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November 14, 2013

Photo of Tiger beefs up jerky biz

Posted at 9:14 PM by Josh Sens |

We know about his impact on the golf industry.

But what about his sway on sales of dried, cured beef?

Suffice to say, a photograph of Tiger Woods gnawing on a strip of Kingmade Jerky hasn't harmed the fortunes of a company founded by Tour caddy Jeff King, who, as Bloomberg put it this week, "is trying to make a high-end snack food business out of $175,000 in seed money, his personal recipe and its popularity among top golfers."

Most notably, you guessed it, the world No. 1.

Tiger got his first taste of the jerky while playing with Matt Kuchar at the Bridgestone Invitational this summer. Kuchar's caddy, Lance Bennett, had some Kingmade in his bag and offered Woods a nibble.

"He wouldn't stop eating it," Kuchar said. "Finally, I had to tell him, 'Hey, save some for me.'"

Within months, the two men learned to share, as evidenced by a photograph taken during the Presidents Cup in Akron, Ohio. It showed Woods and Kuchar eating from the same bag of Kingmade, which sells for as much as $54 per pound. Off the photo went into the social media jetstream.

And . . .

"It kind of blew up after that," said Scott Brown, a Tour rookie and a friend of King's.

How big a boost in sales the photo caused is difficult to say, but it could not have harmed the prospects of a fledgling player in the multi-billion dollar snack food industry.

That much seems clear.

And so does this.

Tiger is right: his life is a fishbowl.

People even watch during feeding time.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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