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November 14, 2011

VIDEO GALLERY: Watch the funniest golf commercials

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NEW! Customer Service Rep Bones Mackay (Callaway)

"No, seriously, how far do you hit your 7-iron?"


1. Darth Vader Plays Golf (Spike TV)

Move over, Lord Byron. Nobody plays golf like Lord Vader.

2. Phil Mickelson: “The Meeting of People Who Look Like Phil” (Crowne Plaza)

Phil Mickelson showed a deft comic touch in a series of ads for Crowne Plaza.

3. Arnold Palmer Makes an Arnold Palmer (ESPN SportsCenter)

"That was awesome." "I know."

4. Conference Call (FedEx)

The verdict might still be out on the FedEx Cup, but the company’s golf commercials are an unqualified hit.

5. The First Lite Beer Open (Miller Lite)

John Madden, Bob Uecker, Bubba Smith and Rodney Dangerfield star in a golf episode of the classic “great taste-less filling” ad series from the 1980s. “This Open ought to be closed.” 

6. Golf Baby (E*TRADE)

"Why don't you try reading the rules, Shankapotomus?"

7. Tiger Makes Lunch Plans (ESPN SportsCenter)

All that's missing is the "Get in the Hole" guy.


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