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August 21, 2013

Justin Rose and Adam Scott throw themselves a major party

Posted at 10:59 AM by Josh Sens | Categories: Adam Scott, Justin Rose

P1-Adam-ScottFor their triumphs at the Masters and the U.S. Open, Adam Scott and Justin Rose pocketed $1.44 million each. Now we know where some of that money went: toward a joint-celebration bash.

That party took place on Saturday at the private Albany Golf Club in the Bahamas, where Rose and Scott are members, according to Brian Wacker at PGATour.com. Apparently, the shindig had been in the planning stages for quite some time. Seems when Scott and Rose were in their early 20s, they made a wager that doubled as a pact: whoever won a major first would pour half of the prize-money into a victory bash. Given that their major wins came so close together -- back-to-back, in fact, in 2013 -- Scott and Rose appear to have tweaked the terms.

“When we made that bet, the check wasn’t quite as big,” Scott said. “But I think he’s on the hook for it, too, and I guess I’m on the hook for it.”

Or maybe not.

“The bet that was a young, childish bet made when we were about 21 years old. I think Scotty should be on the hook for it,” Rose said.

Details on the party have not been made available. No word on the attendees, the price tag, or who paid the bill. You can bet on this, though: either man could afford it, and still have money left for a private jet ride home.

(Photo: Carlos M. Saavedra / Sports Illustrated)

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