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April 15, 2014

Sun Mountain Front9 Lightweight Stand Golf Bag

Posted at 11:05 AM by Michael Chwasky

Sun-mountain_640The new Front9 ($169.99) from Sun Mountain is specifically designed for players who like to walk. Compact and lightweight (3.8 lbs), the Front9 features an 8.5" oval top that can hold a full set of 14 clubs due to a flared opening that allows clubs to slide in and out with ease. Sun Mountain's X-Strap Dual Strap System promotes a balanced walking position and can be used as a double or single strap depending on preference.

Other features include high-tensile aluminum legs with roller bottom leg mechanism, full-length dividers, lumbar support hip pad, umbrella attachement, towel holder, six storage pockets including velour-lined valuables pocket and beverage pouch, rainhood, and leg lock system for use with golf carts. 

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February 27, 2014

Review: The Original Jones Carry Bag from Jones Golf

Posted at 3:19 PM by Coleman McDowell

The Original Jones golf bag pays homage to a simpler time.

A time where balata balls and persimmon woods ruled, and you didn’t need room in your bag for your extendable ball-retriever, rain suit, two extra pairs of shoes, bluetooth speakers and cell phone charger.

Made from sturdy MTL Nylon and Jones Vinyl, the Original Jones is equipped with a heavily-padded single carry strap, three pockets (two in the front and one in the back) and weighs a touch over three pounds. In this equation, lightweight doesn’t equal flimsy. The materials feel sturdy out of the box and even more so with 14 clubs thrown into the three-pocket divider. As an added bonus, each bag can be customized with names or initials down the left side or the belly pocket.

This isn’t a stand-bag, so no legs kick out to keep the bag upright while you’re hitting your shot. But picking your bag off the grass just adds to the old-timey feel of this bag. A braided handle allows for easy pickup.

What if you aren’t a walker? We suggest still trying it out. If you’re physically able, walking a golf course is a vastly different experience that riding in a cart. Granted, the breeze generated from a cart is missed if you played in extreme heat, but that is offset by breaking the chains of ‘cart path only’ rules or having to sit and wait while your riding partner decides between his 3 or 5-wood from 250 yards out on a par-5.

If you carried a single strap in your high school or college golf days, then the bag will be familiar. If not, the carry technique might take getting used to. But once the feeling of picking up your bag and throwing it over your shoulder becomes second-nature, you’ll feel like Bobby Jones himself walking off the tee box.

Jones Sports Co. began in 1971 when a Portland, Ore. native set out to create “an iconic, functional bag that could easily be customized.” What followed was a bag that defined high school golf for decades. In additional to the traditional Original Jones bag, the company also offers a stand bag, rider bag, bags designed for high school teams and customization options that include a Masters and U.S. Open version of the Original Jones carry bag.

The Original Jones carry bag comes in black, red, green, blue or gray and retails for $139.95 at

(Photo and video courtesy of Jones Sports Co.)

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December 18, 2013

First Look: Callaway's new Speed Regime golf balls

Posted at 4:44 PM by Kevin Cunningham

Callaway unveiled their new line of golf balls for 2014. The balls, which Callaway calls "Speed Regime," come in three versions: the SR 1, SR 2 and SR 3.

The Speed Regime balls are designed to match golfers' swing speeds. The SR 1 is for players with swing speeds 90 mph and below. The SR 2 is made for swing speeds from 90-105 mph, and the SR 3 is for better players with swing speeds in excess of 105 mph.

For the SR 1, Callaway designed a ball that helps players increase lift towards the end of their shots despite slow swing speeds. The SR 3 has a profile design that reduces drag at higher speeds. Golf balls fly fastest immediately after impact, which is the same time that drag forces are strongest on the ball, causing the ball to slow down. In theory, by reducing drag the balls should fly farther. Finally, the SR 2 is balances the technologies for reducing drag and increasing lift found in the other Speed Regime models.

The Speed Regime balls will be available on January 24 at golf retailers nationwide and on

(Photo: Courtesy of Callaway)

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February 05, 2013

Carry Bags With Attitude From Molhimawk and Loudmouth Golf

Posted at 2:50 PM by Mike Walker

Loudmouth_golfbagHey, man, nice bag.

That's probably the last thing you'll ever hear at a golf course. While golf apparel has undergone a sea change in the last five years from Rickie Fowler's Creamsicle shirts to Freddie Couples' sockless-and- spikeless look at Augusta, the golf bag has remained frozen in the 1990s, a David Duval in a Rory McIlroy world.

Mitch Mitchell and Dave Macintosh, the founders of Molhimawk, want to change that. Molhimawk -- which means "albatross" in Maori -- designs carry bags with bold designs, and Mitchell and Macintosh are hoping that golfers will like bags with swagger. To that end, Mohimawk has teamed up with Loudmouth Golf -- yup, the company that created John Daly's disco-ball pants -- to design a series of bags with Loudmoth's famous designs, like the "Magic Bus" [photo, right].

"We want to take classic patterns and give them a fun, fashion-forward twist," Mitchell said. "We're two guys who love to golf and felt there was a real need for fun, energetic, vibrant golf bags."

Mitchell and Macintosh got the idea for the company while playing the Olympic Club in San Francisco, one of the more vigorous walks you'll find in golf, and they sketched out their first business plan on -- you guessed it -- a cocktail napkin in the clubhouse.

