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January 29, 2013

VIDEO: Watch Charles Barkley give Phoenix Open weather report

Posted at 2:27 PM by Mike Walker

Add meteorology to the long list of things Charles Barkley does better than play golf.

The NBA Hall of Famer, TNT broadcaster and passionate hacker interrupted the TV weather report on ABC15-TV Phoenix to find out what the forecast will be for this week's Waste Management Phoenix Open pro-am and tournament at TPC Scottsdale. Look out, Al Roker!


VIDEO: Talking Golf With Charles Barkley

GARY VAN SICKLE: Why Haney Couldn't Fix Barkley

JACK MCCALLUM: Charles Barkley: No. 1 Tortured Golf Soul

October 26, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Woods and Barkley haven't spoken since '09 accident

Posted at 10:26 AM by Mark Dee

Poor Chuck.

Charles Barkley says he just wants the best for Tiger Woods. His typical mode of expressing this to the press, though, tends to be a little blunt, occasionally misguided, and largely unsolicited.

According to an interview with ESPN Chicago, Barkley hasn't spoken to Tiger since the fire hydrant incident of 2009. And Barkley says he doesn't know why:

“You know what, I have no idea [why the relationship ended]. You know, I played all those scenarios. But I not gonna get mad, like I said. Everybody knows what happened. I still want him to do well; when he’s on the golf course I’m going to be watching. But he’s got to handle everything the way he wants to. I mean, I have no idea what happened. But I just wanna see him do well. But I don’t want these people taking shots at him.”

Even though the Barkley hasn't spoken to Tiger in years, he does seem to talk about Woods a lot. On Thursday, it was mostly to stand up for the his man in a fan's capacity. And, to urge Tiger to get down in the muck to defend his name:

Tiger had a great year, he won three tournaments, he’s No. 2 in the world. He’s had a great year but I don’t like when people just take shots at guys. I hate that. Tiger ain’t bothering anybody right now. And I just think, ‘Dude, quit taking the high road.’”

Hmm…"Quit taking the high road." Thanks, Charles. Rare advice from a rare man.

For the full transcript of Barkley's interview, follow the link to

October 23, 2012

Video: Watch Charles Barkley plays 'client golf' in TV commercial

Posted at 10:58 AM by Mark Dee

Charles Barkley may have finally found his on-course calling: "Client Golf," where "winning is losing, [and] losing is winning."

A new TV spot from CDW, an IT company that employs Sir Charles as its spokesman, shows you how it's done. You may not totally glean from it what CDW does, but one thing is clear. This is not an advertisement for Hank Haney:

June 05, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Springsteen drummer to caddie at Open

Posted at 12:21 PM by Mark Dee

Former Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band drummer Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez, who quit the band because he "didn't blindly follow Bruce," will be backing up a different boss next week in San Francisco, Ian O'Conner of reports. Lopez was on the bag yesterday for Mark McCormick, a 49-year-old New Jersey club pro, who posted a 36-hole score of 4 under par to pick up one of the four spots up for grabs in the U.S. Open field at the Olympic Club. Unfortunately for Lopez, that means a week off from his current lounge act, License to Chill.

"Vini's the real celebrity out here," McCormick said. Lopez said he would cancel his band appearances to travel to San Francisco with his man. The drummer they called Mad Dog has been a longtime caddie and caddie master in Jersey, and he wants a piece of the big time.

"When you're on stage at Giants Stadium with Bruce," Lopez said, "the lights are on us and it's total darkness in the crowd. You don't see the people, you hear them. At Olympic, you'll see everyone. The people are right there."

The caddie wants to see Tiger and Phil more than the drummer wants to see the Boss. "Bruce calls and says, 'Hey Vini, I haven't seen you in a while, so why don't you come down and hang out?'" Lopez said. "Bruce calls me when he needs me."

After looping for McCormick the last 22 years, looks like Lopez will at last stop hiding on golf's backstreets.

