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December 11, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Prominent U.K. golf writer joins call for Trump boycott

Posted at 12:57 PM by Samantha Glover | Categories: Donald Trump, PGA of America, Truth & Rumors

Bill Elliott, editor-at-large at the U.K. magazine Golf Monthly, said he would never play Donald Trump's Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland, and he asked his readers to refuse to play the new course as well.

Elliott decided to boycott the course after watching "You've Been Trumped," a documentary about the course's construction that is critical of Trump.

“By all accounts, this is a seriously brilliant links. Opened in the summer, the plaudits for it have been almost overwhelmingly in their positivity. Despite this, I’ll never play it. Why? Because I watched, along with almost a million others, the documentary You’ve Been Trumped on television."

“Even allowing for the fact that it was a one-sided film, it was impossible not to be shocked by the tactics used to try to intimidate a few local residents who refused to sell their homes. This intimidation apparently goes on.”

George Sorial, an executive in the Trump Organization, said Elliott lacks "editorial integrity" and that the course is a success within the industry and with golfers:

“Bill Elliott does not know what he is talking about and his comments demonstrate a complete lack of editorial integrity because he never visited our course or inquired about the issues."

“His entire position is based upon a second-hand source that is a gross distortion of the truth. The global golf community has embraced our course and bookings continue to soar."

“If Mr Elliott took the time to investigate the facts the way a professional writer should, he would be very embarrassed.”

Elliott's announcement comes just one month after a European golf consultant spoke out against Trump International over the "You've Been Trumped" movie's allegations of the Trump Organization's heavy-handedness in dealing with Aberdeen residents during course construction.

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