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February 04, 2010

Faldo takes break from booth to cheer for Manning

Posted at 4:35 PM by Art Stricklin | Categories: Nick Faldo, Super Bowl

MIAMI – Sunday’s Super Bowl will attract more than 72,000 fans to Sun Life Stadium to see the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints, but one spectator with a unique rooting interest will be six-time major championship winner Nick Faldo.

The CBS golf analyst is taking a week-long break from his golf duty to attend this week’s Super Bowl with his oldest son, Matthew. They’ll be watching Faldo’s one-time golf student, Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning.

“I gave him a 25-minute golf lesson last year at AT&T [Pebble Beach pro am], worked with his game, so I got a real rooting interest in this,” Faldo said. “You can tell [my work]), it’s all in the arms.”

It will be the second Super Bowl for Faldo, who attended Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Ariz., during the 1996 Phoenix Open. (The Cowboys beat the Steelers, 27-17.) It will be the first for Matthew, who flew in Wednesday from England to attend the game.

“I don’t watch soccer any more, it’s all hooligans, he’s the soccer man,” Faldo said, pointing at his son. “It just made sense with CBS broadcasting the game to come, wine, dine and party for the week before getting back to golf.”

Come Monday morning, Faldo and the rest of the CBS crew are on a non-stop jet from Miami to Northern California for the 2010 AT&T.

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