\ Bag2Molhimawk launched in 2009, and the partnership with Loudmouth started last year. The bags debuted in December and a month later the five eye-catching patterns in the line turned a few heads at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

"People went nuts," Mitchell said. "They went crazy over the bags."

One of the things he heard from several people at the PGA Show was that while they loved the Loudmouth style, they couldn't quite pull off the clothes. But they could carry a Loudmouth bag.

Mitchell said that Molhimawk bags are build for comfort and durability, and promises that it will feel like the lightest bag you've ever carried.

"We are serious walking golfers and our No. 1 goal was comfort," Mitchell said. "We also work closely with the manufacturer to make sure they are incredibly durable."

The Molhimawk carry bags are available at both and for $150. Molhimawk donates 2 percent of all sales to The First Tee of San Francisco youth-development program.


July 13, 2010

Stewart Cink using Twitter-covered bag at British Open

Posted at 2:20 PM by David Dusek

Stewart-Cink-BO-Nike-Bag1_450x600 ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — Golf's most popular Twitter personality also happens to be the defending champion of the British Open. Stewart Cink was into Twitter well before his win last year at Turnberry, but as his fame grew, so did the number of people following him on the social networking site. As of Tuesday morning, more than 1.2 million people around the world were getting 'Tweets' (140-character-or-less messages and photos) delivered to their computers and mobile phones from Cink.

To wish Cink good luck in his tournament defense, Nike, one of his main sponsors, recently encouraged Cink's Twitter followers to send him inspirational messages and words of encouragement. Hundreds did, and a select group of those messages now cover the golf bag that Cink will use this week at St. Andrews. (Click image for a closer view.)

Here is a sample of some of the messages that Cink received:

@parshooter9471: You can't spell St. Andrews without S-T-E-W!

@bobdiercksmeier: Win jug #2 @ Open #150.

@JonGPRoRosa: Drive it! Attack it! Cink it!! Play your heart out CHAMP!!

At the end of the week, Nike plans to ask Cink to pick a message, and that Twitter follower will then receive a bag of Nike goodies identical to the ones handed out to each staff player at this year's British Open. (The included hoodie and customized Nike Air Max 360 shoes will not be made available at retail.)


See-Try-Buy: Learn more about Nike clubs and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC.

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January 29, 2010

Sun Mountain continues to innovate

Posted at 3:51 PM by Gary Van Sickle

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Small innovations can add up to a lot. For instance, Sun Mountain came up with a handle near the top of the golf bag, which evolved into an opening carved into the bag. It doesn't sound like much, but that opening made lifting the bag out of the trunk or hoisting it onto a cart a lot easier. It was one of the great bag innovations of recent years.

Sun Mountain, which specializes in bags, outerwear and pullcarts, seems to come up with a few new twists every year. I checked them out at the PGA Merchandise Show here in Orlando. You may have already seen my report on the Mantys, a motorized golf buggy that you drive like a Segway. Sun Mountain also has the Micro E-Cart, a new motorized pullcart that allows you to adjust the speed to match your pace, or set it to automatically roll ahead 15, 30 or 60 yards.

It's easy to use and folds up without much fuss. The suggested price is $799.

Two other novel tweaks are worth a mention. Sun Mountain makes Rainflex waterproof jackets and vests and has a new accessory for the vests -- a pair of slip-on thermal sleeves. They're not waterproof, but they offer extra warmth and can be removed easily. Simple yet effective, for $20.

Another innovation is the Dry Hood, a golf bag attachment. It comes in a small tube-like pouch, attaches by a Velcro connector around the mouth of the bag and unfolds like a fan to provides an arched rain cover for your clubs. You can easily push the fanned cover back to get to the clubs, which is way better than wrestling a conventional zippered cover. It's $25 and pretty darn clever.

April 11, 2009

Ping's 50th Anniversary Bag Debuts at Augusta

Posted at 7:42 PM by David Dusek

Angel Cabrera Ping 50 Bag AUGUSTA, Ga. — Eight golfers at this year's Masters were given new golf bags that commemorate Ping's 50th anniversary. Angel Cabrera, Hunter Mahan,  Bubba Watson and other members of Ping's staff will carry the bags for the rest of the season.

(Photo by Rubin Yorio/Getty Images)

January 18, 2008

PGA Show: A whopper of a bag

Posted at 10:18 AM by

Ogiomammoth_120x300 $330

Flying with your clubs usually involves praying for two things. First, that they reach your destination. Second, that they aren't dinged, bent or broken in half after bouncing around at 35,000 feet. At the PGA Show, Ogio is showcasing one of the sturdiest, most well-thought-out travel bags you'll ever see, the Mammoth.

Large enough to easily handle a Tour player's bag, or even two stand bags, the Mammoth is surprisingly maneuverable. Four extra wheels on the bottom of the bag make it easy to push and spin the Mammoth, even when it’s upright.

The entire bag is fully padded, but the lower third features a reinforced plastic guard to protect your clubs as they roll over curbs or rough terrain. The zip-off shoe compartment is washable and features an antimicrobial treatment to help reduce odor, and there is even a crush-resistant pocket that holds several baseball caps.

The bag weighs 18 pounds, is made from a tough nylon and comes with a lifetime warranty. -- David Dusek

January 17, 2008

PGA Show: Golf glitz from Belding

Posted at 4:59 PM by Anne Szeker

Of all the bags here in Orlando, this one from the Belding Golf Bag Company certainly stood out. If Liberace were still alive, this might motivate him to take up the game.


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