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April 13, 2014

Bubba Watson's winning gear at the Masters

Posted at 8:52 PM by Michael Chwasky
Bubba Watson's Clubs
Credit: Getty Images


Driver: PING G25 (8.5°) with Grafalloy Bi-Matrix X-flex shaft

Fairway Woods: PING G25 (16.5° bent to 15°) with Tour Spec 8.2 X-flex shaft

Irons: PING S55 (3-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts

Wedges: PING Tour Gorge (52°, 56°), PING Tour-S (64°bent to 62°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts

Putter: PING Anser Milled 1 (34.5" length)

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

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March 28, 2014

Ping offers driver alternative with new adjustable Rapture 3-wood

Posted at 3:44 PM by Michael Chwasky
Courtesy of Ping


There's a lot of talk about playing drivers with more loft these days, and for good reason. The key to producing maximum distance off the tee is launching the ball high with a low amount of spin, which for some players isn't easy to do with a 9- or 10-degree driver. To solve this problem Ping designers came up with the new Rapture 3-wood ($495). 

With a shaft length (43.5") and clubhead size (219cc) remeniscent of old-school drivers the Rapture 3-wood features a tall, beta titanium face that is said to be 30 percent stronger than standard titainum clubfaces, allowing for extreme variable face thickness, more forgiveness, and faster ballspeeds. Approximately 25% of the clubhead mass is positioned in a tungsten sole plate, moving the CG to an extremely low position for improved launch and lower spin rates. Though the standard loft of the club is 13-degrees it can be quickly adjusted plus or minus a half degree for more acccurate tuning. 

“The weighting properties of titanium and tungsten provide our engineers a lot of opportunities to improve performance,” said John A. Solheim, Ping Chairman & CEO. “The high-strength beta-titanium material allowed us to really focus on creating a hotter face that yields ball speeds and distance unlike any we’ve seen in fairway woods. The tungsten positions the weight extremely low so we can optimize the CG position. It has a taller face and deeper head profile, so golfers will have complete confidence with the Rapture. We think golfers will really appreciate this unique combination of technology to improve their performance. It’s extremely long off the tee. We’re excited to get it in golfers’ hands.”

The Ping Rapture 3-wood will be available at retail starting April 1st. 

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January 28, 2014

Bubba to wear new Ping Sensor Cool glove for charity

Posted at 4:52 PM by Coleman McDowell


Bubba's got a brand new glove. 

In last week's Farmers Insurance Open, Bubba Watson sported a new Ping Sensor Cool glove, but instead of a normal endorsement deal, Ping will contribute annually to the Bubba Watson Foundation.

“I’m excited to partner with Ping by wearing the new Sensor Sport glove and at the same time help raise funds for my foundation,” the 2012 Masters champ said. “The more gloves we sell, the more people we’ll help. I hope golfers get behind this program. They’ll get a high-performance glove and contribute to great causes.”

“It was Bubba’s idea and it fits his desire to use his status in the game to assist charities that are doing good work in their communities," said John A. Solheim, Ping's chairman and CEO. "Bubba and his wife Angie have big hearts, and this arrangement will help them further their efforts.”

The new line of gloves include three different models: the Sensor Sport, Sensor Tour and Sensor Tech. You can purchase these gloves beginning in the middle of February for $14-$24.

(Photo: @PingTour)

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January 02, 2014

First Look: Ping i25 Driver

Posted at 12:05 PM by

Ping introduced its latest line of golf clubs: the i25s. The line is comprehensive, including drivers, irons, fairway woods and hybrids. Ping claims these new clubs increase distance while providing forgiveness and accuracy for a wide range of players.

More on the Ping i25 driver:

A replacement for the i20 driver, the 460 cc i25 is aimed at players who require a slightly lower trajectory and less backspin than the G25 (about 250 rpm lower spin). Though the i25 isn't quite as forgiving as the G25, it is designed to provide a solid balance of high MOI and distance (8 percent greater inertia from crown to sole than the i20).

Other features include a more aerodynamic shape than past Ping drivers as well as LeMans-inspired racing stripes on the crown to aid alignment at address. The i25 is built with an adjustable hosel (not available in the i20) that allows for 0.5° loft to be added or subtracted. Price: $399.

