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January 17, 2013

Robert Garrigus and Kenny Perry yuck it up while smacking Adams hybrids

Posted at 10:59 AM by David Dusek

When you practice as often as PGA Tour pros do, you've got to break up the monotony and have a little fun. In this video, provided by Adams Golf, newly-signed Robert Garrigus has a few laughs with Kenny Perry, and the two share strategies for specific shots on specific PGA Tour holes. Oh yeah, Garrigus also nails a few 260-yard hybrid shots.

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February 24, 2010

Adidas Golf to Reward Aces with Free Shoes

Posted at 11:17 AM by David Dusek

By Woody Hochswender

Groupmipowerband shot To mark the introduction of its next-generation Powerband 3.0 shoes at the Waste Management Phoenix Open this week, Adidas Golf is providing fans with an actual reason to shout “in the hole” at the par-3 16th.

The company will give away 10,000 free pairs of Powerbands if either Kenny Perry or Pat Perez—its sponsored professionals—makes an ace on the stadium par 3. Fans must register at the Adidas website in order to be eligible.

The Powerband 3.0, which retails for $140,  incorporates Adidas’s new “thin tech” design, which the company says brings golfers closer to the ground for greater stability and balance.

What are the odds of one of these pros making an ace? Various studies have tried to ascertain the chances of  making a hole in one, from 45,000-to-1 for the typical golfer to about 3,000-to-1 for a PGA Tour professional. Either way, those are long odds, but better than the lottery.

December 23, 2009

Bag of the Day: Kenny Perry

Posted at 10:15 AM by David Dusek

Kenny Perry was one of the first players to start using TaylorMade's Raylor rescue club when he put it into play at Bethpage during the 2009 U.S. Open. With a V-shaped sole, it helped him get the ball out of the wet, thick rough. But as the PGA Tour veteran prepares for the 2010 season he has pulled the club out and gone back to using the TaylorMade Rescue TP with FCT he'd previously been using. Like the Raylor, the Rescue TP has a weight screw in the back to help launch the ball high, but the Rescue TP also allows golfers to adjust the face into one of eight different settings to encourage specific ball flights.

According to TaylorMade, Perry also replaced his 14.5° TaylorMade Burner 3-wood with an older 13° TaylorMade V Steel in some post season events.


Here is a list of the clubs that Kenny Perry has been using recently:

DRVIER: TaylorMade R9 460 (9.5°) with Fujikura Matore F1 shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: TaylorMade V Steel (13°) with a Graphite Design Tour GAT 75 shaft
HYBRID: TaylorMade Rescue TP w/FCT (19°) with a Graphite Design Tour AD UT 95 shaft
IRONS: TaylorMade r7 (4-PW) with FST KB Tour shafts
WEDGES: TaylorMade rac (54°, 60, 64°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts
PUTTER: Ping G2i Craz-E
BALL: Titleist Pro V1x

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August 14, 2009

Kenny Perry Still Swinging the Raylor at 2009 PGA Championship

Posted at 4:00 PM by David Dusek

Kenny-Perry-TaylorMade-Raylor CHASKA, Minn. -- Kenny Perry put a yet-to-be released TaylorMade Raylor hybrid club in his bag in the days leading up to the U.S. Open. At the time, he said he wanted a club that would help him hit high, soft, 220-yard shots out of the Bethpage Black rough.

With a weight screw in the back and a V-shaped leading edge, the unique sole of the Raylor is designed to hit just such shots. To make room for the Raylor, Perry took out his 3-iron.

Since that time, the club has stayed in the bag, and he is continuing to use it here at Hazeltine. Look for the TaylorMade Raylor to be released later in 2009.

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June 28, 2009

Kenny Perry's Travelers Championship Winning Clubs

Posted at 6:58 PM by David Dusek

Kenny-Perry-Hartford During last week's U.S. Open at Bethpage Bloack, Kenny Perry removed his 3-iron and put a 19° prototype TaylorMade Raylor rescue club in its place. According to TaylorMade, Perry used the club successfully out of the rough from 220 yards out on the 10th hole to reach the green and make a birdie. Company reps said that because Perry's angle of attack is shallow, he often has trouble hitting longer clubs from deep rough, but the Raylor's V-shape sole design helped him a lot.

At the TPC River Highlands outside Hartford, where the rough was less severe than at Bethpage Black, Perry put his 3-iron back in the bag, but used a 22° Raylor instead of his 5-wood.

