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November 01, 2013

McIlroy riding new Nike gear to late-season resurgence

Posted at 3:16 PM by Kevin Cunningham


McIlroy with his Covert 2.0 driver during the second round of the 2013 WGC-HSBC Champions.

Rory McIlroy appears to be turning his game around following a disappointing, winless season in 2013.

First there was the final-round 67 to finish T2 at the Korea Open. Then came the one-shot victory over Tiger in an exhibition match at Mission Hills in China, followed by an impressive opening-round 65 at the WGC-HSBC Champions that gave him the first-round lead.

So who or what is responsible for Rory's late-season resurgence? While no one can say for sure, two newcomers to his golf bag could have something to do with it.

McIlroy has been using a new Nike prototype VR_S Covert Tour 2.0 driver of late, along with a new yet-to-be released softer Nike RZN golf ball.

Nike is keeping mum on the details of the new longstick and ball until late November, but you can see Rory's Covert 2.0 in the photo above.

(Photo: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

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October 31, 2013

First look: The Nike Sport Lite golf bag

Posted at 1:25 PM by Coleman McDowell

BG0343_414 BG0343-103

For those who like to opt for walking instead of riding, Nike Golf's latest carry bag will make your rounds a little more enjoyable. 

Weighing in at under four pounds, Nike's Sport Lite carry bag is their lightest bag to date. The EquaFlex strap system distributes the load evenly across your shoulders and back, and even though the overall weight is reduced, the bag hasn't lost any standard carry bag features. Six pockets, including one large pocket for clothes, a rain hood, glove patch, pen sleeve and GPS loop are all included.

You get a choice of blue, red, black, purple, green and silver. The Nike Sport Lite carry bag will be available on November 1.

Price: $129.99

(Photo courtesy of Nike)

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October 09, 2013

First Look: New Nike Method MOD putters

Posted at 11:02 AM by Michael Chwasky

The new line of Method MOD putters ($299) are based on classic designs but with the addition of modern performance and Nike's polymetal groove technology. Each of the four new models are milled and weighted to length to guarantee the right feel. A range of weighting schemes that determine the amount of toe hang is also available to let the individual player fit the putter to their particular stroke. Options include face-balanced, 30-, 60-, and 90-degrees of toe hang. All models are available in 33, 34, and 35" lengths. 

“We were able to take a range of classic designs and make them perform like modern putters,” says David Franklin, Nike Golf Master Modelmaker. “We incorporated Polymetal Groove technology, which allows athletes to lift the ball, launch it and turn it forward as quickly as possible for a truer roll.  We removed weight from the center, placing it in the heel and toe instead for a lower and deeper center of gravity. It’s Nike’s interpretation on classic, familiar shapes.”

Nike Method MOD putters will be available November 1st. 

(Photos: Courtesy of Nike)

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September 12, 2013

First Look: Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Irons

Posted at 2:01 PM by Michael Chwasky

The latest iteration of Nike's VR Forged Pro Combo Irons ($999) are aimed at better players looking for a higher ballflight and added forgiveness. Featuring a "pocket cavity" in the 3-6 irons for improved launch and a "split cavity" in the 7-PW for accuracy and a more boring trajectory, the Pro Combos offer balanced performance with the look and feel of traditional forgings. 

A new addition to the tried and true design is a polymer material, which Nike designers like to call "shot-making gel," that is placed in the pocket of the 3-6 irons. The goal is to produce the traditional sound and feel of a forged iron while allowing for the added benefits of the pocket cavity construction. 

“Our Tour athletes wanted higher ball flight and better gapping in the long irons,” says Tony Dabbs, Nike Golf Global Product Director, Golf Clubs. “We added the polymer to create a Tour-caliber set with long irons that are easier to hit, and players still see the profile they want at address without compromising on look, feel and sound.”

Other features of the VR Forged Pro Combo irons include high-frequency grooves for more consistent spin rates and a new Dynamic Gold DG Pro shaft that is designed to promote higher flying long irons and more penetrating short irons. 

Available in pro shops November 1st. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Nike)

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July 19, 2013

Tiger Woods puts prototype Nike VR_S Covert Tour driver in his bag at Muirfield

Posted at 3:48 PM by Mark Dee

Say what you will about the World No. 1, but Tiger Woods is a company man.

One day after announcing his new contract with Nike -- Woods's fourth with the company -- Nike Golf tweeted out a picture (below) of Tiger's Open Championship sticks. The big (read: only) change? A prototype Nike VR_S Covert Tour driver

Woods, of course, had long been a hold out. Though the VR_S Covert driver line is Nike's flagship 2013 offering, Tiger stuck with his trusty VR Tour model through four wins so far this year. Tiger originally put the VR Tour in his bag at Augusta in 2010, which was just a couple months after its official release.

Of course, you can't exactly pull Tiger's driver off the rack. It features a glued (vs. adjustable) hosel, and a more pear-shaped head, which makes it easier to work the ball. This week, he's playing a 9.5-degree head with a Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 73X -- which, sure, you can buy for your driver, but...please don't, unless you swing like Tiger Woods.

