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June 20, 2013

Hank Haney: Tiger doesn't prepare for majors as hard as he could

Posted at 1:44 PM by Coleman McDowell | Categories: Hank Haney, Tiger Woods



Tiger Woods' ex-coach Hank Haney took to Twitter Sunday morning and said his former pupil doesn't properly prepare his short game at unfamiliar courses -- citing Tiger's lack of prep time at Merion a reason for his lack of success during last week's U.S. Open -- then spoke to Robert Lusetich at Fox Sports about Tiger's recent struggles to win major championships.

“For whatever reason, Tiger doesn't prepare for majors as hard as he could,” he said. “He plays the course in a rushed way maybe once or twice before the tournament week, then in the tournament week Tiger has gotten into a routine of playing nine-hole practice rounds on some days.”

Haney called Woods a "great greens rememberer," but added that it's difficult to remember greens that you haven't played. Haney predicted Tiger will struggle on the greens at Doral next year, a place Woods has won four times, because new owner Donald Trump is going to overhaul the course. Haney also critiqued Woods' ball-striking ability. (Haney said Tiger ranked No. 1 in greens in regulation under his and Butch Harmon's tutelage; Tiger currently ranks 39th).

“His best is not necessarily better than everyone else anymore,” he said. “We saw that last year with Rory Mcllroy.”

We also saw how McIlroy has responded to the pressure that comes along with challenging Woods for the top spot in golf. Not everyone is cut out for the scrutiny. Maybe not even Tiger anymore.

“Pressure affects everyone, even Tiger Woods, and the pressure at majors that Tiger puts on himself is a factor and always has been,” he said. “Being the favorite in every major is a pressure that only Tiger faces. Trying to catch someone's record like Tiger is trying to do with Jack is a much different dynamic than when Jack was adding to his major win total.

“Tiger is having a real hard time winning the easiest major he is going to win — No. 15. No. 18 to tie Jack and 19 to beat Jack, those are going to be the hard ones.

“If he gets that far.”

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