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February 10, 2013

They Said It! Left and Right spar over Phil's taxes in Top Quotes of Week

Posted at 10:42 AM by Mike Walker

Keithellison_quote1. “I think it’s fair to ask Phil Mickelson to put in a little bit more money to make sure that we can continue to invest in infrastructure in this country.”

--Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) on tax hikes on the wealthy



Rush_quote2. “He's almost stuck in California, 'cause now if he does move, they're gonna tar and feather him as an ingrate who's somebody shirking their responsibilities, somebody who's failing to meet their patriotic duty.”

--Rush Limbaugh on why Phil Mickelson retreated from his criticism of tax hikes on the wealthy



3. “If you start popping shots for guys, they are going to start moving.”

--Hunter Mahan on why the PGA Tour should give stroke penalties to slow players instead of fines



Westwood_quote4. “We both started playing together. I turned pro at 19 and came on tour and he was still at 12 handicap, so I can't understand the reasons for that.”

--Lee Westwood on playing with his father John in the Pebble pro-am


Goosen_quote5. “The long putter does make it easier on the shorter putts to keep the putter better in line a bit easier.”

--Former anchored putter Retief Goosen on why anchoring is an advantage




6. "It might just be that he goes through a bit of a hiccup for a few months before he gets back into full flow but the Duval story is not something you should just wipe away and not pay attention to."

--Sandy Lyle on Rory McIlory’s adjustment to new clubs



Condi_quote7. “I know how to do diplomacy, I'm not so sure about the golf course."'

--Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on playing with pro-am partner Jason Bohn



Hahn_quote8. “You look over to the right, see the ocean and you think about how cool it would be to be a surfer. And I think the waves are perfect for surfing, and I just want to jump in there...once you just start thinking about that, everything is bound to fall in.”

--James Hahn on keeping his cool atop the leaderboard at Pebble Beach




9. “Most of these guys kicked my butt on the regular tour, and I'm ready to change that.”

--Rocco Mediate on playing in his first Champions Tour event at the Allianz Championship




10. He’s got a real bright future. It’s a marathon not a sprint, and he’s going to be one of the good ones.”

--Tony Romo on Pebble Beach pro-am partner Jordan Spieth


[Photos: Getty Images]

August 21, 2012

Top pros react to news from Augusta National

Posted at 12:37 PM by Mark Dee

Reaction from some of golf's biggest names to the news that Augusta National will admit its first female members.

Tiger Woods: "I think the decision by the Augusta National membership is important to golf...The Club continues to demonstrate its commitment to impacting the game in positive ways. I would like to congratulate both new members, especially my friend Condi Rice." (Via AP)

Annika Sorenstam: "I was delighted to hear the news this morning that Augusta National has allowed two female members into their club. The women invited, Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore are highly respected women and business leaders. They will be great representatives for women in the game. I always felt that Augusta would eventually allow select female members. They are obviously a private club and I figured they would do it when they felt the timing was right and I am glad that day is here. Amazing things on the horizon for the game I love so much...Today is a historic day." (Via

Tim Finchem, commissioner of the PGA Tour: "At a time when women represent one of the fastest growing segments in both playing and following the game of golf, this sends a positive and inclusive message for our sport." (Via AP)

Jack Nicklaus: "Everyone at Augusta National shares a similar passion for the game of golf, and I know they will be great additions to the club." (Via AP)

Bubba Watson: "You know, it was funny, I got a text from my manager, Jens Beck, right before I got on the plane to fly up here, so I told my wife, and so we were flying up here, and my wife said, "Do you think it'll be me? Do you think they'll announce me as a member?" So it was funny. We landed, she actually said, I'm not sure I'll say her name correctly, Condoleezza Rice, she said she thought she might be-- we knew there was going to be two. We got the text or the call from my manager that there was going to be two ladies, and so yeah, my wife joked she wanted to be one of those ladies, but obviously she didn't make the cut. Maybe she's the third lady."

"But no, it was good to see. It's always in their time. They want to do it the right way, they want to get the right membership in there what they're looking for, and obviously it's great. It's great for golf, it's great for the game." (Via ASAP Sports)

Zach Johnson:"They've got their decision, their decision making and what they want, and they'll do it when the timing is right. In my opinion, or based on what I've read and what I've seen, the timing is right to have a couple women members so far and hats off to them. If that's their prerogative and that's the direction they want to go, that's fantastic. I don't know the specifics. I know this time of year is when they start inviting new members, so I know there's a longer list than just two women...Knowing some of the members there, they're always very gracious to have new members come in, and I don't foresee that being any different. It seems like Chairman Payne is a guy -- well, I think he's great. I think he certainly has always had a pretty open mind about things, and that's why you've seen some tweaks and changes at Augusta and the Masters. Yeah, I think it's fantastic."(Via ASAP Sports)

Sergio Garcia: "It's great. I mean I'm not a member so I don't have any say on that. That's great. I hope they enjoy it and plays as many times as they can and enjoy the course." (Via ASAP Sports)

Tim Clark: "I think it's great. It's a sign of the times and Augusta is a top notch club. Obviously about time and it's a place I love and love going to. It's nice to see them make that move." (Via ASAP Sports)

