a limited edition majors series patch on the right sleeve, and Freddie's signature embroidered on the inside of the neck. Look for him to be wearing the shirt in the opening round on Thursday this week. 

Avaialble exclusively at 

(Photo: Courtesy of Ashworth)

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April 01, 2014

ECCO's Fred Couples Signature Masters Shoe

Posted at 4:16 PM by Michael Chwasky

Starting today ECCO has made available 275 pairs of its limited edition Fred Couples Signature BIOM Hybrid golf shoe ($275). Scheduled to be worn by Freddy at the 2014 Masters, the shoe features a white and green color combination and a laser engraving of his autograph (as well as a limited edition serial number). 

“This project is a testament to our remarkable relationship with Fred and his dynamic, longstanding connection with golf fans around the world,” says Michael Waack, Head of Global Golf at ECCO. “Fred’s power to capture the popular imagination ignited the hybrid footwear revolution, so it’s fitting that we commemorate his latest trip to Augusta National with a very special shoe.”

The Couples Signature model has all the same features as the original BIOM Hybrid shoe including ECCO's Dynamic Traction System (100 molded traction bars and 800 taction angles in the sole) and Natural Motion technology, which provides supports along the entire foot and absorbs impact throughout the walking motion. Other features include a low-profile design, Direct Injection for added cushioning, HYDROMAX weather protection and a triple-component climate control system for interior comfort. 

ECCO's Fred Couples Signature Model will be available at,, and

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January 28, 2011

Ecco golf shoe? It's a natural

Posted at 7:47 PM by Gary Van Sickle

Ecco ORLANDO, Fla.--It's not about the yak leather, although yak leather is pretty sweet. It's extremely durable--three times stronger than cow leather, I'm told--and very soft. Also, I just like saying the word "yak."

Ecco's new Biom golf shoes are made from yak leather, but the real story behind them is the science it's based on. Biom is short for biomechanical. The big trend in athletic shoes is a race back toward biomechanics. It turns out all the padding and cushion companies have been putting into shoes, especially running shoes, have been counterproductive. The more padding in a running shoe, an Ecco rep told me, the worse it is for your feet and the more injuries you have.

So the trend is to recreate the national motion of the foot. Running shoes are now designed to feel like you're running barefoot on a beach. Ecco is heavily into that in its other shoes--running shoes, cross trainers, walking shoes and street shoes--and has brought that sensibility to golf shoes with Biom. Along with the yaks.

There are a few other tweaks that make the Biom stand out. The cleats are exceptionally stable because they're bridged--attached to each other. There are three cleats on the heel (which is wider than normal, by the way, for even better balance), and the shoe sits closer to the ground, another trend that most golf shoemakers are following to improve stability.

That's the science. The reality is good news for the rest of us. I got a pair of Bioms in December and wore them for several rounds in Arizona in early January. Ecco folks will tell you the biomechanical, natural design of the shoes means the first few times you wear the shoes, especially if you walk 18 holes, your calves may feel a little tighter than usual because our feet have gotten used to being over-padded. I played in a cart and didn't notice any problem. The Bioms needed no breaking in, however. They were so soft, there was no threat of blisters.

What this means is that Ecco now offers two of my most favorite shoes. Their Street model, the spikeless shoes that Fred Couples notably plays golf in, are remarkably comfortable and get my highest recommendation. There's a new Street model made from camel leather, which is also soft but which develops a trendy distressed look, almost like a bomber jacket.

The Bioms are also very comfortable. The fact that they're good for my feet is a huge plus, and means I'll be checking out Ecco's line of Biom athletic shoes, too. The suggested price of the Ecco Biom golf shoes is $225 (

The Bioms are getting a limited distribution and will be introduced in limited color combos. Mine are white with lime green trim around the soles, and I added the optional lime green shoelaces instead of the white ones so I could catch additional grief from my friends and trust me, I did. They also come in brown with orange trim and black with silver trim, so far.

