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May 24, 2013

Daly to Tiger and Sergio: Please Kiss and Make Up

Posted at 10:37 AM by Josh Sens | Categories: John Daly, Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods

Can’t you two just get along?

That plaintive plea for peace comes from country crooner and tender-souled two-time major champion, John Daly, who weighed in this week on the undying Sergio Garcia-Tiger Woods kerfuffle.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Daly dispatched this imploring message:


Daly’s Kumbaya request came around the same time as another feel-good message, this one from former European Ryder Cup captain Jose Maria Olazabal, who referenced his own spat with Padraig Harrington as a model for what Sergio and Tiger might do. Olazabal and Harrington had a testy exchange 10 years ago over the repair of pitch marks on a green during the Seve Trophy match between Continental Europe and Britain/Ireland. Olazabal said the two men had put that matter in the past.

“I had my incident with Harrington at the Seve Trophy in Valencia,” Olazabal said. “We had some issues. Certain things hurt you but in time you tend to forget and you eventually put things in perspective. Nowadays there is no issue between Padraig and me and that’s the way it should be.”

It has now been nearly two weeks since things went sideways between Woods and Garcia during the third round at The Players Championship, and Woods, at least, appears to have moved on.

For Garcia, meanwhile, the matter has evolved into a kind of public therapy session, one that took an unfortunately twist this past week with his “fried chicken” comments at a European Tour function.

On his own Twitter feed, Woods called Garcia’s remark “hurtful” but said that it was “long past time to move on.”

Easier said than done. How can two men put a spat behind them when people keep reminding them that they don’t get along?

(Photo: David Walberg/Sports Illustrated)

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