(Photo: Michael Chini)

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December 09, 2013

First Look: Ping Rapture driving iron

Posted at 12:06 PM by Coleman McDowell


A hybrid to replace a hybrid?

Ping's new Rapture driving iron blends the functionality of a long-iron with the forgiveness of a hybrid and an 18-degree head that resembles a thicker long-iron with added heel/toe tungsten weights to increase the club's MOI.

The construction and materials in the driving iron separate it from a comparable long-iron or hybrid. The flat, 455 stainless steel face allows a better player to work the ball left or right with a lower ball flight and less spin than a hybrid, while the wide sole allows more forgiveness than a 2-iron.

“You have the best of both worlds," said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. "It’s more forgiving and generates much faster ball speed than the 2-iron equivalent, yet it launches lower and spins far less than a comparable hybrid. The low, penetrating trajectory offers control and command, which is essential for keeping the ball under the wind, for example, or when you’re playing a hard, fast course and you want to maximize roll out.” 

The shaft in the driving iron is a TFC 949 and a half-inch longer than a typical 2-iron at 39.75 inches. Price: $220.00.

(Photo: Courtesy of Ping)

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September 12, 2013

First Look: New Ping Scottsdale TR Putters

Posted at 12:36 PM by Michael Chwasky

Ping-tr-putters_640Ping released three new additions to the Scottsdale TR (true roll) putter line at the BMW Championship this week -- the TR Senita B, TR CRAZE-E, and TR Anser T. Like all members of the Scottsdale TR line, each of the new sticks features a dark finish as well as Ping's variable-depth-groove insert, which is designed to provide a more consistent roll regardless of where on the face the ball is struck. 

The Senita B is a counterbalanced mallet that features a 400g head, a 17-inch, 50g grip, and a 38-inch standard length. The counterbalanced design is aimed at providing similar stability and performance as a belly putter without having to anchor the grip. The Senita B is made to work with all stroke types. 

The TR CRAZE-E features the same alignment features and overall design as the original CRAZE-E that was first introduced in '04. A 360g clubhead improves stability and forgiveness at impact. 

The TR Anser T is based on Ping's most iconic design (the Anser) but with the added benefit of a unique, bridge-style alignment aid that runs from the leading edge to the back of the clubhead. Ping engineers say their research shows this type of alignment aid encourages more confidence at address and during the stroke. 

All three of the new Scottsdale TR models will be available in golf shops November 1. 

(Photo: TR Senita B (top), TR CRAZE-E (middle), and TR Anser T (Bottom); Courtesy of Ping)

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August 23, 2013

Mahan's baby gets gold Ping putter

Posted at 11:03 AM by Michael Chwasky


It's been a long standing tradition at Ping to give Tour winners who use their putters a gold-plated replica to celebrate their victory. In Ping staff player Hunter Mahan's case, the cause for celebration was the birth of his daughter Zoe. Though Mahan, who was leading the event at the time, decided to leave the RBC Canadian Open after two rounds to be with his wife in Dallas, the folks at PING have nothing but respect for the tough decision. 

"We'll never know if Hunter would have held on to win that week," said John Solheim, Ping Chairman & CEO, "but the circumstances were so unique, we wanted to create a lasting memory for Hunter, Kandi and Zoe that would forever remind them of that special day. The birth of a child is a win any way you look at is, so we thought we'd have some fun with it. As is our tradition, we made two gold-plated versions of his Scottsdale TR Anser 2 putter. One was given to Hunter and the other will reside in our Gold Putter Vault with more than 2,800 Ping putters in Phoenix." 

The putter presented to Mahan is inscirbed with his daughter's name, birthdate and vital stats. 

"That is really cool and above and beyond." Mahan said. "I really appreciate this." 

(Photo: Courtesy of Ping)

August 22, 2013

First Look: New Ping S55 irons spotted at Barclays

Posted at 4:51 PM by Michael Chwasky

Ping's S line of irons (S56, S57, S58, S59) have enjoyed huge success on Tour in the hands of players like Bubba Watson, Billy Horschel, Hunter Mahan, and Louis Oosthuizen, among others. The latest iteration, the S55, was introduced on Tour this week at The Barclays and appears to be in Hunter Mahan's bag. According to reports, Mahan is hitting them a bit longer and higher than the previous S56 model (an iron that's been used to win over 30 Tour events by various players). 