Here is a complete list of the club's Perry used to win his 14th career PGA Tour event:

DRVIER: TaylorMade R9 460 (9.5°) with Fujikura Matore F1 shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: TaylorMade Burner (14.5°) with Fujikura Re AX TP75 shaft
HYBRID: TaylorMade Raylor prototpye (18°) with Fujikura Rombax TP 75 shaft
IRONS: TaylorMade r7 (4-PW) with FST KB Tour shafts
WEDGES: TaylorMade rac (54°, 64°), Cleveland CG14 (60°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts
PUTTER: Ping G2i Craz-E
BALL: Titleist Pro V1x

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(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

June 18, 2009

TaylorMade Raylor Prototype Hybrid Seen at Bethpage

Posted at 4:10 PM by David Dusek

TaylorMade Raylor FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Kenny Perry and Fred Funk each tried a new, unreleased prototype hybrid club as they prepared for the U.S. Open at Bethpage.

The TaylorMade Raylor has a weight screw in the low, rear area and a V-shaped leading edge. According to representatives from TaylorMade, the unique sole of the club helps it work through the rough especially well.

Perry practiced using two Raylor hybrid clubs, a 19° and a 22°, each fitted with Fujikura hybrid shafts. Funk was given a 22° Raylor and took it to an unused fairway on Bethpage's Red Course. TaylorMade Raylor Face

TaylorMade reps didn't know if either player would be putting the club into play during the U.S. Open, and like all other prototype pieces of equipment, there's no guarantee that the Raylor will ever be made available to the general public.

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June 15, 2009

Kenny Perry Playing a Longer Driver

Posted at 3:07 PM by David Dusek

Kenny-Perry-Driver FARMINGDALE, N.Y.  — Just before the Masters, Kenny Perry switched to a TaylorMade R9 driver. He said it was the straightest driver he'd ever hit and nearly won the tournament using it.

At Colonial a few weeks ago, he switched to the TaylorMade R9 460, which features a larger head and a greater moment of inertia.

According to Wade Liles, a Tour rep for TaylorMade, because the R9 460 resists twisting on impact so well, thanks to that high MOI, Perry was able to go from a 45-inch driver to a 45 ½-inch model without losing accuracy.

That may not sound like a big deal, but a longer driver should help the 48-year-old Perry hit the ball farther. With rain expected here Thursday, Friday and Saturday, those few extra yards off the tee could be precious.

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(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/SI)

May 27, 2009

Kenny Perry Switches to TaylorMade R9 460 Driver

Posted at 3:55 PM by David Dusek

Kenny-Perry-Driver Ft. Worth, Texas -- TaylorMade released the new R9 460 driver two weeks ago, but Tuesday at Colonial Country Club, Kenny Perry got his first chance to hit the club. A few minutes later, the seventh-ranked player in the world had a new driver in his bag and a smile on his face.

The R9 460 does not feature movable weights like the original R9, but it does allows golfers to adjust the face angle and lie angle by unscrewing the head and re-attaching it into one of eight positions. Perry's driver has 9.5° of loft and a Matrix Ozik F7M2 X shaft.

For Perry, the switch was made for more power.

"I jumped up five miles per hour in ball speed immediately," he said on the driving range Tuesday.

Perry won the FBR Open in Scottsdale earlier this season using a TaylorMade Tour Burner driver, then switched to a TaylorMade R9 (9.5°) with Matrix Ozik HD6 before the Masters. At Augusta, Perry was successful with the R9, "because it is really straight. But now I've switched to this one because it's really long."

The next major championship is the U.S. Open at Bethpage in a few weeks, where both distance and accuracy off the tee will be critical.

"I'll go to Bethpage early and I'll take both my drivers," Perry said. "My regular R9 and this one [the R9 460]. If I feel like I need to hit it straight, I'll use the R9. If I feel like I need to bomb it, then I'll use that one [R9 460]."

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April 11, 2009

Kenny Perry's Masters Clubs

Posted at 11:14 AM by David Dusek

Kenny Perry Friday Masters AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Kenny Perry may be 48, but he still has the power of a 20-something. On the 445-yard, par-4 first hole Friday, Perry hit a driver and 9-iron to 10 feet before draining the putt for his first birdie of the day.

"I've switched one club in my bag from my four wins, and it's my driver," he said after his second-round 67. "I put this new driver in play, and I told my caddie [Fred Sanders], 'I think I can win a U.S. Open with this driver because I'm driving it so straight.'"

Perry had been using a TaylorMade Tour Burner,  and he's now carrying a TaylorMade R9, which features movable weights and an adjustable head.

"I've  probably lost five to seven yards in distance," Perry said, "but it's given me a lot of confidence in its straightness."

Here is a complete list of the clubs Kenny Perry has in his bag this week at the Masters:

Driver:                  TaylorMade R9 (9.5°) with Fujikura Motore shaft
Fairway woods
:    TaylorMade Burner (14.5°) with Fujikura Rombax TP75 shafts
:                    TaylorMade r7 (3-PW)
:                TaylorMade Z TP (56°, 64°)   Cleveland CG 14 (60°)
:                   Ping G2i Craz-E*
:                      Titleist Pro V1x

*no longer available at retail

Learn more about the latest drivers in the GOLF Buyer's Guide.

