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October 22, 2013

Video: Arnold Palmer leads Wake onto gridiron on a motorcycle

Posted at 8:33 AM by Pete Madden

They don't call him 'The King' for nothing.

Arnold Palmer reminded us why he's the coolest 84-year-old around when he lead Wake Forest onto the gridiron to faceoff against Maryland Saturday while riding a motorcycle driven by the Demon Deacon mascot.

Palmer played golf in Winston-Salem from 1948 to 1950, winning individual titles in '49 and '50, before turning pro after his victory at the 1954 U.S. Amateur. He has remained active in university affairs, helping to redesign to the school's golf facility that now bears his name and houses a statue of his likeness.

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September 03, 2013

Wake Forest to erect statue of Arnold Palmer

Posted at 4:29 PM by Pete Madden

Arnoldpalmer_dougbencgettyWake Forest University will bestow another honor on its most famous former athlete.

According to John Dell of the Winston-Salem Journal, Arnold Palmer's alma mater will erect a statue of The King at the golf facility that already bears his name. The Demon Deacons alum has been active in supporting the school's athletic program, having helped redesign the facility in 2010.

With characteristic humility, the seven-time major winner -- who was in so many ways responsible for the popularization of the sport in the '50s and 60s -- wondered if he even merited such treatment.

"It's nice that they are doing that," Palmer said. "I'm not sure that it is really deserved. Still, I can't wait to see it and to thank everyone who has had something to do with it."

Palmer attended Wake Forest on a golf scholarship, becoming the first ACC individual golf champion in 1954 before turning pro later that year.

(Photo: Doug Benc / Getty Images)

August 27, 2013

Kate Upton gets golf lesson from Arnold Palmer

Posted at 5:11 PM by Scooby Axson

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton received a golf lesson from seven-time major winner Arnold Palmer.

Palmer and Upton are quite familiar with each other, as the two had dinner earlier this year when Upton went to watch his tournament at Bay Hill and to see the work he is doing at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies.

For the 83-year-old Palmer, it's just another day in the life of a legend.


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July 15, 2013

Video: Watch 'colorblind' Fowler in new ESPN commericial

Posted at 9:49 AM by Mike Walker

Rickie Fowler joins the long list of athletes who've turned in entertaining performances in ESPN's "This Is SportsCenter" commercials in this new spot with ESPN anchor John Anderson.

Pretty good stuff, but nothing will ever top our favorite "This Is SportsCenter" commercial with guest star Arnold Palmer.


July 11, 2013

Arnie: 'Very questionable' if Tiger can catch Jack

Posted at 5:41 PM by


Arnold Palmer gets this question all the time: “Will Tiger catch Jack?”

Jay Busbee from Yahoo! Sports had a conversation with Palmer, and the King's current thinking on golf’s most pressing question wasn’t as straightforward as a simple yes or no. Palmer believes Tiger certainly has the ability to win five more majors to surpass Nicklaus’ record of 18, but the seven-time major winner questions the likelihood of that happening.

"Can he? Yes," Palmer says, without hesitation. "But will he? That is..." Palmer pauses, weighing how to answer. He finally lifts a hand, rotating it in a "so-so" motion. "Very questionable."

But Palmer, who still watches golf every weekend with a practiced eye, hasn't counted out Woods just yet. "I think we'll hear more about him," Palmer smiles. "He will be a factor in any tournament he plays."

--Posted by Ryan Galvin

Photo: Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods share a laugh at Bay Hill (Getty Images).


June 12, 2013

Video: Palmer and Eastwood star in USGA slow-play video

Posted at 2:48 PM by Mike Walker

It's not often we get to see two legends like Arnold Palmer and Clint Eastwood on screen together -- at Pebble Beach's iconic 7th hole, no less. So thanks to the USGA for producing this "While We're Young" commercial as part of its campaign to speed up play. It made our day.

