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April 10, 2012

Bubba Watson: No reason women shouldn't be Augusta National members

Posted at 8:18 PM by Mike Walker | Categories: Augusta National, Bubba Watson, Masters

Masters champion Bubba Watson said that he doesn’t see why Augusta National shouldn’t admit women members, but that the club was within its rights to exclude women.

Watson, who last year told Golf Magazine that the club’s policy bothered him, talked about the issue Tuesday on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Piers Morgan: There was a big row this week about Augusta allowing women members. You're the champion. What is your view?

Bubba Watson: This day and age, I think that I don’t see any reason why it could hurt, but again it’s a club that has rules, that can do that, there’s places that there’s rules made up, there’s laws made up, that we can’t do certain things. You know it took a lot of security codes to get in this room, what are you all protecting, do you know what I’m saying? [laughs] That’s the thing. It’s something for your own organization to figure out. You know, y’all obviously didn’t want Bubba to come in here right away. I went through a lot of security. There’s a lot of security. There’s a lot of big men out there watching me.

Morgan: Let me ask you about your wife...

Watson: Wait, what were your words on this? Let me hear your great speech.

Morgan: I think it’s completely ridiculous and I think the idea that in the modern age such a prestigous organization that the whole world is focused on for this amazing tournament doesn't allow women members is like something from the Dark Ages. I mean it’s just, get over themselves. How could it hurt to have a female member? What are they going to do?

Watson: I know who’s not going to be a member, you. [laughs]

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