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February 19, 2013

White House reporters ask Obama: Did you beat Tiger?

Posted at 1:54 PM by Mike Walker | Categories: Barack Obama, Tiger Woods

PrezclubsWhen President Barack Obama returned from his golf weekend in Florida, the White House press corps only wanted to know one thing: Did the president beat Tiger Woods? From The Daily Caller:

After a golf weekend in Florida avoiding the press, President Barack Obama returned to the White House Monday night, where he faced screaming reporters trying to hold him accountable by asking, in unison, “Did you beat Tiger?”

According to the White House pool report, Obama returned to the White House at 8:10 p.m. on Marine One. As he exited the helicopter on the South Lawn and made his way towards the South Portico, a group of reporters demanded to know whether the president vanquished golfing legend Tiger Woods, his Sunday golf companion.

The president appeared to have heard the question and cracked a smile, according to the pool report, but just continued on his way.

The answer to this pressing question is no. Obama and Woods played together and won their match, according to Houston Astros owner Jim Crane, who was on the losing side. In an interview with Fox 26 Houston, Crane, who owns the Floridian course that hosted the Woods-Obama round, said he was impressed with the president's game.

"We were down at the Floridian," Crane told FOX 26 Sports. "We got a request for the President to stay there. He came in Friday night.

"I got to play nine holes with him yesterday. Today we got to play 18 with he, Tiger Woods and Ron Kirk. We had a fun day.

As Crane pointed out, playing golf with the President and Tiger Woods, it does not get much better than that.

"It's unbelievable," Crane said. "One of the best players in the world, if not the best player in the world and the President.

"He's so gracious and so kind and he worked very hard to include everybody, very friendly. He loves the game and he's a good athlete. He hit a lot of great shots today.

Crane, who is a scratch golfer in his own right, was impressed with the President's game.

"He played pretty good," Crane said. "He made a bunch of pars. I don't think he made a birdie. He putts the ball well. He strikes it well. "I think if he had a little time, he'd probably get pretty proficient at it."

Obama made a smart choice for his partner for the match as well, Crane said.

"Ron Kirk and I played them," Crane said. "They did put it on us pretty good."


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Photo: President Obama's golf clubs outside the White House (Getty Images).



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