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October 09, 2013

Brandel Chamblee: The 3 Best and Worst Swing Fixes Ever

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Golf Magazine columnist and Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee ranks the best and worst swing fixes ever.



Chamblee_hogan_gettyBen Hogan at the 1956 Ryder Cup (Getty Images).

Hogan transformed himself from a hook-hitting journeyman into perhaps the greatest player and ballstriker ever. And he did it without video or TrackMan.

2. TIGER WOODS [1998-'99]

Chamblee_tigerTiger Woods at the 2000 U.S. Open, which he won by a record 15 strokes (AP Photo).

After winning the Masters by 12 strokes in 1997, Woods and Butch Harmon took Tiger's powerful but inconsistent move -- which was slightly shut at the top of the backswing -- and crafted a swing that won four straight majors in 2000-'01.


Nick Faldo at the 1990 Open Championship at St. Andrews (John Iacono/SI)

Early in Faldo's career, his loose, languid swing failed to deliver on Sundays. David Leadbetter helped his man perfect a flatter, early-set Hoganesque technique that led to six majors. He went from surly to Sir Nick.



Chamblee_tiger_2012_pga_DarrenCarrollTiger Woods loses control of his driver at the 2012 PGA Championship (Darren Carroll/SI).

Now majorless since 2008, Woods abandoned a swing that gave him the advantages of length, height and improvisation for a prosaic, rigidly rehearsed move. To borrow Emerson's line, he went from being the mountain from which all drift boulders come…to being a drift boulder.


Michelle Wie at the 2010 U.S. Open at Oakmont (Carlos M. Saavedra/SI).

With a high-hands technique that took full advantage of her six-foot frame, Wie may have been the greatest teenage golfer ever, male or female. She now swings shorter, quicker, and looks confused on almost every shot. The one-time future of golf appears to be on the brink of the abyss.


Chamblee_weir_apMike Weir at the 2009 Chevron World Challenge (AP Photo).

By chasing the Stack-and-Tilt method -- which takes vigilant rehearsals and assassinates pure talent -- Weir left behind the simple, repeatable swing that accentuated his razor-sharp wedge game and, oh yeah, won him a Masters.


September 05, 2013

Chamblee: 'I definitely think Tiger Woods is overcoached'

Posted at 3:08 PM by Kevin Cunningham

Unlike some golf journalists, Brandel Chamblee has never shied away from criticizing Tiger Woods when he feels it's necessary.

In a conference call previewing the final two events of the FedEx Cup playoffs, the Golf Channel analyst and Golf Magazine contributor addressed why he thinks Woods season has been so inconsistent, jumping week-to-week from extreme highs to extreme lows, and he's pointing his fingers at Tiger's coach Sean Foley:

"I think he's got way too much going on. It's a very complicated golf swing that he's trying to work on, that much fold, shaft lean, the down and the up that he has, the excessive down, the excessive up; you know, his driver might as well be a dead mackerel wrapped in newspaper at the moment. It's just awful watching him hit that golf club, just awful... So yes, I definitely think Tiger Woods is overcoached."

But Chamblee had praise for Woods as well. He said that Woods -- who has five victories on Tour this season -- is his choice to take home Player of the Year honors:

"It's Player of the Year. And when you consider where Tiger Woods came from and where he is, to regain the No. 1 spot in the world, to contend in major championships, to win the Players, win five times, second place at Barclays with a bad back, to me, it's not a close race. To me it's Tiger Woods, what he's done this year is extraordinary."

Photo: Brandel Chamblee at the 2003 Buick Classic at Westchester Country Club in Rye, N.Y. (Getty Images)

April 02, 2013

Live Chat with Brandel Chamblee

Posted at 2:45 PM by
94x95_0001s_0018_Brandel_ChambleeGolf Channel broadcaster and Golf Magazine columnist Brandel Chamblee was online Thursday to answer your questions on Tiger's swing changes, Woods vs. Nicklaus and more. Click on the blog below to read the chat.
May 09, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Tiger asks if Nick Faldo is a superhero

Posted at 12:20 PM by Mike Walker

Tiger Woods knows how it works. When he plays well, the television commentators gush. When he struggles -- like he did missing the cut last week at Quail Hollow -- they dig. Woods says he understands that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but he made it clear at his press conference Tuesday that he doesn't have to agree.

Q. ...there's a lot of people that scrutinize your psyche, as well, for example, Nick Faldo was on that conference call that was referred to earlier today, and he's said it on the air a few times recently, that it feels like you've lost your self belief. I was wondering, do you have to fight that? And kind of where is your confidence when things go sideways like it's gone the last couple tournaments and you're trying to fight the swing issues?

TIGER WOODS: I always find it interesting since they're not in my head. They must have some kind of superpower I don't know about.