Tiger Woods stars in funny video to help USGA address pace of play

Posted at 11:11 AM by Gary Van Sickle

ARDMORE, Pa. -- You wouldn't expect the stoic United States Golf Association to have anything in common with Al Czervik, the mouthy character played by Rodney Dangerfield in the golf classic, Caddyshack. In fact, the USGA seems more like a Judge Smails, no-wagering-at-Bushwood type.

But the USGA is joining forces with Al ("Wang!!") for its new slow-play initiative and is borrowing one of Czervik's famous lines for its campaign. No, it's not, "Did you get a bowl of soup with that hat?" The USGA slow-play campaign is going with, "While we're young," which Czervik utters in disgust while watching Ted Knight's Judge Smails character go through an interminable pre-shot routine.

A little humor couldn't hurt the latest drive to pick up the pace of play. The USGA has determined that the slow pace of golf is one of the reason the game is losing players.

It's doing a comprehensive study on the causes of slow play and joining forces with other golf organizations in an attempt to do something about it.

That's a complicated process, but all you need to know now is that you'll be seeing a series of television commercials, all intended to be humorous, playing off the "While We're Young" theme. There's one in which Butch Harmon tries to teach Paula Creamer to deliver Rodney's line. There's another in which Arnold Palmer says the line to a slow player on a tee box (shown below), who turns around and glares -- turns out that player is Clint Eastwood, and his glare is still intimidating. And there's one with Tiger Woods (shown above), who is admonished by a couple of youngsters while playing miniature golf.

You can watch the clever spots at

April 11, 2013

Gary Player's Diary: 'How I Out-Drove Jack and Arnie'

Posted at 8:37 PM by


I woke up just past five this morning to be the first person on the practice tee. The sky was still half dark, and I had hours to go before my 7:45 tee-time along side Jack and Arnold. As honorary starters, we would only hit one shot, but I wanted to be perfectly loose. It was so serene, out there before the crowds. That special Augusta peace. Turf so lush you’d swear it’s artificial. Warm water in the range buckets. The sun cutting through the pines. You have to wonder how a place like this is possible, seeing it all like that.

I wanted to outdrive them. That’s why I was out so early. You could bet Jack and Arnold wanted to out-drive me, too. It’s great fun, teeing off next to two people I grew up with. But there’s always a competitive spirit when the three of us get together. We’re terrific friends, and we needle each other all the time. You can’t turn that off. And I’ve got to tell you, I couldn’t believe how many people came out to see us tee off. As I came over from the range, there were droves of people, thousands, all lined up and cheering. Like when we were going head-to-head years ago. Arnold’s 83, so he can’t expect to get the distance that Jack and I do. He doesn’t have the strength. But he opened with a beautiful shot, right down the middle. I hit mine fairly well; I didn’t quite catch it, but I knocked into the fairway fine enough. Jack caught his solid, but he hooked it into the pine needles and it skipped and rolled into the trees.

Afterward, Jack turned to me. “Well,” he said, “Looks like I had the longest drive.”

“No!” I told him, “Your drive ended up in the pine needles! You know how much run you get over there. You’ve got to hit the fairway to count for longest drive!” He had a great laugh. When it comes to longest hit, I won this one -- ask anyone who was there. You’ve got to hit the fairway.

As for the golf, I must say I’ve never seen better conditions for scoring than Thursday. Not a breath of wind, the course is soft, the greens are holding. Augusta has never played easier in the 56 years I’ve known it.

That doesn’t mean I’m not impressed with the golf. I was very impressed with what Rickie Fowler did, double-bogeying the first hole, taking another double-bogey and still shooting 68. That's very tough to do and he must be very tough mentally.

Of course, it’s marvelous to see Freddie Couples at four under par. Freddie has the swing that every weekend golfer should try to emulate, and every teacher should try to teach. If you can move like him, you’ll play well for a long, long time.

Then there’s Guan Tianliang. I was anxious to see if he would break 80. I said this morning, if he could shoot 76 at 14 years of age that would be an unbelievable score. If he could break 76, it would be the round of the day. Just him being here is a golfing miracle. And to shoot 73! After a good round at Augusta, I found it so difficult to calm down. The next morning, I forced myself to do everything in slow motion when preparing for my round. I spoke slower. I put my shoes on slower. I drove to the club slower, I took my first practice swings slower. All just to stay steady, to keep my mind composed. I hope Guan does the same. I cannot wait to see how he plays tomorrow.