Carl Pettersson: "It's probably good but, you know, it's a private club. They could do whatever they want. But it's probably about time, yeah. Probably good." (Via ASAP Sports)

Gary Player: "Great news. Augusta National admits its first female members in 80 years: Condoleezza Rice & Darla Moore." (Via Twitter @garyplayer)

July 24, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Els planning to play Canadian Open this week

Posted at 12:07 PM by Michael Rosengart

To most of us, Ernie Els’ Open Championship acceptance speech seemed innocent enough. But, as the Toronto Sun’s Ken Fidlin reports, a little joke set off a minor panic for some up in Canada:

"I'm going to try and come and see you this evening," [Els] said. "I'm supposed to go to Canada but I think I'm going to blow that thing off."

Turns out "that thing" was not the Canadian Open, per se, just the Pro-Am tournament he was supposed to play in Monday morning at HGCC. Els was to have been on the Canadian Open charter aircraft along with some 40-50 other players and their families Sunday evening. Els' obligations as the British Open champion would have delayed the charter for hours, so he sent them on their way and will make his way to Ancaster Tuesday.

. . .

When Els made his offhand comment about "blowing that thing off" [RBC Canadian Open tournament director Bill] Paul quickly got on the phone and soon realized that he was, in truth, going to blow off a little steam and celebrate with family and friends Sunday night but would honour his tournament commitment in Canada.

Fidlin also reports that U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson will take the week off as his wife is still expecting their second child.

Another agenda item for R&A

Yesterday we learned that Andres Romero had Manchester City soccer star Carlos Tevez on the bag for his final round. While plenty of Mancunians in attendance were thrilled to see their prized forward up close, don’t count R&A championship committee chairman Jim McArthur as one of them says Reuters’ Tony Jimenez:

 "I think we may need to look at this particular case," R&A championship committee chairman Jim McArthur told reporters on Monday.

"The strange thing for me was he never put the bag down so when he was standing on the green he was carrying the bag all over the place. It's just absolute madness.”

We don’t even want to imagine what he might have said had Tevez, apparently a golfing novice, actually laid the bag down on the green.

Condi hits the links

While Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is sweating over who to tap as his running mate, one of the presumed short-listers Condoleezza Rice was taking it easy with some friends at the Whistler Golf Club. According to the Vancouver Sun, the former U.S. Secretary of State dropped in without as much pomp as the course’s Director of Golf Alan Kristmanson would have anticipated:

I expected the snipers in the trees, close the course, the whole thing," Kristmanson joked. "But she rolled in with some friends, said they were having a girls' golf week and she was great. They went out and played a few holes, it started pouring rain and she said, 'you know what, I'm just going to shop' and they are coming back tomorrow. She was awesome."

Just don’t ask about her meetings with Gadhafi!

Sergio, D.J. hit balls into Thames:

Because the only thing missing form the Olympics is sponsorship overload:


Tweet of the Day:





May 06, 2011

Truth & Rumors: Bubba says Tiger 'going the wrong way'

Posted at 9:59 AM by Alan Bastable

Bubba Watson rarely holds back. He rips driver off the deck, posts goofy home videos on the Web, and regularly speaks in the third person. So it’s not surprising that he gave it to us straight when discussing Tiger Woods’s woes this week. Bob Harig of ESPN has the details:

"I'll just go ahead and say it. I think Tiger is going the wrong way,'' said Watson, who won the Zurich Classic of New Orleans on Sunday, his third PGA Tour title in 10 months. "I just think he's so mental right now with his swing.

"Just go out there and play golf. He used to hit shots, he used to bomb it, used to do all that stuff. In 2000 and '97, I think he did pretty good. He won the Masters by 48 shots or whatever he won it by. I think sometimes he gets carried away on that. And a lot of guys do.''

Bubba, being Bubba, went on to explain the importance of Bubba being his own man:

"I want to be the boss,'' Watson said. "My dad taught me to be a leader or a follower, and he said follower ain't fun. So I want to be the leader of Bubba Watson. What I say goes ... I'm hitting shots I want to hit. I'm doing the things that I want to do. I play it my way.''

Fo' sho'.

Condi Rice looks rattled in pro-am

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has sat through tense Cabinet meetings and high-stakes negotiating sessions with world leaders. But even those experiences, it seems, didn’t prepare her for the pressures of playing in a pro-am. Rice, a 21 handicap, teed it up with Tom Watson in the Regions Tradition NCR Pro-Am at Shoal Creek in Birmingham, Ala., this week, and her nerves got to her, according to The Birmingham News.

Rice clearly looked nervous early, not even bothering with a practice swing on her first tee shot at the Regions Tradition Pro-Am. The drive landed beyond the ropes.

On the next hole, Rice's playing partners encouraged her to tee off closer.

"It's just logic," Watson amicably told Rice.

Rice finally relented on the third hole, accepting Watson's suggestion to drive from the closer tees. The shot went down the middle.

"It's about time," Watson joked.

"Thanks, Tom," Rice responded.

