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February 19, 2013

Feherty recounts totally wild '80s party with Daly

Posted at 5:33 PM by Josh Sens | Categories: David Howell, John Daly


A lot of John Daly's life might be as sad as the country tunes he croons.

But not all of his nights have been so lonely.

Not according to David Feherty, who says his buddy Daly set "a world record" for the number of prostitutes in a hotel room during a tournament some years ago.

Appearing as a guest on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno on Friday night, Feherty recalled the time he first met Daly at a tournament in South Africa in the "mid-to-late 80s." Leading by one going into the final round, Feherty said he found himself paired with a lean young man with a neck-warmer hairdo who weighed no more than "150 pounds with his reading glasses on."

Hitting it long but wild, Daly wound up edging Feherty by one shot for the win, then invited his playing partner to a party in his hotel room that night.

"And I thought, 'That's a bad idea,'" Feherty told Leno. "'But I'm going to do it anyway."

When Feherty showed up at Daly's room that evening, Daly came to the door in boxer shorts, holding a drink and smoking a "deep-fried Marlboro light," having already spent his $30,000 winners check on live entertainment.

"It was a world record for the amount of hookers in a hotel room," Feherty said.

"Really? Wow. I didn't even know they kept those records," Leno replied.

Neither did we.

Feherty appeared on "The Tonight Show" to promote his eponymous show on Golf Channel, which kicks off its third season on February 25.

He was also having fun with his longtime pal, Daly, who has appeared as a guest on Feherty's show.

The two men have a lot in common. Both have struggled with drinking problems. Both have been open about their past failings.

Clearly, there's a kinship.

But you have to wonder how Long John himself feels about these late-night revelations.

Is he thinking that his friend Feherty on the talk-show rounds has managed to go a bit too low?


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