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October 19, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Ian Poulter still 'drained' from Ryder Cup heroics

Posted at 1:12 PM by Mark Dee | Categories: Ian Poulter, Ryder Cup, Truth & Rumors

Like any superhero, Ian Poulter sounds sick of what he calls his "day job."

Maybe because, by "night," he exhausts himself by thoroughly savaging American Ryder Cuppers. And, even three weeks on, he says he's still recovering from the experience.

Poulter is still working off his Ryder Cup hangover, according to James Corrigan of the Telegraph. In the wake of the excitement, Poulter is recovering from a cold, a hoarse throat, and a general malaise over the fact that he'll have to wait two years to play in another Ryder Cup.

Poulter is preparing to start his individual schedule next week in Shanghai, and it doesn't sound like he's ready to play just for himself:

“Almost three weeks on and, honestly, I still haven’t completely recovered, either physically or emotionally,” he croaked. “I’ve been drained and am run down, as my voice probably proves. I’ve had the last 10 days off and I’m just trying to take on as much sleep as possible in the next few days before I have to take that 15-four flight to China.”

Even if Poulter can recover physically, in talking to Corrigan, he doesn't seem particularly amped to get back out there:

“This is my day job, and it is a job because that’s what I chose as a path to earn my money to support my family,” he said. “Now, I don’t know what I see the Ryder Cup as, but certainly not as my job. It comes straight from the heart, it’s pride, it’s passion. It has nothing to do with money and, when it hasn’t anything to do with money, for some reason it means a lot more.

“That’s interesting because most of my critics, when they have a go, it’s because they say it’s all about the money with me. Yet the one week when it means nothing in terms of monetary value is the week when I play my best golf. So it kind of turns that theory on its head, doesn’t it?”

Until you see the Ferraris, maybe. Regardless, other golfers should be grateful that Poulter finds typical professional golf mundane. He doesn't lose when he's interested.

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