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August 07, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Watch Rickie Fowler practice his diving at Kiawah Island house

In Rickie Fowler's twitter profile, he describes himself as "right where I want to be." And that's entirely correct: Rickie Fowler is right where I want to be, especially this week. It's the PGA Championship, so Fowler is on vacation on Kiawah Island, eating Cheeze-Its with Bubba Watson, and generally killing time before a couple of comped tee times he has scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

So, yeah, Rickie is right where I want to be. Except when he's on a second story balcony, aiming to jump into the deep end of his vacation home's pool:

Or on a banister attempting back flip into the aforementioned pool:

Ah, it's Rio he's practicing for. Thanks for the explainer, Bubba. That would probably get a 1.8 from the PGA judge, who would really like Fowler to make his tee time with an intact skull. Meanwhile, we imagine first alternate William McGirt clapping like a trained seal while he watches these videos...

That said, it's been a strange and wonderful few days for Fowler on Twitter. A fan chalked up his 80 at Firestone to karma, and called him a "prick." Which apparently cracked Jason Dufner up. Duf has spent the last two days digitally razzing Fowler:

...And then fan's got involved:

Meanwhile, according to Dufner, Fowler has picked up some 6,000 "fowlowers" since the weekend. And, he's reminded everyone just how much better his life is than yours.

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