Q. Just as a follow up on that

TIGER WOODS: About the superpowers? (Laughter.)

Tiger's not taking suggestions from Golf Channel commentator and frequent Tiger critic Brandel Chamblee either.

Q. Today on a conference call, Brandel Chamblee suggested that you should go back to Butch; that that would be the way to best get to where you want to be. Do you take offense at a suggestion like that, or do you simply chalk it up to media analysts just searching for a theory as to why you're not at the form that you want to be?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I can understand that everyone has an opinion, and he's entitled to his. But he's no longer playing anymore, so, so be it.

Rickie-Rory = Larry-Magic? 

At his Players press conference on Tuesday, Fowler talked about his budding rivalry with Rory McIlroy -- which has more history than you think. And yes, someone brought up Larry and Magic. 

Q. One thing going back to '07 Walker Cup and kind of the first time you met Rory and sort of what your impressions or takeaway was from the first time you guys met or played against each other. Secondly, how closely have you kind of followed his career, whether it's week to week or since then and that sort of thing?

RICKIE FOWLER: '07, the first time I met him, I hadn't really heard a whole lot about him prior to that. I knew he was one of the top players, and once I got over there, I knew he was kind of their stud on the team. Their team as well as ours was fairly loaded. I didn't play any individual matches against him, I played alternate shot against him; Billy Horschel and I versus him and Johnny Caldwell, which we came out on top, which was nice. We had some good times there. Unfortunately he had to take off right after. I wasn't able to kind of stay for the celebration the last night. A few of the guys took off for Q‑school right from there; so fairly brief. But caught back up I think at the U.S. Open and kind of continued from there. I've definitely watched him, stayed up with his career, and in a way, seeing other young guys like him play well motivates me to play well just because‑‑ same thing, like through college, same against some good players on the team, in a way you don't want to be outdone. So it kind of motivates you to push yourself and do better. I feel like if some of the guys like Rory and the guys like Keegan, a lot of us keep playing well; I feel like it'll just push all of us to be the best that we can be.

Q. Do you guys feel like when each other are playing, you sort of check results, when you're off maybe and Rory is playing or vice versa, keep up that way? Go back to basketball that way, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were notorious for that.

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I keep up. I wouldn't say I'm looking every week just to see exactly where certain guys are at. You know, like on the PGA TOUR App, there's definitely guys I have as favorites and buddies and guys I like to follow and just check up with. And obviously guys that win or some of my buddies that play well, I'll send them a text or give them a call and say, hey, good playing. Rory is a guy that I like to follow, and obviously I like watching him play. Like I said earlier, I respect his game, and he's where he's at for a reason. He's one of the best players, and he's been playing‑‑ one of the best between him and Luke as of late. He's fun to watch, and I definitely respect the way he plays, and I look forward to playing against him for a long time.

Mickelson to host military charity event at TPC Sawgrass

Gary Smits of the Florida Times-Union reports that Phil Mickelson will host a pro-am at TPC Sawgrass to benefit military charities Nov. 30-Dec. 1.

Mickelson and his wife Amy, plus Jim and Cathy Justice, owners of the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, are presenting the Military Appreciation Gala and Pro-Am Charity Golf Tournament, with Mickelson and 11 other members of the World Golf Hall of Fame scheduled to participate. The tournament will be 36 holes, one round each on the Players Stadium Course and Dye’s Valley.

Mickelson has lined up Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Hale Irwin, Nancy Lopez, Sandy Lyle, Vijay Singh and Curtis Strange from the Hall of Fame, along with other professionals such as past Players Championship winners David Duval, Fred Funk and Mark McCumber; and major champions Mark Calcavecchia, Larry Mize, Andy North, Mark O’Meara, Fuzzy Zoeller and Corey Pavin.

Tweet of the Day

September 12, 2011

Tweets of the Week: Rory's love notes, paragliding clubmakers and Bubba's toothbrush

Posted at 5:12 PM by David Dusek

Faldo's Airport Adventures
So is Nick Faldo (@TheSirNickFaldo) telling his followers that he knows a lot about traveling or a lot about women?


An experienced Elk
If his golf skills ever abandon him, Steve Elkington (@elkpga) has some experience that could help him in the future.


Mushy McIlroy
Rory McIlroy (@McIlroyRory) has been spending lots of time with his new girlfriend, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki (@CaroWozniacki), but while he was busy competing on the European Tour last weekend she was in New York City trying to win the U.S. Open. After she lost to Serena Williams on Sunday night, McIlroy tweeted a message of support to Wozniacki ...

... of course, Lee Westwood (@WestwoodLee) wasn't going to let that pass un-noticed.

Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel) may not be dating the top-ranked female tennis player like McIlroy, but it sounds like he still enjoys the game—and needs a little help with his backhand and anger management on the court!


