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February 11, 2013

Bill Murray at his zany best at Pebble Beach despite missed cut

Posted at 3:14 PM by Cameron Morfit

BillThe Monterey County Herald delivers a fun gag-by-gag account of Bill Murray's third round of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, which was a blast for his fans even as Murray and his pro partner, D.A. Points -- who won the pro-am division two years ago -- missed the 54-hole cut.

Though he had no time for the press, Murray gave his rambunctious best to the enormous crowds lining the fairways for a sun-splashed day at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. He limped through his round wearing a red-and-white polka-dotted Smurf hat, a long-sleeved striped shirt, and suspenders holding up a pair of rain pants that accentuated a burgeoning paunch.

At the 15th tee box, home of the rowdy "Club 15" cheering section, Murray seized a giant champagne glass brimming with hundreds of golf tees and emptied it into the gallery.

When somebody handed a football to former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Harris Barton, Murray did his best to kick a field goal. The boot hooked radically to the left, but Murray celebrated as if he'd won the Super Bowl.

After draining a short putt on the 15th green, he acknowledged the applauding crowd first by doffing his silly-looking cap ... then by dropping the suspenders off his shoulders ... then by opening his shirt. Mercifully, the striptease ended there.

Still the tournament's top attraction, Murray opted to walk toward every shot along the rope barriers, signing autographs, posing for photos, tickling babies and chatting up fans.


Photo by Getty Images
October 04, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Watch Bill Murray slam media 'moron' during Dunhill Links

Posted at 11:45 AM by Mark Dee

In case you were wondering exactly how much a round at St. Andrews can improve your mood, we refer you to a case study: Bill Murray.

The Caddyshack star and prolific pro-am-er is in Scotland this week for the Dunhill Links, the European Tour equivalent of the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. As expected, the media was well represented. The BBC caught Mr. Murray in a gruff moment pre-round. But lo! Their intrepid reported caught up with him after 18, mere hours from being called a "moron" by his subject, and the conversation was much more pleasant. Follow the link to check out the transformation.

September 26, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Phelps, Lopez win Celebrity Scramble at Ryder Cup

Posted at 12:12 PM by Mark Dee

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's already over. Golf's biggest team event has been decided. And the winners are … Michael Phelps, George Lopez, Hal Sutton and Lanny Wadkins!

That's right, celebrity golf's greatest pressure-cooker, the Ryder Cup Captains and Celebrity Scramble, is in the books. It happened Tuesday at Medinah, before a surprisingly large crowd. Participants included those mentioned above, as well as Justin Timberlake, Bill Murray and former Chicago Bear Richard Dent.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times was on hand, video crew in tow, to provide us with some scenes from the spectacle. The first -- a two minute montage of opening tee shots -- looks like the trailer to an avant-garde slasher film:

The next captures the patriotic, comic stylings of Bill Murray:


Finally, we have the Golf Channel's highlight package, which shows some behind-the-scenes yucks. Oh, and it's set to generic inspirational music. Find the feel-good hit of the fall below:


Can we please, please, please just start the matches already?

September 11, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Bill Murray, Michael Phelps to play in Ryder Cup pro-am

Posted at 11:02 AM by Mark Dee

The Ryder Cup, that classic test of Continental mettle, is finally getting the same treatment as…every other event that featuring professional golfers.

That's right: The Ryder Cup is getting a Pro-Am. Specifically, "The Ryder Cup Captains & Celebrity Scramble Golf Event." Here's what the PGA of America has to say for itself:

Bill Murray, Justin Timberlake, Michael Phelps and George Lopez are currently scheduled to appear with Chicago sports legends Ernie Banks, Richard Dent, Stan Mikita and Scottie Pippen as participants in the first-ever 2012 Ryder Cup Captains & Celebrity Scramble golf event on Sept. 25 at Medinah (Ill.) Country Club, host venue of the 39th Ryder Cup.

The celebrities and sports stars will be paired with past Ryder Cup Captains to play 10 holes of Medinah's Course No. 3 as part of a team in a scramble format. Participating past Ryder Cup Captains include Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Tom Lehman, Corey Pavin, Dave Stockton, Hal Sutton, Lee Trevino and Lanny Wadkins.

And so, a beautiful tradition begins. The great European Stan Mikita vs. the battle-tested Scottie Pippen, all while Bill Murray looks on. The biggest challenge of Ryder Cup Tuesday? When to use Ernie Banks's drive.

