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November 06, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Golfer DQs himself from PGA Tour Q-School

Posted at 12:30 PM by Samantha Glover | Categories: Truth & Rumors

Six days after finishing tied for fourth at Callaway Gardens-Mountain View Golf Course and advancing to the second round of Q-School, PGA Tour hopeful Blayne Barber disqualified himself and ended his dream of earning a PGA Tour card this season.

Barber, unsure of whether he brushed a leaf in the bunker on the 13th hole during the second round, incorrectly issued himself a one-stroke penalty before finishing the round.

As reported by Golfweek's Sean Martin, it wasn't until the round was complete that Barber learned the penalty was two strokes.

He was discussing the incident that evening with his former Auburn teammate, Michael Hebert, when Hebert said the penalty for such an infraction was two shots, not one (Rule 13-4c, "Ball in hazard; prohibited actions"). “That’s when things went haywire in my mind,” Barber said. “My caddie was watching and didn’t see the leaf move. I thought maybe I’d psyched myself into thinking I’d (touched the leaf).”

Assured by his caddie that he had not touched the leaf, Barber completed the tournament. Afterward, he just didn't feel right about it.

“I continued to pray about it and think about it, and I just did not have any peace about it,” Barber said. “I knew I needed to do the right thing. I knew it was going to be disqualification.”

Barber's disqualification brought a second chance to Robert-Jan Derksen, Jamie Arnold, Corbin Mills, Jonathan Moore, Chesson Hadley and Maarteen Lafeber; those six players posted final scores of 280 and originally tied for 19th.

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