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August 20, 2013

The Iron Chef: Davis Love unveils cast-iron cookware collection

Posted at 10:58 AM by Josh Sens | Categories: Davis Love III

Dl3_300Quick. Alert the folks from Titleist!

Davis Love III is using someone else’s irons.

And no amount of tweaking by the famed clubmaker will give their equipment the performance of Love’s favorite custom set.

His OTHER irons are cast, not forged. They’re worn and weighty. And they’re great for frying ham.

You can read all about them in the August/September issue of Garden & Gun, where DL3 details his obsession with cast-iron cookware.

It’s a passion that was born when Love was a kid, fueled by his mother’s fried bologna sandwiches, which she made her son for lunch almost every day. The diet of (PGA) champions, you might say.

When DL3 grew up, got married and moved out, his mother supplied him with a few skillets.

The rest is culinary history.

Over the years, Love has amassed a Hall of Fame-worthy collection of cast-iron ware: waffle irons, skillets, Dutch ovens and more.

He’s especially drawn to the vintage stuff -- pans dating back as far as the 1920s, which he treats with the reverence that equipment-buffs might reserve for Hogan’s one-iron.

He’s explored a variety of cleaning methods: hot water and baking soda; Coca-Cola. But nowadays he relies on store-bought rust remover.

He seasons his skillets and pots with care, rubbing them with fat or shortening then heating them in the oven.

“I come back sometimes,” Love says, “and I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, that pan’s been in there for three days.'”

Ok, so maybe he’s not really all that careful.

Oh, and he cooks with them, sizzling country ham and bacon on the stovetop. His favorite, though, remains fried bologna sandwiches.

Just like his mom, the original iron chef.

Photo: Getty Images

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