The new S55 features a multi material construction with a stainless steel clubhead and tungsten toe weights as well as a redesigned custom tuning port that removes mass from the center of the club. The result is a higher MOI and more forgiveness than the S56. Vertical stabilizing bars in the cavity help improve consistency and distance control on scoring shots while a thermoplastic elastomer material in the tuning port improves feel. Slightly stronger lofts in the mid- and short-irons improve overall distance. 

Those interested can expect the S55 to be available in golf shops on November 1st. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Ping)

July 15, 2013

Ping shows off prototype Rapture driving iron at British Open

Posted at 12:35 PM by Mark Dee

PING driving ironPing unveiled its new multi-material Rapture driving iron on Monday, just in time for the British Open (and the Sanderson Farms Championship!), making it the latest equipment company to offer an iron-style hybrid for Tour use.

The 17º driving iron, stamped as a 2-iron, is composed of a thin 455 Carpenter steel face welded to a 17-4 stainless steel body. By slimming down the face, Ping was able to move more mass to the low, rearward parts of the clubhead. Heavy tungsten weights in the heel and toe (plus a tungsten-polymer plug in the sole to tweak swingweight) mean a very low CG club that's more forgiving than your standard iron, but more playable than a meaty modern hybrid.

Despite all that low CG talk, Ping promises that it produces a workable, flat trajectory ideal for windy conditions—and perfect for a week when pros want to keep their Rapture out of the Heavens. It's too early to tell who will put the new tool in play, but Ping staffer/Birdie specialist/Octo-pants enthusiast Billy Horschel is already hyping the club on Twitter:

Of course, @BillyHo isn't the first pro to mess with the new wave of driving irons. Ernie Els played three Callaway X Utility prototypes to win last year's British Open, and Adam Scott had Titleist's hollow-bodied 712U utility iron in his bag at this year's Masters. Check out our a full rundown of driving iron options from the July issue of Golf Magazine, and keep your eyes open to see who's punching the Rapture around Muirfield this week.

Still, you'll have to wait to get your hands on the Rapture. Expected availability for weekend warriors is early 2014.

June 02, 2013

Winner's Bag: Matt Kuchar's equipment at the Memorial

Posted at 8:06 PM by Robert Sauerhaft
Kuchar_bagDRIVER: Bridgestone J40 430 (9.5°) with Accra M4+ 55 S-flex shaft

FAIRWAY WOOD: Ping G25 (15°) with Aldila Tour Series X-flex shaft

HYBRID: Ping Anser (20°) with Graphite Design Tour AD X-flex shaft; Ping Anser (23°) with Aldila Tour Series X-flex shaft

IRONS: Bridgestone J40 Cavity Back (5-PW) with Aerotech SteelFiber i95 Constant Weight S-flex shafts

WEDGES: Bridgestone J40 Black Oxide (52°, 56° bent to 57°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 steel shafts; Titleist Vokey Design SM4 (62°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shaft

PUTTER: Bettinardi Kuchar Model 1

BALL: Bridgestone Tour B330-S

Photo: Kuchar at the 2013 Tournament of Champions at Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii (Getty Images).

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May 05, 2013

Winner's Bag: Derek Ernst's equipment at the Wells Fargo Championship

Posted at 7:35 PM by Robert Sauerhaft

Ernst-PingDRIVER: Ping i20 (9.5°) with Ping TFC 707 X shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: Ping i15 (14°) with Grafalloy ProLaunch Red X shaft

HYBRID: Ping Anser (17°) with Oban Kiyoshi X shaft
IRONS: Ping S56 (3-PW) with Project X 6.5 steel shaft                                                

Ping Tour (54° and 58°) with Project X 6.5 steel shaft                                                            

Ping Scottsdale TR Grayhawk

Titleist Pro V1x

(Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

January 15, 2013

My Bag: Mark Wilson at the Humana Challenge

Posted at 3:58 PM by David Dusek

"I can launch this driver a little bit better, hit it a litle bit longer and get a little more ball speed with the dame accuracy." -- Mark Wilson, defending champion at the Humana Challenge