Whatever. We're sure Sept. 25th will be a beautiful day for a scramble. Let's hit two! (Maybe three! Or four!...)

February 11, 2012

Video: Bill Murray plays Pebble Beach in camouflage, punts football

Posted at 8:14 PM by

“Oh my goodness!”

That was CBS Sports analyst Nick Faldo talking about Bill Murray’s silky swing at Pebble Beach on Saturday, not his camouflage ghillie suit. Here’s video of Murray’s drive on the second hole. He also shows decent form punting a football. Analyze that, Nick.

Murray and his partner D.A. Points were the defending champions in the pro-am portion of the event this year, but they ended up just outside the cut line at 19 under.

February 01, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Phil Mickelson sues Internet company over 'vicious' rumors

Posted at 1:06 PM by Mike Walker

Phil Mickelson wants to unmask an Internet user who has made what Mickelson calls anonymous and defamatory attacks against him, according to Court House New Service.

Phil Mickelson sued an Internet service provider, seeking the identity of a person who posted what the golfer calls "vicious" statements about him and his wife.

Mickelson sued Videotron S.E.N.C. in Quebec Superior Court, seeking the identity of the author of "several highly defamatory statements posted by one or more individual on the Internet, in particular on a Yahoo! website, under the pseudonyms of 'Fogroller' and 'Longitude'.

"The postings suggest that plaintiff has an illegitimate child, that his wife has affairs and other similar vexatious statements that are absolutely untrue and, simply put, vicious," the complaint states.

According to Courthouse News, Mickelson said that he got the user's Internet service provider information from Yahoo!.

In his complaint, Mickelson says the San Diego Superior Court authorized him to subpoena Yahoo! for information about "Fogroller" and "Longitude," and Yahoo! responded with Fogroller's Internet protocol address, which is registered to a Videotron subscriber.

Videotron's attorney said Mickelson needs a court order for the company to provide him with the information he seeks. Mickelson seeks the court order.

D.A. Points explains worst-ever chest bump with Bill Murray

D.A. Points’s partnership with Bill Murray at the 2011 Pebble Beach National Pro-Am resulted in Points winning the tournament, he and Murray winning the pro-am, and the worst chest-bump in sports history (see video above). Even Tiger Woods and Steve Williams probably thought the celebration was a little awkward.

Kevin Merfeld of The Monterey Herald talks to Points about what went wrong after his hole-out on 14. The fault, Points says, lies entirely with Murray.

"Hey, I was all-in. A chest bump is a two-person game, and if the other person pulls up short, there's nothing I can do about it. I was all-in. There was definitely air between my spikes and the ground. I did my part."

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April 05, 2011

Truth & Rumors: Bill Murray cheers on Points, delights fans at Masters

Posted at 9:31 AM by Mike Walker

The breakout star of the PGA Tour season so far is probably Bill Murray, who made golf look cool again as he and partner D.A. Points won the AT&T Pebble Beach pro-am. (Points also won the tournemant.) Murray was on hand at Augusta National on Monday to watch Points, according to Golfweek’s Jim McCabe.

Patrons were treated to plenty of laughs because Bill Murray was in the house. He walked most of the course to watch D.A. Points, his triumphant partner at this year’s AT & T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Later, Murray hung around the putting green while Davis Love III, among others, practiced into the early evening.

New-Yorker-cover A picture worth a thousand words

Quite a statement on the cover of the April 11 issue of The New Yorker (right). The image was drawn by Bruce McCall, and he titled the work, "My Best Shot."

Tiger got better at cards at the Crow’s Nest

In a tournament steeped in tradition, amateur players staying in the Crow’s Nest, atop the Augusta National clubhouse is one of the nicest. Thomas Bonk of describes the 5-bunk accommodations and passes along some memories from Tiger Woods, a Crow’s Nest guest in 1995 and 1996.

After he spent his first two Masters there, Tiger Woods found out something about the Crow's Nest he hadn't expected. Staying there made him a sharper card player.

"That's pretty much all we did up there," Woods fondly recalled this week. "We played cards all the time. How could I not have gotten better?"