(Photo: David Walberg/SI)

December 13, 2010

My year in golf shoes

Posted at 12:51 PM by Gary Van Sickle

Join me, please, for a look back at My Year in Shoes as I reflect on what I test-drove in 2010…

P1-dawgs_200x160 This year, I decided, "let there be light," and that’s what prompted me to try Dawgs golf shoes. The Dawgs Spirit model is the world’s lightest golf shoe, according to its website, weighing in at less than seven ounces for the men's model. I used the Dawgs Ultralite, which seemed as light as a pair of slippers.

There was a lot I liked about Dawgs. I felt like I was wearing sprinters’ shoes, they were so lightweight. At $50 suggested retail, they’re also ultra-inexpensive. (The even-lighter Spirits are $40.)

At first, I thought the lack of weight might lead to balance problems, as I’m prone to occasional bouts of happy feet during my perfectly smooth -- not -- swing. (In fact, in the '90s I favored Foot-Joy Classics, the handmade leather models, because they were heavy and kept my feet stable, or so I thought.) The Dawgs were no problem, and they were a pleasure to wear. The rubber outsoles are also easy to clean. They have Velcro straps -- no laces -- which is perfect for the lazy man like me who tends to slide his golf shoes on and off without tying or untying the laces. The insides are antimicrobial so you can supposedly play sock-less but I confess, I didn’t try that. The Dawgs are comfortable but seem to offer a little less support than the regular heavyweight shoes. I had no problem going 18 holes with them while riding in a cart, but if I had to walk 18 holes on a hilly track like, say, the Yale Golf Club, I might go with more support.

My favorite category of golf shoes is spikeless, which in my opinion has been overlooked in recent years. I need something to wear on the golf course when I'm reporting at tournaments for Sports Illustrated, but I don't want to trip on clubhouse carpeting or in press centers while wearing plastic spikes. Since I want to travel light and usually take my golf clubs, I don't want to carry two pairs of golf shoes. One spikeless pair of shoes does it all.

Since my current inventory was near the end of its life expectancy — a pair of Etonic GSOK shoes, black and brown saddle, and a pair of Foot-Joy closeouts with an odd dimple-like pattern that I scored really cheap -- I was in need of replacements.

P1-spalding_200x121 First came True Linkswear from a company I hadn’t heard of but has Tour player Ryan Moore as a spokesman. My True Tour shoes ($159 suggested retail) have the look and feel of bowling shoes -- very simple and lightweight, like Dawgs, but with laces. Mine are black with a white saddle design and white laces. The soles have nine rows of raised, square nubs -- kind of a mini-Maginot Line -- and traction bars around the perimeter.

Hey, don’t turn up your nose at spikeless. I've played a lot of spikeless golf in the last decade and it's great. I may have one or two slips a year and when it happens, it's never the shoe; it's because my balance sucked. In that sense, they may help you the same way as Sam Snead. When Snead wasn’t playing well, he used to hit balls barefoot on the range to regain his balance and stop over-swinging. In fact, True's advertising includes a line about being "the closest thing to a barefoot golfing experience."

The True Tour shoes worked great for me. I played cart golf in them and it felt like they have enough support to walk 18, too.

P1-ecco_200x162 The new king of the hill in spikeless, though, is the Ecco Street Premiere. Remember when Fred Couples started wearing those blue spikeless shoes that sort of resembled the old boat shoes? Well, the Street Premiere shoes ($140 suggested retail) have thick, spongy soles that are super-comfortable. I wasn’t able to get my hands on any until the fall because they've been in short supply and I can see why. Since Fred wore them, they’ve become trendy and stylish. Again, the nubs on the bottom supply more than enough traction. If you’re spinning out during your swing, it's not the shoes, it's you.

