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September 05, 2013

Chamblee: 'I definitely think Tiger Woods is overcoached'

Posted at 3:08 PM by Kevin Cunningham | Categories: Brandel Chamblee, Tiger Woods

Unlike some golf journalists, Brandel Chamblee has never shied away from criticizing Tiger Woods when he feels it's necessary.

In a conference call previewing the final two events of the FedEx Cup playoffs, the Golf Channel analyst and Golf Magazine contributor addressed why he thinks Woods season has been so inconsistent, jumping week-to-week from extreme highs to extreme lows, and he's pointing his fingers at Tiger's coach Sean Foley:

"I think he's got way too much going on. It's a very complicated golf swing that he's trying to work on, that much fold, shaft lean, the down and the up that he has, the excessive down, the excessive up; you know, his driver might as well be a dead mackerel wrapped in newspaper at the moment. It's just awful watching him hit that golf club, just awful... So yes, I definitely think Tiger Woods is overcoached."

But Chamblee had praise for Woods as well. He said that Woods -- who has five victories on Tour this season -- is his choice to take home Player of the Year honors:

"It's Player of the Year. And when you consider where Tiger Woods came from and where he is, to regain the No. 1 spot in the world, to contend in major championships, to win the Players, win five times, second place at Barclays with a bad back, to me, it's not a close race. To me it's Tiger Woods, what he's done this year is extraordinary."

Photo: Brandel Chamblee at the 2003 Buick Classic at Westchester Country Club in Rye, N.Y. (Getty Images)

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