(Photo by Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

February 09, 2009

Reader Question: Does Perry really play game-improvement clubs?

Posted at 5:41 PM by David Dusek

Kennyperrygolfclubs_450x600 Sean, a Shop blog reader, recently wrote:

"There is no way Perry uses the R7s, those are for mid handicappers.  He has got to play the R7 TPs.  Anyone able to confirm this?"

As surprising as it might seem, Kenny Perry does use TaylorMade's standard r7 irons. The r7 TP irons have a small "TP" logo near the toe; Perry's clubs do not have it. Click on the photo to enlarged it and get a better look. I magnified one club to give you a close-up look.

In GOLF Magazine's 2007 ClubTest, comments about the r7 irons included:

Superior distance and distance control; minimizes mistakes; hit it anywhere on face and expect a reasonable result; delivers subtle information to hands; could use more feedback on good and bad shots; acceptable playability.

February 01, 2009

Kenny Perry's Winning Clubs

Posted at 10:09 PM by David Dusek

Kennyperry Kenny Perry's set make up is essentially the same as the one he used to win the 2008 Memorial and Buick Open tournaments, except for one small detail. Perry is now using a TaylorMade rac 60° lob wedge instead of a Cleveland CG14.

Here is a complete list of the clubs Perry used at the TPC Scottsdale to win the FBR Open.

Driver:                  TaylorMade Tour Burner (9.5°) with Fujikura Rombax TP75 shaft
Fairway woods:    TaylorMade Burner (14.5°, 17.5°) with Fujikura Rombax TP75 shafts
Irons:                    TaylorMade r7 (3-PW)
Wedges:                TaylorMade rac (54°, 60°)
Putter:                   Ping G2i Craz-E
Ball:                      Titleist Pro V1x

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

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June 30, 2008

Kenny Perry's Buick Open Winning Clubs

Posted at 7:58 AM by David Dusek

Kenyperry_400x500 If his win at the Memorial didn't earn him a spot on the United States Ryder Cup team, Keny Perry's victory at last weekend's Buick Open certainly did.

Long known as one of the best ballstrikers on the PGA Tour, Perry is now ranked second in scoring average (69.56) and has the second-longest consecutive cut streak (17) behind Tiger Woods (29).

After winning at Memorial Perry skipped the U.S. Open, and you won't see him at the British Open in two weeks either. Perry set his schedule up at the beginning of the year with the Ryder Cup, and not majors, foremost in his mind. When asked if he might now head to Royal Birkdale, since he is seemingly sure to make the Ryder Cup team, he said, "I've already committed to [Milwaukee]. That just wouldn't look good, in my opinion, to be committed and then just stone them to go play in the British Open; that ain't right. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to stand my word. I committed to them the first of the year and that's where I'm going."

A straight shooter on the course, and off it too, here are the clubs Perry used to win the Buick Open:

Driver                  TaylorMade Tour Burner (9°)
Fairway Woods    TaylorMade Burner TP (15° and 17.5°)
Irons                    TaylorMade r7 (3-PW)
Wedges                TaylorMade Z TP (54°) and Cleveland CG14 (60°)
Putter                  Ping G2i Craz-E
Ball                      Titleist ProV1x

(Photo: Gregory Shamu/Getty Images)

June 02, 2008

Kenny Perry's winning clubs

Posted at 4:57 PM by David Dusek

Kennyperrymemorial_450x600 In his day, few players hit the ball farther and straighter than Jack Nicklaus. So the Golden Bear must have been proud to see Kenny Perry work his way around Muirfield Village last weekend, overcoming deep rough and fast greens to claim his third Memorial title.

Perry, long known as one of the premier ballstrikers on the PGA Tour, blends power and accuracy as well as anyone. For the week, he ranked ninth in driving accuracy, hitting more than 82% of the fairways, and tied for seventh in greens in regulation. But it was Perry's hot putter that put him in the winner's circle. He needed just 1.604 putts per green in regulation, ranking him fifth in putting for the tournament.

A few weeks ago Perry switched to a Ping G2i Craz-E putter. It has a soft urethane-based insert and extreme perimeter weighting. It may be tough for you to find one because it came out about four years ago and is not currently listed on the company's Web site.

Most of Perry's clubs are manufactured by TaylorMade, but here is a complete list of what he used to win the Memorial.

Driver                  TaylorMade Tour Burner (9°)
Fairway Woods   TaylorMade Burner TP (15° and 17.5°)
Irons                    TaylorMade r7 (3-PW)
Wedges                TaylorMade Z TP (54°) and Cleveland CG14 (60°)
Putter                  Ping G2i Craz-E
Ball                      Titleist ProV1x

(Photo by Frank Victores/U.S. Presswire)


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