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July 13, 2012

Truth & Rumors: LeBron James names newest Nike shoe after Arnold Palmer

Who is LeBronold Palmer, you ask? It's actually a "what." Specifically, it's a shoe, according to Jonathan Wall at Yahoo's Devil Ball Golf blog. That's right: King James's new Nike basketball shoe, the "LeBronold Palmer 9 low" is a shout out to The King, Arnold Palmer. Or, at least, a shout-out to a certain delicious canned beverage that shares a name with a professional golfer (an image of the beverage is emblazoned on the insole). Unclear which. LeBron tweeted out a picture of the shoe earlier this week. Drink it in, folks:


A lot about this is hazy, but one thing here is clear: it's impossible to see those shoes and not hear Jan Hammer's synth-y theme to Miami Vice pinging in your head. Welcome to 1986, Miami, prepare to ride a New Wave. Our current over/under on how many pairs Pat Riley will purchase: seven.

Fairway Feud
The Casta del Sol golf course in Mission Viejo, Calif. is usually a quiet place to play the game of kings. Most courses are. But on Thursday things went Royal Rumble in the 18th fairway, as ABC 7 of Los Angeles reports. According to police, that's where Michael Payne picked a fight with the entire foursome ahead of him. The cause? Payne allegedly claimed they were stealing the golf balls he couldn't find:

Investigators accuse the 46-year-old Payne of punching one golfer in the face, then attacking Chambers' friend with a golf club, bashing him on the wrist as the victim tried to leave in a golf cart.

"He got in the cart to go get the marshal and go get help, and then he was chased down by the golfer with a golf club," said Chambers.

Payne then allegedly ran to the hillside.

The wrist looks like the worst injury. His playing partner put it in terms sure to horrify anyone who loves the game: "It's bad enough that he's not going to be golfing here anytime soon."

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