Sabbatini, Levin among notables who failed to qualify for U.S. Open

So you know Davis Love III and Casey Martin are headed back to Olympic for next week's U.S. Open. But it's the morning after, and it's time to count casualties from Sectional Qualifying, which wrapped up at nine courses yesterday. (The last two -- in Oregon and Tennessee -- are slated to finish up in the next couple days.)

At the top of the heap is Spencer Levin, who followed up a disappointing Sunday in Ohio with a disappointing Monday in Ohio. Both Levin, currently ranked 61st in the world, and Memorial runner-up Rory Sabbatini posted two-round scores of 5-over, five shots out of the playoff at even par.

Sabbatini and Levin weren't the only notables on the wrong side of the cut line in a stacked Columbus qualifier. Big names who won't be at Olympic include Camillo Villegas, who delivered the dreaded, always mysterious NC ("no card"), Ricky Barnes, who withdrew after carding a first round at 1-over, Ohio-native Ben Curtis, who finished two shots off the qualifying score, and Ryan Moore, who finished three strokes out.

To see who else survived the scrum, head over to the USGA for results from every qualifier.  

Tahoe casino sets odds on celebrity golf event, makes Romo favorite

Coming to a bookie near you: Tony Romo (5/2) is the favorite to win the American Century Celebrity Golf Champion next month in Tahoe, according to The Sacramento Bee. For those who bet on stuff like that. Or those who care. Longer shots: Charles Barkley, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Haysbert are coming in early at 500-1. So you're saying there's a chance...

And finally...

"America's Finest News Source" (i.e., The Onion), is doing our job for us with this Tiger headline: "Tiger Woods Back Again After Being Back From Being Back. Or, you know, making fun of us. We earnest folks at stuggle with snark.

Tweet of the Day




May 14, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Tiger says Tour pros should be penalized for slow play

Posted at 11:25 AM by Mick Rouse

The issue of slow play has become even more prominent following the Players Championship and the circus sideshow that was Kevin Na. Following his round on Sunday, Tiger Woods spoke out against the slow pace of play bogging down PGA Tour events, reports Ryan Ballengee.

Asked Sunday to assess the pace of play on the PGA Tour compared to four years ago, Woods simply said, "Worse."

"Last week, we were playing 4:40 (on Thursday and Friday at Quail Hollow) and there's no wind. That's hard to believe."

It was worse than Woods thought. He took 4 hours, 52 minutes to play on Friday before missing the cut at the Wells Fargo Championship.

According to Tiger, many of the young players on Tour are picking up bad habits while playing college golf that slow down the game which has led to slow play infiltrating the professional ranks more prominently than ever.

"College has gotten just incredibly slow," he said. "It's so bad that now they are giving the guys the ability to use lasers to try to speed up play. And they're still playing in 5:45, six hours plus."

While the PGA Tour threatens players with penalty strokes for falling out of position relative to the field and continuing to play slowly, a player must falter twice while on the clock before they are penalized. For Woods, eliminating that initial warning is a sure-fire way to speed things up out there.

"I think it's very simple," he said. "If you get a warning, you get a penalty. I think that would speed it up."

With the difference between first and second place this week costing $684,000, Woods rejects the Tour's existing system of fining players between $5,000 and $20,000 for consistent pace of play violations.

"Strokes is money," he said. "I would take the five grand (fine) over the 800K. That's one shot. That's the difference. That's what people don't realize – that one shot is so valuable out here."

Charles Barkley sympathetic to Na

While Tiger Woods may not be overly sympathetic to Kevin Na's "demons," Charles Barkley is, according to Mike McAllister.

Charles Barkley, possessor of arguably the most agonizing-looking swing by any golf-playing athlete, sent a text to Roger Maltbie late Saturday night: "Kevin Na is my hero. Welcome to my world."

Johnny Miller was also sympathetic, stating, "I feel bad for him. I mean really, it is embarrassing to him."