As for the rest of them, it’s only Thursday. I never, ever let the first round influence my thinking. There’s no such thing as a lead at the Masters until you hole the last put on the last hole. Then you have permission to celebrate.

--Gary Player

Photo: Matt Slocum/Associated Press

April 05, 2013

Palmer did his own stunts in ninja fight with Tiger

Posted at 5:26 PM by Coleman McDowell

Picture 1You probably saw Arnold Palmer join forces with Tiger Woods to fight off ninjas wanting to steal their tournament trophies in a recent commercial for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. But you might not know that Palmer could hold his own against a real band of ninjas, if it ever came to that.

In a Q&A with Golfweek, Palmer revealed that the karate moves used to defeat the masked men -– including a double-hand punch, flipping an assailant over his back, one hearty leg sweep and a series of gut-punches -- were all his own.

Q. How much fun was it to do the Rumble advertisement for the game and is it true that you did all of your own stunts?

A. Well, it was fun. Tiger was great, Lee (Trevino) was great . . . and of course we all laughed. And I did my own stunts, yes. I haven’t told anybody this, but I was an instructor in judo and personal conduct in the service, so I know a little bit about it, and it was fun for me to get back into it.

What can't the King do?


[Photo courtesy of EA Sports]

Past champs pick Tiger to win the 2013 Masters in Poll

Posted at 4:31 PM by Mark Dee


Tiger Woods at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, the first of this three wins in 2013 (Robert Beck/SI).

With Tiger Woods coming in as a 3-to-1 favorite to win next week's Masters, the betting public is pretty confident Tiger is back and prowling.

But Vegas sharps aren't the only people bullish on the four-time champ's chances of adding a fifth green jacket to his wardrobe. Some guys who own a few of their own like Tiger's odds as well.

In a poll of past Masters champions, nine out of 10 respondents picked Tiger Woods to take home hardware come Sunday evening, although Arnold Palmer hedged a bit, saying he'd take the field over Woods.

The one dissenter? 2009 winner Angel Cabrera. He chose himself ("Me!!").

Here's what some of the pros -- including a few legends -- had to say about their pick:

Gary Player: "Most people will not argue with Tiger Woods as the overwhelming favourite to win the Masters.  Tiger is off to a great start this year with tons of momentum going into this year’s tournament. Plus, he is a phenomenal putter and to win at Augusta you have to putt well.  Other favourites include Phil Mickleson, and Rory McIlroy. But I like the chances of Louis Oosthuizen, Lee Westwood, and Adam Scott. I would love to see Sergio Garcia win, but I personally feel that Tiger is due to have a great year."

Arnold Palmer: "I think there are numerous people who could take a run. I think Tiger should be the favorite, no question. If I were arbitrary about it, I would still take the field."

Billy Casper: "Tiger. Tiger’s playing well. He’s won so many times there. He’s really playing well. It looks like Rory is starting to come into his own. With those two playing well, it would be a great Masters."

Trevor Immelman: "The level is so consistently high on the PGA Tour now that it’s harder to pick winners, I believe. Obviously with Tiger starting to play really well again, he’s going to have a couple of weeks off and will be arriving there with so much confidence knowing he’s already won the tournament four times, he’s going to be a hard guy to bet against purely because he’s won there in so many different styles in conditions. Nothing that happens there will be catching him off guard, so I imagine he’ll be pretty comfortable and hard to bet against."

Ian Woosnam: "You have to go with the form player: Tiger." 

Charl Schwartzel: "I’m sure there are a lot of bookmakers around the world filling their pockets with the money of punters trying to pick golf tournament winners. It’s definitely not easy. I always feel that if I am playing my best then I have the chance to win whenever I tee it up, but I would never say that I am going to win. There are so many contenders and I suppose top of that list now would be Tiger Woods, who has had such an impressive start to the season."

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