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April 07, 2014

True Linkswear Masters Wingtip Golf Shoes

Posted at 11:42 AM by Michael Chwasky

In celebration of the first major championship of the year, True linkswear has introduced a limited edition shoe called the True gent wingtip ($149). Featuring a combination of traditional style with True's unique Flex-Feel outsole, heavily cushioned heel and wide toe box that allows the foot to function naturally through the swing, the True gent is geared specifically for the Masters. 

“There are several iconic stops on the PGA TOUR each year, and with spring upon us and a revamped line of shoes at our disposal, this was a great opportunity to do something really fun and really creative,” said Jeremy Moore, president of the company. “Given the tradition and history of the season’s first major, we knew the TRUE gent was the perfect shoe from our collection to really celebrate it.”

Other features of the True gent wingtip include premium leather construction, 360-degree waterproof performance, and a faux heel that looks more like a traditional shoe but still provides True's "zero drop," advantage of having the foot close to the ground. 

Available at

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(Photo: Courtesy of True Linkswear)

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September 07, 2012

For True Linkswear, team pride is par for the course

Posted at 3:08 PM by Jessica Marksbury

Sports fans, rejoice! With the NFL season now officially underway, Scottsdale-based footwear maker True Linkswear has unveiled a series of limited-edition color options for its popular “phx” golf shoes. With 12 new combinations to choose from, ardent fans can now show their team pride both on and off the course.

TRUEphx_TEAM COLORwhiteyellowburg         TRUEphx_TEAM COLORwhiteredgrey         TRUEphx_TEAM COLORwhiteburntorange         TRUEphx_TEAM COLORRed-Black TRUE phx
Worn on the PGA Tour by endorsee Ryan Moore, the phx made its debut earlier this year in five traditional colorways (white/navy, black/grey, brown/tan, grey/charcoal/electric blue and black/electric blue), and is True Linkswear’s first shoe with a sneaker profile.

Featuring all the bells and whistles of True Linkswear’s other shoes—a “Barefoot Platform,” memory foam heel, wide toe box and “ErgoTraction 2.0” outsole—the phx is also lightweight, breathable and water-resistant.

The best part? The $99 spikeless hybrid transitions easily from the course to a tailgate party. You can find your team colors at

Shoe images courtesy of True Linkswear. Pictured colorways include, from left to right: white/yellow/ bugundy, white/red/white, white/burnt orange and white/red/black).


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