Brandel Chamblee, on the other hand, was a little less PC:

"We hear guys talking about needing swing coaches, sports psychologists, fitness instructors or changing managers. He needs an exorcist. I half expect winged bulls to fly out of his head when he is standing over a shot. I'm not sure if Sigmund Freud were alive he could figure this one out."

What's your take on Kevin Na and the state of his mental game? Should he be pitied or punished? Leave your comments below.

Harris English's errant tee drive

By now you've probably seen the video of a man getting nailed on the head by Harris English's drive at the Players Championship. That man was Denny Meredith, a volunteer at the Players for the past 11 years. And though he is ok now, it was a scary scene on No. 1 following the incident, reports Jessica Clarke and Erich Spivey of First Coast News.

According to Meredith, he watched the tee shot through his binoculars head left towards the crowd, but must have become distracted as the ball came closer. As the ball ricocheted off his head, Meredith recalled hearing a "loud thump." What followed was a lot of blood as nurses in the crowd rushed to his aid.

"This is as serious as I've seen," said longtime golf writer Garry Smits of the Florida Times-Union, a newsgathering partner of First Coast News. "You just don't see that amount of blood for a golf ball hit and this case, it was pretty bad."

Smits snapped this photo moments after the accident:

Injured man

Meredith was taken to the hospital and received six stitches, but was allowed to return home that night and is now doing okay.

"Well, after getting hit I feel fine and I think it was more of a glancing blow and not quite a direct hit," Meredith said. "So, a lot of blood but not a lot of pain."

Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 9.25.13 AM

Both English and playing partner (and eventual champion) Matt Kuchar left Meredith with signed golf gloves following the incident which may not eliminate the pain, but should certainly sweeten it.


Tweets of the Day

Oh, Bubba, how we've missed you. Have you missed us?

December 26, 2011

Top 10 Viral Golf Videos of 2011

Posted at 12:01 PM by Mike Walker

1. David Feherty learns the true meaning of a “stinger”


2. Wildlife at the Players Championship doesn’t mean a night out in Jax Beach with Anthony Kim


3. Charles Barkley fixes his swing

In that second clip, Barkley apparently out-drove Michael Jordan. (According to Hank Haney's wife, Suzanne.)

4. Miguel Angel Jimenez has the most interesting stretching routine in the world



5. Shakira golfs? Shakira golfs!



6. 8-year-old Rory McIlroy chips into washing machine on TV


7. Tiger’s biggest fan cheers recovery shot at PGA Championship


8. Sharks at Australia golf course are the ultimate water hazard


9. Sergio throws a 5-iron farther than you can hit it


10. ‘Mama, take this mic from me.’ John Daly performs Dylan song in Thailand



August 05, 2011

Truth & Rumors: Charles Barkley says Tiger never calls anymore

Posted at 5:03 PM by Mike Walker

Count Charles Barkley as another former friend with whom Tiger Woods has cut ties. Barkley told ESPN Radio host Mike Lupica that he hasn’t talked to his one-time pal Tiger in more than two years.

"You think you're friends with a guy. You talk to him once a week for 15 years. You're like, this dude is my friend, we do things, we have fun together," Barkley said. "I haven't talked to him in two years and I'm wondering what the hell is going on."

Barkley also defended caddie Steve Williams, who was let go by Woods last month.

"It's been very frustrating to watch everything that has transpired, and getting rid of Steve Williams was probably the last straw for me."

However, spending less time with Woods appears to have improved his golf game, according to these videos Hank Haney (another former Friend of Tiger) posted on Twitter.

Naked woman spices up putting contest at charity event
This is not your grandfather’s Elks Lodge golf outing.

During a charity event at an Oklahoma golf course, a woman stripped naked during a putting contest, according to The Oklahoman newspaper.

Elks Lodge No. 1355 hosted the golf tournament in July at the Boiling Springs Golf Course. The event is a fundraiser for the lodge's annual rodeo, Elks Rodeo Chairman Neal Day said.