Local Knowledge
This week's BMW Championship is being played at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, which could give Chicago resident Luke Donald (@LukeDonald) an advantage. But then again, after seeing this page from his yardage book... maybe it doesn't.

Maximizing Carry Distance
Nike Golf's testing center is in Ft. Worth, Texas, and judging by the video below, Tom Stites, the company's club designer, didn't feel like driving all the way to DFW Airport to catch his next flight.


Bubba loves the Bieber?
The next time Bubba Watson (@bubbawatson) flashes his pearly-whites on TV, you'll know how his teeth got so clean.



February 28, 2011

Truth & Rumors: Will Elin appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Posted at 1:04 PM by Mike Walker

File this one under “Last Things in the World Tiger Woods Needs.” The entertainment TV show "Extra" is reporting that Woods’s ex-wife Elin Nordgren might appear on the next season of ABC’s "Dancing With the Stars", according to The Orlando Sentinel.

The next cast of “Dancing With the Stars” will be unveiled during Monday’s edition of “The Bachelor.” The closer we get to that day, the more speculation you’re going to hear about the cast.

“Extra” is speculating that Elin Nordegren, ex-wife of Tiger Woods, is in talks for the ABC dance contest. “Extra” showed footage of Nordegren pulling her own luggage through LAX.

Tim Tebow to play with Jack Nicklaus at Honda Classic Pro-Am

The field of the Honda Classic will have more star power than it’s had in years with three of the world’s top four players there, but the biggest names in Palm Beach Gardens this week won’t be playing the tournament Thursday. They’re playing the pro-am Wednesday.

According to Gary Smits of The Florida Times Union, Jack Nicklaus will play in the Honda pro-am with Denver Broncos quarterback and Florida state hero Tim Tebow.

Tebow is playing in the pro-am of the Honda Classic next week at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens and will be in heavy company. His pro-am partners will be 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus, entertainer Kenny G and Jason Taylor of the New York Jets. Earlier this winter, Tebow played rounds at Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill and Whisper Rock, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

“I do have a little bit more time on my hands,” Tebow said Tuesday. “I’m still working out and getting my body ready for my second NFL season, but I enjoy playing a fun round of golf every now and then with my friends and my brothers.”

Tebow should make sure to ask Nicklaus for a tip. It paid off for Drew Brees when he played here with Nicklaus last year, according to Brees’s interview with Golf Magazine.

He gave me a lot of tips as we were playing. It was a really windy day when we played so he gave me tips on hitting shots into the wind -- choke down on the club, take an extra club, make a more compact swing, keep the ball a little lower. I was pulling my head up while putting so he gave me a little trick to keep my head down while I'm putting. I'm been working on those things and they've really helped my game. It's pretty cool when Jack Nicklaus is giving you advice.

Hank Haney defends his work on Tiger’s swing

Tiger Woods’s former swing coach Hank Haney turned the tables on TV commentators when he rated them on Twitter this weekend: “Kostis gets it right, McCord gets it, Chamblee gets it too but PK is best because his analysis isn't based solely on how he sees the swing”

Then Haney added another tweet about the Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee, who has been a critic of Woods’s swing under Haney: “Brandel gets paid to tell it like he sees it and he does his homework, as time goes by he will appreciate what I did with Tiger more”

For his part, Chamblee agreed with Haney:

  IMG00248-20101105-1633_normal @HankDHaney As I said on the show, The state of the game, Tiger never lost "impact" under Hank and really nothing else matters in the swing.

IMG00248-20101105-1633_normal Totally agree that time will give great perspective to the accomplishments of Tiger under @HankDHaney. It was a helluva run.

Stray Shots: Things we saw while thinking that Martin Kaymer’s silk scarf looked a lot better on Lindsay Lohan....

Good grief, even John Daly live-tweeted the Oscars on Sunday night. Was I the only person watching the Knicks? 

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jonathan Storm plays Judge Smails to Donald Trump’s Al Czervik in his column about Trump’s purchase of Pine Hills Golf Club, or as Trump hilariously dubs it, “Pine Valley 2.”

EA Sports keeps milking its Tiger Woods '12 Masters video game release with live demos on March 8 before the game’s on-sale date of March 29. OK, we get it, it’s the first Masters video game. Just release the thing already. (Via USA Today)

Tweet of the Day:

Mike McGee (aka, Annika Sorenstam's husband).

018_bigger Just got our GolfWorld. Yani Tseng won 4 in a row to start the year and there is some cartoon on the cover. What more do women need to do?



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November 28, 2010

Submit your questions for Brandel Chamblee

Posted at 3:21 PM by

Chamblee_600x400After reading our extensive interview with Brandel Chamblee, we figured you might have a question of your own for the Golf Channel analyst. Many of you sent in questions, and Brandel answered a select few. Check out your questions and Brandel's answers here.

(Photo: Ben Van Hook)

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