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December 13, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Gallacher says 'Watson is the perfect captain to get the best out of Tiger Woods'

Shortly after it was officially announced that Tom Watson will lead the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 2014, Sky Sports published statements from both Bernard Gallacher and Colin Montgomerie on why they believe he is the best man for the job.

Gallacher, Watson's opposing captain in 1993, said:

"The USPGA have conducted a post-mortem after Medinah and decided that, as they look likely to have a young and inexperienced team, they might need a bit of experience over in Scotland to deal with the young players, so Tom, who is probably the most respected figure in the game today and has been there before as a captain and player and won in Europe, is a very clever appointment.

"I also think Watson is the perfect captain to get the best out of Tiger Woods, something we have not seen in Ryder Cups. Tiger only plays with Steve Stricker, but Tom will get him playing with other players ahead of 2014, plus, I think Tiger respects Tom for being very straightforward and criticizing him when he spat and swore on the course."

Monty, leader of the victorious European squad in 2010, said:

"It is a surprise choice but seeing America's failure in the Ryder Cup - Europe have won seven times out of the last nine - they've decided to change things and go with someone who isn't playing alongside the players; if you keep on doing the same things you get the same results, so I think America have been very wise in choosing Tom and have gone back to the future.

"It is also a selection that will keep the Ryder Cup on the front pages in America, more so than some of the other candidates, while as a captain in '93 he was very well respected and he's even more respected now. There's a lot of pressure on him but I'm sure he can handle it - and the egos in the American team."

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