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July 26, 2013

Hovercraft golf carts to debut this week at Ohio course

Posted at 1:39 PM by Golf.com | Categories: Bubba Watson

Getting around a golf course just got a little stranger and a whole lot more stylish. 

Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, purchased two BW1 hovercraft golf carts and plan to let golfers use them for the first time this weekend, according to NPR's "It's Only A Game."

Peter Duffey, the managing director of the public course, credits PGA golfer Bubba Watson with the idea. Watson recently posted a YouTube video riding around in a hovercraft cart [see below].

“We are having some trees removed. We are having certain areas where there are things sticking out of the ground near or around where carts frequent at this point [cleaned up] … we do not want to take the chance of being snagged on the air bladder,” Duffey said. “There will be a couple of lakes on the course that we are going to designate for the hovers to pass over. This is all still very new. There’s a lot of planning we’re going through as we speak"

Could this new form of getting around the golf course cause players and fans to be distracted? Well, it depends on how you talk to.

“You know what? I know [the hovercrafts are] going to be so much fun, golf may end up being kind of a secondary item for [players] as they’re on the golf course,” Duffey said.

One thing you could see on the golf course: a lot more accidents.

“We’re going to have to come up with some kind of a sign … where it will instruct the pilots to go or not to go. This is a hover zone this is a hover-free zone,” he said, laughing.

--Posted by Scooby Axson

Photo by Neoteric Hovercraft Inc.

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