One of the volunteers stripped naked as part of a putting green challenge, though she was not asked to do so, Day said. He said the woman was recruited to help at the last minute after a longtime volunteer couldn't attend.

“Obviously, we didn't know what was going to happen,” said Day, who was not at the tournament.

If you missed the tournament, there’s apparently, um, footage of the event available.

Day said Elks members are trying to dispel rumors spreading throughout the community that the lodge paid the woman to get naked or that she had sex with tournament players. Cellphone photos of the event have been forwarded throughout town.

Caroline Wozniacki sort of, kind of, not really denies relationship with Rory McIlroy
Have we deemed Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki the decade's next great athlete couple too soon? Maybe, according to ESPN.

Wozniacki, 21, and McIlroy, 22, were spotted eating together at All Bar One in July 17 in London and the rumors took off.

"I'm sort of used to the paparazzi, but not from someone sitting in the restaurant!" Wozniacki said Friday while visiting ESPN's offices. "This tennis blogger was sitting a few tables away from us and snapped a photo to post on Twitter. And that's how all this started."

The dinner came just a few days after Northern Ireland's McIlroy had broken up once again with Holly Sweeney, who he had dated off and on for four years. That further fueled speculation.

"I know this is all part of the game I'm in," said Wozniacki, whose whole family are athletes in Denmark, "but there has to be more important things in the world to talk about!"

Tweet of the Day
From ace Euro tour reporter and Golf Magazine contributing writer Paul Mahoney:


July 18, 2011

Barkley swings without a hitch in Lake Tahoe

Posted at 10:46 AM by

Could all those lessons Charles Barkley took with Hank Haney finally be paying off?

Fans of the NBA Hall of Famer and notorious hacker are no doubt familiar with his hitchy, twitchy golf swing. In 2009 Barkley became Haney's pupil for the instructor's Golf Channel TV show, The Haney Project, and at season's end, it didn't appear Barkley had conquered his demons. But check out two of Barkley's swings from last weekend at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe, as tweeted by Haney:

In that second clip, Barkley apparently out-drove Michael Jordan. (According to Haney's wife, Suzanne.)

Just for a point of reference -- and because we never get tired of watching it -- here's a fantastic montage of Barkley's "old" swing.

May 06, 2011

Charles Barkley breaks driver with tee shot at Shoal Creek

Posted at 10:43 AM by Mike Walker

Warning: Don’t watch this if you need to swing a golf club this weekend.

So much to enjoy here from the Champions Tour Regions Tradition pro-am on Wednesday. Fuzzy Zoeller looking at the driver head and asking Barkley, "Charles, you playing a black Nike?" Barkley claiming that his driver was "frozen" from his flight because he didn't use a travel bag. But have some sympathy for the big guy. As Jack McCallum wrote in Golf Magazine last year, it's not at all fun for Barkley:

Here’s the truth: He’s not faking. He’s that bad. And he does not enjoy playing poorly. It tears him up inside, and the man has strong insides. He is the uber-model for all who have Lost It. He is the ultimate Golf Victim.

May 24, 2010

Truth & Rumors: Woods not guaranteed spot on Ryder Cup team

Posted at 1:40 PM by Mike Walker

U.S. Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin told Reuters that Tiger Woods is not an "automatic pick" for the 2010 U.S. team.

"I'm not going to treat Tiger any different than any other player," Pavin told Reuters after the final round of the Byron Nelson Championship. "He's certainly not going to be an automatic pick.

"He's just going to be treated like everyone else. I'd love to have him on the team but I want him to be playing well," added Pavin, who said he had not spoken to Woods this year.

Woods faced questions about whether he'd like to play in the Ryder Cup at the Masters. His response: "Would I like to play in it? If I qualify."

Only eight players will automatically qualify for the 2010 U.S. Ryder Cup team, which will face off against the Europeans at Celtic Manor in Wales in October, and Woods is 11th in Ryder Cup points after missing five months of golf after ... well, you know. Pavin has four captain's picks for the team.

