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January 29, 2010

UST Mamiya Releasing ATTAS Shafts

Posted at 10:46 PM by David Dusek

ORLANDO, Fla — The next time you have a great sushi meal and want to sound cool as you leave the restaurant, say, "Attas" (pronounced, Ah-Taas). According to Robb Schikner, UST Mamiya's vice president of sales and marketing, it's a form of Japanese slang meaning "thank you."

It's also the name of the company's latest premium graphite golf shaft, and it will be arriving in better golf pro shops this season as an after-market upgrade for your driver, fairways woods and hybrid clubs.

Unlike many premium graphite shafts that maintain a specific diameter through the butt section and then slowly taper to a narrower diameter near the tip, the ATTAS continuously tapers along the shafts entire length. The benefit of the continuous taper design is a smoother delivery of power as you swing down to the ball.

"Because we are seeing a lot of benefits to that, we are working on some next generation ProForce products [UST/Mamiya's other popular premium shaft line] that will also have the constant taper design," Schikner said.

It's also not a spin-killing shaft. The ATTAS is designed to promote a moderate ball flight that should appeal to many players. In fact, Stewart Cink put a prototype ATTAS shaft into his 5-wood midway through last season, and had lots of good things to say about it.

The new ATTAS shafts will retail for about $350 at better pro shops and golf specialty stores.

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July 15, 2009

Turnberry Will Demand Driving Accuracy

Posted at 9:10 AM by David Dusek

This week via Twitter, I asked Paul Casey what this week's winner will have to do well at Turnberry.

His answer was simple: "Drive the ball well. Look at the two previous Turnberry winners, Norman and Price. Both drove it brilliantly. Same this week."

Casey's coach, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and CBS on-course analyst Peter Kostis, told me, "Drive it poorly here and you won't finish."

To avoid Turnberry's deep rough and handle a forecast that calls for a mix of sun, rain and wind, players will need to be especially dialed-in with their drivers. For Casey, that means he's got to be accurate with his Nike SQ Tour (8.5°).

According to TaylorMade, Rod Pampling practiced on Tuesday with an R9 460 that was cut down to just 43.5 inches. That's an inch and a half shorter than standard Adam-Scott-Wed-British_600length. Generally, a shorter driver will allow for more control and feel, but less power. The effect is similar to a baseball player choking down on his bat.

According to Titleist, Adam Scott (right) tested a shorter driver in the days leading up to the British Open. The Aussie has experimented with a 909 D2 (9.5°) with a UST Proforce V2 86 shaft that is just 44.25” long.

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(Photo by Peter Morrison/AP Photos)

May 24, 2009

Rory Sabbatini's HP Byron Nelson winning clubs

Posted at 9:55 PM by David Dusek

Rory-Sabbatini Rory Sabbatini has played with golf equipment made by several manufacturers over the past few seasons, but on March 13 he signed a new endorsement deal with TaylorMade. His win at the HP Byron Nelson Championship was his first using the company's gear.

The win was also the first for the new UST ProForce AXIVCore green shaft. The shaft was released last week and is designed for players who want a lower launch angle and penetrating ball flight. Like other AXIVCore shafts, it has high-modulus graphite woven in different directions within the shaft for a more consistent feel and greater stability.

Here is a complete list of the clubs in Sabbatini's bag:

DRIVER:                   TaylorMade R9 (9.5°) with UST ProForce AXIVCore Green 66X shaft
FARIWAY WOOD:    TaylorMade Tour Burner (14.5°,19°)
HYBRID:                    Adams Idea Pro Gold (21°)
IRONS:                     TaylorMade Tour Preferred (4-PW)
WEDGES:                 TaylorMade RAC (56°, 60°)
PUTTER:                   Rossa Monza Daytona Kia Ma
BALL:                       Callaway Tour i

Take a look inside more PGA Tour winners' bags.

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(Photo by Marc Feldman/Getty Images)

May 13, 2009

Justin Leonard adds yards with new shaft

Posted at 5:39 PM by David Dusek

Justin Leonard Last week at the Players Championship, Justin Leonard switched to a 66-gram UST Mamiya ATTAS shaft in his Nike Str8-Fit SQ Dymo driver. For the week, he hit 67.9% of the fairways and averaged 289.9 yards per drive. That's 10 yards longer than Leonard's season's average.

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(Photo by Robert Beck/SI)

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