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November 12, 2012

Truth & Rumors: President Obama returns to the golf course after three months

Posted at 3:31 PM by Samantha Glover | Categories: Barack Obama, Truth & Rumors

After taking a break from golf during the last few months of his campaign for reelection, President Obama returned to the course on Saturday, according to the Weekly Standard.

"Motorcade arrived at Andrews Air Force Base at 11:01 am after an uneventful ride," the pool report reads. "President Obama is playing golf with three White House aides: Eugene Kang, Joe Paulson and trip director Marvin Nicholson, according to a White House official. Pool is holding at the Andrews fast food court for the next few hours."

Obama is a passionate golfer, playing more than 100 rounds since he became president. However, the presidential campaign had taken him away from the links; prior to Saturday, Obama last played golf on Aug. 4, his 51st birthday.


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