Woods is out with a neck injury, but he's not expected to miss any big tournaments and presumably he'll be healthy for the Ryder Cup. If you believe a healthy Woods is going to be left off the Ryder Cup team, I've got a dinged-up Cadillac Escalade to sell you, drives like new.

Jack Wagner beats Tony Romo at Drew Brees' celebrity golf tournament
Before Tony Romo tries to challenge the best players in the world at the 2010 U.S. Open, he might want to beat the dude from General Hospital first. Romo, who advanced through local qualifying for the U.S. Open last week, finished in 10th place at the Cox Celebrity Classic Hosted by Drew Brees at Morgan Run Resort Club in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., eight strokes behind winner, soap opera star Jack Wagner, who finished 2-under.

I was at the course on Saturday, and soap opera actor Wagner can play. On the range, he was hitting beautiful, Tour-quality high fades. He also kind of looked like a vampire. The most Hollywood-friendly PGA Tour pro, Tommy Armour III, calls Wagner his favorite celeb to play with because their matches are competitive. The San Diego Times Union's Tod Leonard has a good recap of the event here.

Brees finished T25 at his event, but the Super Bowl champ said he wants to win it someday. He told Southland Golf magazine: "I'm going to win this thing. I'm not making any guarantees for this year, but at some point, I will win." Brees also told the mag that his ultimate foursome would just be a threesome of him, Ted Williams and John Wayne.

The celebrity tournament benefits the Brees Dream Foundation, which was founded in 2003 with a mission to advance research in the fight against cancer and provide care, education and opportunities for children in need.

Jose Lima brightened golf courses as well as ballparks
Baseball is mourning the passing of one of its great characters, pitcher Jose Lima, who died Sunday of a heart attack at age 37. Everyone in baseball has a great Lima story, but here's one about Lima on the golf course. John Lowe of The Detroit Free-Press talked with Tigers' pitcher Brandon Inge about a classic golf bet Lima made with Inge.

"We were playing golf one day in Atlanta. He had just come from a casino where he'd been all night. He was a clean guy. He wasn't doing any drugs. He was just having a good time.

"He went straight from the casino right into the cab to the golf course. It's the ninth hole, and I've got a 5- to 7-foot putt with a pretty good bend to it.

"He's whipping me, and he knows I'm not the best putter in a world when I have 5- to 7-foot putts.

"He takes a wad of cash out of his pocket. It had to be close to $10,000. There were hundreds everywhere. He throws it down on the ground. The wind is blowing a little bit, and cash is blowing all over the green. He says, 'If you make this putt, you can have all that money right there. If you miss it, you've got to give me $100.' "I was a young player, and $100 was a lot of money to me.

"I missed the stinking putt by 20 feet. It wasn't even close. I was shaking so much. I'd never seen that much cash.

"I remember his cackling laugh for probably two holes. He laughed for about two holes about that. That's how he made a very bland 5-foot putt into something I'll never forget."

Also, make sure to read Joe Posnanski's appreciation of Lima. Posnanski captures Lima's magic on and off the field.

Stray observations
Just a few items we noticed while wondering if the PGA Tour's 2010 season will conclude with a close-up of Tiger Woods' eye closing.

Stung by criticism of his changes to Wentworth's West course for the Euro Tour's BMW Championship, Ernie Els realizes his fellow players are back-stabbing cry babies. Welcome to the working world, Ernie. (Via The Guardian UK)

Charles Barkley says golf is good for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. "The level of concentration, the stuff he has to go through on a golf course and attention to detail, I think it really does help in football," Barkley says. (Via The Dallas Morning News)

Great golf style advice from Donald Trump. Save the shorts for the beach. "I have never been a believer in shorts on a golf course," Trump says. "It’s not elegant. I wear slacks and a sports shirt." (Via The New York Times)

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