So, he's got a new gamer in the bag. It remains to be seen if the prototype driver gets much use, though: Earlier in the week, Tiger said that doesn't plan to loose the lumber all that often at a firm, fast Muirfield. He was hitting 280-yard 4-irons in practice rounds. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.

Keep an eye out for the club this week. It'll be hard to miss: It's painted to match Tiger's Sunday shirt.

May 22, 2013

Nike offers three new sole grinds for VR Forged Wedges

Posted at 4:16 PM by Michael Chwasky


From left: VR Forged Standard Grind; VR Forged Dual Narrow Grind; VR Forged Dual Wide Grind (Nike)

Nike Golf has extended the VR Forged Wedge line to include three new sole grinds: Standard Grind, Dual Narrow Grind, and Dual Wide Grind ($129.99). 

Based on the needs of Nike Tour staffers, the three grinds are designed to offer optimum performance from a wide variety of turf conditions and playing situations. The Standard Grind model is the most versatile in all conditions and was inspired by the model played by Tiger Woods. This grind promotes a proper address position without requiring the face to be opened or manipulated. The Standard Grind is recommended for players who want all their wedges to play similarly with loft as the only variable. 

The Dual Narrow Grind model features a narrow sole width, increased bounce, and extreme sole relief. The wedge is designed to sit low to the ball regardless of face position (open or square). This model was inspired by Paul Casey, who likes a wedge that allows for more shotmaking ability.

The Dual Wide Grind came about through work with Nike's European Tour players, who face wet conditions more often than US players. This model offers the increased forgiveness and ease of use normally associated with wide sole, low bounce wedges and is the easiest of the three to use for greenside shots. The Dual Wide Grind was designed with feedback from Francesco Molinari.

All three models are built with Nike's high-frequency X3X grooves and laser crosshatch pattern, which significantly increases surface texture for greater spin in all situations. 

VR Forged Standard Grind 

Finish Options: Tour Satin, Black Oxide

Loft/Bounce Options: 48/10; 50/10; 52/10; 54/12; 56/14; 58/10; 60/10 (available in RH)

52/10; 56/14; 60/10 (available LH, Tour Satin only) 

VR Forged Dual Narrow Grind

Finish Options: Tour Satin, Black Oxide

Loft/Bounce Options: 56/16; 58/14; 60/13 (available in RH)

VR Forged Dual Wide Grind

Finish Options: Tour Satin, Black Oxide

Loft/Bounce Options: 56/8; 60/6 (available in RH)

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May 13, 2013

Nike unveils Tiger Woods' new shoe, the TW'14

Posted at 5:06 PM by Mark Dee

The key to winning The Players Championship? It's gotta be the shoes. Just ask Tiger, who took the title the same week he debuted his newest signature kicks, the TW'14s.

Nike officially announced the line on Monday. Coincidence? Few things in Beaverton are. Regardless, fans of sneaker-like, natural motion golf shoes such as last year's Nike "Free"-inspired TW'13, should enjoy a few new features on this year's model. For the uninitiated, the TW'14 is based off of Nike's flagship running shoe. The idea here is that a lighter, more flexible golf shoe is more comfortable to wear and allows the player to transfer energy more efficiently through the swing. The result, says Nike, is more power.

Tiger agrees. He should. After all, the shoe was originally his idea: "I train with Nike Free technology all the time," he told Nike. "I love training in it, running in it, lifting in it. So I asked, why can’t I play golf in it?” Sure, Tiger. Why not.

Weekend warriors may not train, run or lift, but starting June 7th they can play golf in the TW'14s. Improvements over the '13s include improved ventilation in the upper shoe, and increased stability through "Flywire" technology, which Nike claims helps to hold the shoe to your foot. The new shoe will also be more customizable: A TW'14 iD version allows players to select color combos, choose between "waterproof" leather or "breathable" mesh uppers, select either soft-spike or spikeless soles, and add a name or inspirational monogram to the shoe. Fair guess none will say "Rory."

Both the TW'14 and the TW'14 iD are scheduled to drop June 7th. Expect to pay $225 for the customized version and $180 for the off-the-rack model, which comes in first-run colors of "Black/Reflective Silver-Varsity Red" and "White/Metallic Dark Grey-Varsity Red." On August 1st, they'll add a "Cool Grey/Black-Vivid Blue-Venom Green" shoe to the line. If those sound more like X-Men villains than actual colors — well, we'll defer to the photos.

(Photo: Courtesy of Nike)

May 12, 2013

Winner's Bag: Tiger Woods' equipment at The Players Championship

Posted at 7:47 PM by Robert Sauerhaft

DRIVER: Nike VR Tour (9.5°) with Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 73 X-flex shaft

FAIRWAY WOODS: Nike VR_S Covert 3-wood (15°) with Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103 X-flex shaft (pictured above); Nike VR_S Covert 5-wood (19°) with Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103 X-flex shaft

IRONS: Nike VR Pro Blade (3-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts

WEDGES: Nike VR Pro (56° and 60°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts

PUTTER: Nike Method 001

BALL: Nike ONE Tour D

(Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

March 26, 2013

Nike releases limited edition TW '13 shoe for Masters

Posted at 12:25 PM by Jessica Marksbury

Courtesy of Nike

In the wake of Tiger Woods' ascension to the top of the world ranking after clinching his third victory of the year, the anticipation for the Masters couldn't be greater. To celebrate the first major of the 2013 season, Nike has released of a limited edition TW shoe that showcases the iconic Masters green on the sole.