DRIVER: Ping Anser (8.5°) with a Grafolloy Tour X shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: Cleveland HiBore XLS (13°) with an Aldila NV 95X shaft
HYBRIDS: Ping Anser (17°, 20°) with Mitsubishi Kura Kage 80X shafts
IRONS: Ping i20 (4-PW) with Ping CS Lite shafts
WEDGES: Ping Tour (52°, 60°) with Ping CS Lite shafts
PUTTER: Ping Karsten Anser
BALL: Titleist Pro V1x
GRIPS: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58 Rib
SHOES: FootJoy Icon

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January 03, 2013

Bubba Watson signs with Oakley

Posted at 2:00 PM by Jessica Marksbury

BubbaOakley announced Thursday that Bubba Watson, the 2012 Masters champ, has officially joined the company's golf staff.

Watson, 34, is coming off of a stint as the face of Travis Matthew, another Southern California-based apparel brand, and is excited about the change.

"When you look at Oakley as a brand before I was involved, it's fun, it's athletic, exciting, cutting-edge, all those words come to mind," Watson says. "When they came to me and wanted me to partner up and wear their stuff, why wouldn't I be on board?"

While he'll be sporting Oakley's men's performance golf collection, Watson's signature visor and buttoned-up polo look will remain unchanged. To celebrate its new addition, Oakley created an animated welcome video, which can seen below.


(Photo courtesy of Oakley)

December 19, 2012

Ping unveils plan to make equipment a factor in golfers' handicaps

Posted at 12:15 PM by

Should a player who uses an antiquated persimmon driver to shoot an 80 have a lower handicap than a golfer who shoots the same score on the same course with a modern driver? Ping CEO John Solheim says yes, and he has applied for a patent on a handicapping system that would account for a golfer's equipment in addition to scores and course conditions. Here's the release from Ping:

PHOENIX (Dec. 19, 2012) – PING Chairman & CEO John Solheim announced today he’s applied for a patent that uses an equipment rating formula as a factor in calculating a golfer’s handicap. The pursuit of the patent, according to Solheim, is to ensure amateur golfers who want more options in playing the game have another choice allowing them to do so in a globally available format.

“The tone coming from the USGA and R&A in recent years suggests another significant equipment rollback may not be far away,” said Solheim, who applied for the patent in June of 2011. “We’ve already seen it with the groove rule and the proposed rule banning anchoring. We continue to hear whispers of more changes.  But as we’re also reading on the proposed anchoring ban, many directly involved in the game favor more equipment options, not fewer. I’m looking for ways to keep the game enjoyable for every level of golfer.”

The patent application details numerous scenarios in which equipment could be rated (balls that go varying distances, for example) and are also factored in with current variables, such as the challenge presented by each individual course.   Solheim suggests the expanded equipment options could be approved as “Conditions of Competition” so the new method of handicapping could exist within the current set of rules.

“One of the goals of this concept is to get people thinking outside the “traditional” box that seems to have been built around golf – due primarily to the influence of the professional game,” said Solheim. “This alternative approach to handicapping gives golfers the options to play and enjoy the game with the goal of keeping one set of rules. All of us who are part of this industry need to be looking forward to ensure the game grows in both appeal and participation. This is just one example of things we should be considering.”

October 08, 2012

Winner's Bag: Ryan Moore at the Justin Timberlake Shiners Hospital for Children Open

Posted at 9:21 AM by David Dusek


DRIVER: TaylorMade RocketBallz (8.5°) with a Fujikura Motore shaft 
FAIRWAY WOODS: TaylorMade RocketBallz (15°, 19°) with Fujikura Motore shafts
HYBRID: Adams Idea Pro a12 (20°) with a Fujikura Motore shaft
IRONS: Ping S56 (4-PW) with Dynamic Golf Lite X100 shafts
WEDGES: Cobra Trusty Rusty (55°); Titleist Vokey Design SM4 (60°) with Dynamic Golf Lite X100 shafts
PUTTER: YES! Sandy-12 White 
BALL: Titleist Pro V1

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(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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