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May 14, 2013

Belen Mozo goes to prom with Special Olympics golfer

Posted at 3:56 PM by Jessica Marksbury | Categories: Belen Mozo

BelenChances are, your weekend wasn't as good as Bearden High School student Alex Notte's. The Special Olympics golfer from Knoxville, Tenn., attended his prom with some serious arm candy: 24-year-old LPGA beauty, Belen Mozo.

After meeting Mozo at the 2011 Wegmans LPGA Championship, Notte became such a big fan that he decided to take up the game himself. He now plays three times a week at Gettysvue Golf Club.

Notte enlisted the assistance of his older sister Arielle to help him craft a YouTube video so he could ask Mozo to be his date to prom by using sign language.

The power of social media propelled the video to Mozo's Twitter page, and she was able to clear her schedule to attend.

On the morning of the prom, Mozo hosted a clinic at Gettysvue to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics golf in Tennessee.

After the clinic, Mozo and Notte had dinner together at Gettysvue before heading to the prom. Notte was nominated for prom king, and when he was named runner-up, the winner took off the crown to give it to Notte, but he refused to take it and returned it right away.

Needless to say, it was a weekend to remember.

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Photo courtesy of Soboroff Sports Partners

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