Retailing for $180, the shoe’s Nike FREE inspired outsole is the result of a collaboration between Tiger Woods and Nike’s golf footwear team, which sought to produce a golf shoe that matched the fit and performance of Woods’ Nike FREE athletic shoes.

The TW ’13 Limited Edition is composed of multi-stretch synthetic leather and is designed to conform to the foot's natural motion to deliver maximum flexibility. The shoe will be available at and retailers across the country beginning March 28th while supplies last.


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March 08, 2013

Tiger Woods switches to VR_S Covert 5-wood at Doral

Posted at 11:10 AM by


(Tiger Woods with his new VR_S Covert 5-wood at Doral. Credit: Fred Vuich/SI)

According to, Tiger just dumped his trusty old Nike 19-degree SasQuatch 2 fairway wood, which he's had in the bag for close to six years, for a brand-new Nike VR_S Covert model with the same loft. After an opening round 66 that included nine birdies, it would seem that El Tigre made the right decision, and he agrees.

“The 5-wood that I used is the SQ, so it's, what, three versions ago,” Woods said. “I finally put one in play that I felt comfortable with. I hit it a little bit further, so there's a little bit bigger gap between the 3-iron and the 5-wood but I can hit this 5-wood a little bit higher, so I can actually take something off it and throw it up in the air, which is nice.

The new VR_S Covert that Tiger put in his bag this week at The WGC-Cadillac Championship is fitted with the same Mitsubishi Diamana BB 103x shaft as his old SasQuatch.


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January 28, 2013

Winner's Bag: Tiger Woods at 2013 Farmers Insurance Open

Posted at 9:13 PM by David Dusek

DRIVER: Nike VR Tour (8.5°) with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 shaft
Nike  VR Pro Limited Editon (15°), SQ II (19°) with Mitsubishi Diaman Blue Board 103X   shafts
Nike VR Pro Blades (3-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts
Nike VR (56°), VR Pro (60°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts
Nike Method 001
Nike Tour D

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clubs and schedule your fitting  with GolfTEC  or Golfsmith.

January 14, 2013

Rory McIlroy's Nike equipment

Posted at 9:44 AM by David Dusek

McIlroy PR Image

In a news release from Nike this morning, the company announced that Rory McIlroy’s new deal with Nike will include clubs, ball, footwear, glove, apparel, headwear and accessories.

“I chose Nike for a number of reasons,” McIlroy said.  “It’s a company and a brand that really resonates with me. It’s young. It’s athletic. It’s innovative. They are committed to being the best, as am I. Signing with Nike is another step towards living out my dream.”

Below is a list of the clubs McIlroy will use this week in Abu Dhabi:

DRIVER: Nike VR_S Covert (9.5°)
FAIRWAY WOODS: Nike VR Limited Edition (15°, 19°)
IRONS: Nike VR Pro Blades (3-PW)
WEDGES: Nike VR Pro (54°, 60°)
PUTTER: Nike Method 006 prototype
BALL: Nike 20XI X 


January 13, 2013

Winner's Bag: Russell Henley at Sony Open in Hawaii

Posted at 10:40 PM by David Dusek


DRIVER: Nike VR_S (9.5°) with a Graphite Design AD GT 7X shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: Nike SQ Sumo (13°) with a Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board shaft
HYBRID: Nike VR Pro (18°) with a Mitsubishi Diamana Fubuki shaft
IRONS: Nike VR Pro Cavity (3-6), VR Pro Combo (7-9) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts
WEDGES: Nike VR Pro (47°, 53°, 59°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts
PUTTER: Nike Method 006 prototype
BALL: Nike 20XI X

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


January 10, 2013

Were Rory McIlroy's new Nike clubs spotted in Dubai?

Posted at 10:39 AM by David Dusek

Nike is expected to introduce Rory McIlroy as a staff player on Monday in Abu Dhabi, so it's not surprising that images of his 2013 gear are starting to leak. posted two images of Nike clubs with "RORS" stamped on them. According to the site, the photos were taken at the Els Club in Dubai, where McIlroy was practicing. There is no way to verify the authenticity of these images, but if real, they provide an early glimpse for equipment junkies of the clubs Rory might be playing next week.

PHOTOS: Gear at Kapalua | McIlroy's career | SHIPNUCK: Rory is golf's most marketable star
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Rory Nike Bag Dhubi


November 01, 2012

Nike offers glimpse of new driver on Facebook and Twitter

Posted at 10:03 AM by David Dusek

On Tuesday, Nike Golf published two images of its yet-to-be-released driver on the company's Facebook and Twitter feeds, giving its followers a glimpse of the red-crowned club. Nike is unveiling the driver on Monday, Nov. 5.


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