The best part: you can just wipe your feet and head on into the clubhouse, convenience store or anywhere. These aren't just golf shoes. You can wear them all day, even if you’re just going to the mall. Ecco did a great job in making traditional golf shoes more comfortable and brought that same concept to spikeless shoes. It's a shoe that makes you say, "Wow."

My shoe year ended with my December appearance at the Scottsdale Media Classic, an outing that enables assorted golf writers to compete on a smorgasbord of Phoenix- and Scottsdale-area courses while based at one of the great places to be during any winter month -- the Xona Resort Suites in Scottsdale.

P1-adidas_200x160 I mention this so you’ll understand that the apparent vitriol directed at my snazzy golf shoes was really one part needling, one part fear of the unknown and one part envy. The object of my fellow media types' ridicule were my Adidas Powerband shoes, which I designed all by myself on the website,

The comments included, "Hey, do those come in men's models, too? ... I bet you've got a skirt to match that ... When did the circus come to town, buddy?" There were a few others not fit for print. All meant in good fun ... I think.

My shoes are the colors of the San Diego Chargers -- a white base, a large swirl of electric powder blue, bright yellow trademark adidas stripes, blue shoelaces, yellow lining and a yellow sole-plate. No, there's no Chargers logo but that's only because adidas so far has only NBA teams, a handful of college logos and national flags as choices for customization.

I plead guilty to the charge of wearing brightly-colored shoes (not to mention comfortable and durable ones) but isn't anyone else bored to death by plain old black or white or saddle-shoe golf shoes? If so, you really need to check out, where you can concoct a color scheme of your choice. The golf shoes go for $180 a pair. If nothing else, the site is a great time-wasting addiction. Trust me, you go there and start designing shoes (you don't have to buy anything to play with the design program) and the next thing you know, you've lost half an hour. You can design running shoes and sneakers, too, and those categories have twice as many color options and far-out patterns as the golf shoes.

Then you, too, can trade barbs with your golfing friends. Colorful shoes, I discovered, make for lively conversation. This year, anyway.

April 09, 2010

Fred Couples Draws Attention to Ecco's Golf Sneakers at Augusta

Posted at 10:23 PM by David Dusek

AUGUSTA, Ga -- Fred Couples is known as one of the most relaxed, easy-going players in golf. His swing is syrupy and he doesn't walk from hole to hole, he ambles.

But when it comes to his choice of golf shoes recently, he's taking it to a whole new level.

Couples has won three times on the Champions Tour wearing golf shoes that look like something kids on skateboards might wear. They are Golf Street Premiers from Ecco, a Danish company that has been making both classic and modern-looking golf shoes for years.

So how can Couples go sockless in a pair of sneakers and not slip all over Augusta National? The sole of the Golf Street Premier features a series of pre-molded traction bars made from polyurethane. The bars press into the turf and provide the traction a golfer needs as he swings.

In a release Ecco distributed after Couples win at Cap Cana two weeks ago, Ecco's Jesper Thuen said, "No one has ever designed a shoe like this and Fred's win validates its performance at the game's highest levels. Golf Street is unique in that it grips in all conditions and can be worn throughout the day. The response from Tour players, celebrities and discerning consumers has just been phenomenal."

Freddie clearly likes the performance of the shoe, and the style fits him. The better he does this weekend, the more popular the shoe will likely become.

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April 08, 2010

Masters Bag: Fred Couples

Posted at 7:46 PM by David Dusek


TaylorMade R9 460 (8.5°) with a Fujikura Speeder 757 shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: Callaway FT-i (15°) with a Harrison Mugen 105 shaft
IRONS: TaylorMade Tour Burner (2), Bridgestone J38 (3-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour shafts
WEDGES: Callaway X-Forged (54°, 58°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour shafts
PUTTER: TaylorMade Rossa Imola belly putter
BALL: Bridgestone B330-S

See-Try-Buy: Learn more about Bridgestone, TaylorMade and Callaway clubs and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC.

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(Photo by John Biever/SI)

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