Mickelson’s menu set for champion’s dinner

Phil Mickelson came up with something classier than his famous In-N-Out burgers and Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the Masters champions' dinner on Tuesday night. (By tradition, last year’s champ picks the next year’s menu.) Here’s what’s in store for the most exclusive dinner in the game:

Vinagreta de Gazpacho (mesculan greens, sherry vinaigrette, olives)

Paella de Mariscos (seafood paella)

Filete de Res Mignon Pimenton Ahumado Demi Glace (prime beef tenderloin, machango cheese, smoked paprika demi-glace)

Asparagus, Torilla Espanla

Empanada de Manzana (Spanish apple pie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate cinnamon ganache)

Japanese players hope sports can inspire homeland

Scott Micheux of The Augusta Chronicle focuses on the heart of this year’s Masters tournament: Japanese superstar Ryo Ishikawa, who is donating his entire 2011 winnings to Japan relief efforts, and Japanese amateur Hideki Matsuyama, a college student.

One is a gifted prodigy who has pledged every dollar he makes this year playing golf to the disaster relief, The other is a frightened amateur who can give only his best effort.

"I am from the Tohoku region back home and not sure if I should play in the Masters, even at this very moment," said Matsuyama. "Still, I have decided to play. I have decided to play because so many people have pushed me; the people at my university who have suffered, and my teammates and my parents, who made me start to play the sport of golf. Everyone has been supportive. I have decided to play at the Masters, not only for myself, but for the people who have made who I am. The Masters, which has been my dream, is their dream as well. Doing my best here is my obligation for them."

Ishikawa feels an obligation as well. As poised and polished a 19-year-old as you will ever find after years spent in front of a fawning media, the "Shy Prince" feels he owes everything to his countrymen back home.

"This is my fourth year as a professional golfer, and I was supported by many sponsors," he said. "They provided me with everything I need to play golf, and whatever I earned, I spent for golf. But now, as I see how those people supported me, now it's my turn to support those people who are in need, and I believe that is my responsibility. And as I recognize that, as my social status in Japan is getting higher, I believe that is one of the responsibilities, to provide for those people who are in need."

Tweet of the Day:

Vansickle-78x73_bigger @GaryVanSickle: Augusta official made Rickie Fowler turn his hat around, bill to the front, for press interview Monday. Strange but true. Welcome to 1957.

February 14, 2011

Truth & Rumors: Bill Murray says tip from Vijay helped him win at Pebble

Posted at 1:08 PM by Mike Walker

In a six-hour feat of golf and improv comedy, Bill Murray won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am amateur event, helped his partner D.A. Points win the tournament and maybe even made golf look cool. But it might not have happened without an assist from Vijay Singh.

Murray told the story at his post-victory press conference: (Watch the full press conference here.)

And in the course of the round Monday, I played a few good holes early, and then really lost my swing and it was ugly. Big, flying mud and everything, it was terrible. And he thought I would go back and start hitting some balls and there was Vijay Singh on the range. I've known Vijay a long time and I'm friendly with him. And I would never go like, "Hey, you big Fijian, help me out here."

But he saw me, sort of struggling and he came over and he said one thing, and I did it, and then about three minutes later he says another thing, and I did it and then about four minutes later, he said another thing and I did it, and I never hit the ball that well in my entire life. And I just thought, holy cow, I don't know how you can play this long and get something that late that can work. That's basically why I'm up here today drinking wine and looking for another glass.

Murray does not often agree to interviews, but he was on a roll at the Pebble Beach media center on Sunday. Here are some highlights...

On his partner D.A. Points:

When we first met I said, well, my goal when I play is I like to have the most fun and win. And he said, "Those two things usually go together." And I thought, that's about as solid an endorsement of where we are going this week as I could have gotten. I felt like, this is cool, this could really happen. And it did.

On his emotions during the final round:

Honestly the whole last two holes were kind of an out of body experience. I didn't -- I mean I wasn't sort of like -- I didn't know how to be particularly funny or particularly good golfer. I just managed to get sort of like stumble in, and I knew I had to sort of get out of the way. Once knucklehead here made that eagle and then the birdie -- the birdie afterwards was more ridiculous in a way. I was just laughing hysterically, I could not even speak. I just started laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing, because I realized that this is it now, and, I don't know, it's like when I see real art, I laugh. When I saw like a Rembrandt, I laugh, because it's so -- it's just this combination of this beautiful thing, it's alive, yet it's not. And that moment of his making birdie is like, we are playing this -- we have won this tournament and yet we are not done yet. I knew it was that moment.