Rice told me last year that she’s had “the experience so many times of playing a great hole on which I look like Lorena Ochoa hitting every shot and then I get to the next hole and suddenly Bozo the Clown shows up.”

Alas, Bozo got the best of her this week.

Augusta to offer golf cart tours to public!

Sorry, the city, not the club. A law signed by the governor this week will allow golf carts on the city's streets, which could mean a new way for tourists to see the sights, if not the sight. 

"We have been trying to figure out how to really give a visitor a golf car experience for some time now," said Jennifer Bowen with the Augusta Visitors Bureau.

Bowen is pushing for golf cart tours.

"People have a certain expectation about what are they going to do in Augusta," said Bowen. "We're looking for ways to be able to provide that to them. Down the road we'll be able to do something with golf cars on our downtown streets."

The Tour back in Detroit? We'll know soon

The PGA Tour and Cadillac should announce by month's end whether the tour will return to the Motor City next year, or in 2013, an anonymous source dished to The Detroit Free Press.

If such a tournament comes together -- or if Detroit lands one in 2013 -- Detroit Golf Club probably would be the destination, although the club has not received any official commitment, the person said, declining to be identified while negotiations are ongoing.

Last month, DGC president Peter Walocko reportedly sent a letter to members stating that a viable date was the most important issue that needed to be resolved for the club to host a tournament in 2012.

That date likely would hinge on the fate of the Heritage. The longtime tour stop in Hilton Head, S.C., has been seeking a sponsor since September 2009, when Verizon announced plans to pull out after the 2010 tournament. The Heritage was held April 21-24 this year with reserve funds. The PGA Tour has not announced a deadline for the Heritage to find a sponsor. The demise of the Heritage would clear space for a tournament in Detroit, although it likely would be held in the summer and would require the tour to move another tournament date.

Let’s hope so. A Tour event in Detroit in April? That’d be like having a Ryder Cup in Wales in October.

April 14, 2009

Condoleezza Rice shares thoughts on her Masters experience

Posted at 1:27 PM by Anne Szeker

Rice-finchem_300 How close are Condoleezza Rice and Tiger Woods? Well, she knows enough not to bother him on the practice green before his round at the Masters. The former secretary of state writes, in a column for the Daily Beast, that she also spent some quality time with the world's No. 1 golfer at a Stanford basketball game.

Stanford won on a buzzer-beater, and we stormed the court together. With that kind of bonding, whom else would I pull for?

While at Augusta last week, Rice made an attempt to follow Woods during his first round, only to learn that those who follow Woods show up much, much earlier in the morning.

Her thoughts on other golfers contending:

I would champion the cause of Phil Mickelson (met him at the White House and he’s a really nice guy); Stewart Cink (met him in Atlanta and he’s a really nice guy); or Anthony Kim (haven’t met him but I like his swagger).

His swagger? Can't argue with that. And what did she think of the finish?

After my favorite golfers were out of it, my heart turned to him [Kenny Perry]. When he made that great shot on 16, you could see the wonder in his eyes. You felt it was the moment of his career. He could not finish: But what a gentleman and what a thrill. In the end, it was Angel Cabrera and justice for Robert De Vicenzo. It was also a great moment for Argentina—a country with terrible politics and wonderful people.

What if she played Augusta? How would she approach No. 16?

A 5 wood—too much, might go in the bunker. A 7 wood—not enough, will go in the water. That means I don’t have a club that will work. 

(Shameless plug: Perhaps she should consult our 2009 Buyer's Guide to find one that will fill the gap.)

(Photo: David Cannon/Getty Images)

April 10, 2009

Secretary Rice ... or PGA Tour Commissioner Rice?

Posted at 12:17 PM by Alan Bastable

Tim-finchem-condoleezza-ric AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman reported yesterday that Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state, might be in line for a gig with the PGA Tour. What role Rice would fill is unknown, but as the Tour continues to globalize, there's no doubt it could put Rice's Rolodex to good use. (She's pictured here with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem.)

This is not the first time Rice has been approached for a job with a major sports organization. She has talked about her interest in being commissioner of the NFL, and earlier this year, according to the Seattle Times, Rice had discussions with the Pac-10 about becoming its commissioner.

"She was approached and she was flattered, but she declined this opportunity to pursue her teaching at Stanford and her pursuit of educational initiatives and the books that she has chosen to write,'' said Colby Cooper, a spokesman for Rice.

Rice has been playing golf for nearly four years and takes lessons at Andrews Air Force Base, according to the Washington Post. In 2007, she attended the AT&T National, where she had lunch with Tiger Woods and took in some of the action on the course.

She followed Phil Mickelson's group for a couple of holes, then caught up with him again on the 18th green. She applauded enthusiastically when Brad Faxon's long putt nearly went in, then cringed when Adam Scott sent his chip over the green and into the water.

Faxon and Mickelson were at the White House on Wednesday with Rice to watch the fireworks. At the scoring tent, Faxon gave Rice a hug.

"Secretary Rice, it's nice to see you again," said Mickelson, who also hugged the secretary of state. "Enjoyed you coming out today."

If the rumors are true, Phil should expect to see a lot more of her.

Photo:  David Cannon/Getty Images

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