Why being a good golf partner is like acting:

I just thought, if I could not screw this up for him that, would be great. And if I don't screw it up -- and it's sort of like the acting that I was taught, which was if you make the other person look good, you don't have to worry about yourself. So I felt if I could like help him, I wouldn't have to worry about the Pro-Am thing, and that's pretty much what happened. I mean, I just tried to stay positive and not like get too serious or funky about my game. I didn't really -- I hit the ball kind of good, but I didn't really help the team much, too much, but as long as you're hitting it good, you're not -- you're helping him in a way because if you're hitting it bad, and you're playing with like a real human being, they get concerned about your golf. They get concerned about your golf and they get distracted from their golf.

On Augusta National:

They have got like biscuits and gravy for breakfast. They have got unbelievable food. I mean, chops, it's sweet. But the food is really good. It's like big-time, Southern cooking food. But their wine cellar, it's a joke. It's like the greatest vineyard in the world. But the course, it's a laughaholic, because all of a sudden you're just going to be standing like on 13 on the fairway and you go like, I know where I am, I know exactly where I am and exactly what this shot is. It's cool.

On why he plays the Pebble Beach Pro-Am:

There's no shame in being attached to this tournament. There's no greed in this. I remember hearing some knucklehead say, well, yeah, you guys go out there and you get all your publicity. It's like, you get it, do you. No one is here to get publicity. This is really fun and you can ride -- this ride, when it's great, it's awesome. It's just really different and no entertainment experience, anything like it. Something about the energy of golf and having fun at it is so unusual that it can only happen in this place and a couple of others. And it's very unusual, very singular kind of experience, and all of the people that are working are kind of going, go ahead, I'm in this, too, because this is good, what I'm doing is giving back too, we are all in.

Amateur photographer distracts Lee Westwood in Dubai

The World No. 1 came undone on his final two holes at the Dubai Desert Classic, hitting a palm tree on 17 and making double and then finishing with a bogey on the par-5 18th, but managed to keep his sense of humor, according to The National’s Paul Radley.

"I'm not sure about that," the world No 1 said when it was suggested to him that his late bid for the Dubai Desert Classic title might have come unstuck when his tee shot at his 71st hole ended perched halfway up a palm tree. Pregnant pause. "That's sarcasm, by the way."

Westwood also said that he was distracted when a fan took his picture on the 18th tee.

"I was just a bit shafted by the last two holes," he said. "If you stick it up a tree, you can't do much about that. It was on a good line and would have been on the front edge of the green. "Then on No 18 I was stood over my second shot and a guy took a very good shot of me on his iPhone. In terms of concentration I was already struggling a little bit at that stage, and he just finished it off."

Spit happens

Robert Lusetich of Fox Sports is scratching his head over the uproar over Tiger Woods’s spitting on the green in Dubai, which is a headline on The Drudge Report and

Here’s a newsflash: Tiger Woods spits all the time.

Ever since I’ve known him, he’s suffered from allergies and hacks up loogies as a matter of course.

It’s certainly gross, though he’s not the only human being I know to do so.

February 12, 2011

What to Watch For: Sunday at Pebble Beach

Posted at 11:55 PM by Ryan Reiterman

Marino Nervous Nellies
With only three PGA Tour winners in the top 10, Sunday at Pebble Beach will serve as a serious gut check for several players near the lead. None more than Steve Marino, who had a four-shot lead to start the day but watched it fall to one stroke after shooting a 1-over 71 at Monterey Peninsula.

After taking a whopping 33 putts on Saturday, Marino needs his putter to heat up in the final round. Fortunately he's not playing Monterey again. The entire field plays Pebble on Sunday, where Marino shot a 6-under 66 on Friday.

Jimmy Walker, who's tied for second with Bryce Molder, had much better luck at Monterey. Walker fired a tidy 7-under 63. It's always tough to follow up a crazy-low round, so it will be interesting to see if Walker can keep a hot putter going on Pebble's fast greens.

But the guy to look out for is Alex Cejka. He's yet to win on the PGA Tour, but Cejka has won 11 times around the world. Sitting only three shots off the lead, Cejka has the advantage of trying to post a low number early and add more pressure to the players behind him.

Pros and Joes
It really could be a "Cinderella Story" for Bill Murray on Sunday. Murray and playing partner D.A. Points are only one stroke behind Bryce Molder and Harry You in the Pebble pro-am. Despite all of Murray's antics on the course, he and Points have combined to shoot rounds of 59-65-62. So will Murray tone down his act if they're still in the hunt on the back nine? It will be fun to watch.

(Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

More from Pebble: Scores | Photos | Video | Course Profile

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