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December 02, 2013

Nicklaus says he'd cheer for FSU over Ohio State in BCS

Posted at 1:33 PM by Mike Walker

Newjack_300For Jack Nicklaus, family has always come before golf. But what about college football?

According to the Palm Beach Post, Nicklaus said he would cheer for Florida State -- the team of his grandson Nick O'Leary -- over Ohio State -- his alma mater -- in the event those two teams play in the BCS Championship game.

“I’m an Ohio State guy, but blood is thicker than anything else,” said Nicklaus, who along with wife Barbara attended a kickoff cocktail party Sunday night at The Bear’s Club for the two-day Celebrities Fore Kids Golf Classic.

Nicklaus has deep ties with Ohio State. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio, he played Big 10 golf for Ohio State in college, he's had the honor of dotting the "i" during the Ohio State band's halftime performance, and the Jack Nicklaus Museum is on the Ohio State campus. However, Nicklaus' grandson is a star tight end on Florida State, and that's enough to tilt the scales toward Florida State. Nicklaus left this year's Presidents Cup at his Muirfield Village course (near Ohio State of course) to watch O'Leary play.

In a recent appearance at the Atlanta Athletic Club, Nicklaus said, “Golf has always been a game to me. Not my life. My life is my family. Golf is a game.”

He means it.

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Photo: Jack Nicklaus and Nick O'Leary at the Masters Par-3 Contest in 2011 (Getty Images).

October 09, 2013

Nicklaus, RGIII are soon-to-be neighbors in Virginia

Posted at 10:46 AM by Pete Madden

Jack Nicklaus, Robert Griffin III

It's a beautiful day in at least one Virginia neighborhood.

CBS DC reported that golf legend Jack Nicklaus is contstructing a house in Creighton Farms, the same Aldie, Va., community where Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III purchased a $2.5 million home in May.

Construction has begun on a 5,500-square-foot home that’s been specially designed by the 73-year-old golfer and his wife, Barbara ... which will allow them to keep a watchful eye on Nicklaus’ signature golf course, also located in the community ... [His home] will be positioned just off the ninth hole.

When's the block party?

(Photo: Getty Images)

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October 04, 2013

Nicklaus: 'Washington has its own mess right now'

Posted at 11:47 AM by Kevin Cunningham

(Jack Nicklaus (right) speaks with former president George W. Bush Thursday at the Presidents Cup.)

With the government shutdown entering its fourth day, the ripples originating from Washington D.C. have traveled all the way to Dublin, Ohio, where discontent over the endless obstruction on Capitol Hill has piqued the interest of arguably the greatest player in golf history.

While hosting this year's Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village, 18-time major winner Jack Nicklaus found time to speak with CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," and the federal shutdown was on his mind.

"Washington has its own mess right now," said Nicklaus. "I don't think we're any better than we were [during the presidential election]. As a matter of fact, I think we're probably worse. I don't see a rosy picture from my standpoint. I think we can do a lot better in Washington."

This is not the only way that the game of golf has been affected by the recent intransigence in D.C. (many courses operated by the National Park Service have been shuttered and employees furloughed), but it's quite telling when a golf legend of Nicklaus' stature can be distracted, if only momentarily, while hosting such an important international event at his own course.

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(Photo: Stan Badz / Getty Images)

September 03, 2013

Nicklaus builds golf course for wounded veterans

Posted at 11:36 AM by Scooby Axson

When disabled military veterans play at the American Lake Veterans Golf Course in Lakewood, Wash., they are just grateful to have a place to play since it is the only course around that caters to disabled vets.

The greens and bunkers at the course are accessible to the disabled and are also equipped with special carts making it possible for those who walk with difficulty or not at all to play.

But the course is only nine holes and was having issues meeting the high demand.

In comes the "Golden Bear" to the rescue.

Jack Nicklaus' company is designing a second nine holes for free, and the course had its groundbreaking ceremony last week after more than three years of fundraising.  So far, about $2.5 million has been raised and another $2.5 million will be needed for upgrades on the front nine and for equipment.

"I really didn’t know what I was getting into at the time, but when I came out here and met the people, I knew I made the right decision,” Nicklaus said Friday, via the Yakima Herald Republic. “I didn’t have the privilege to serve my country when I was younger, and to be a part of this is special.”

(Photo by Lui Kit Wong/The News Tribune, AP Photo)
August 28, 2013

Deer drama: Muirfield Village covers fence

Posted at 10:46 AM by Pete Madden

P1-JackFollowing reports that deer had impaled themselves on the fence surrounding the course, Muirfield Village Golf Club in Columbus, Ohio, is making changes.

"Nearby residents opposed the idea of a barrier and complained after one deer that apparently tried to jump the fence was impaled and another was found with broken legs and had to be put down," reported the Associated Press. "The club says it will add bars atop the fence to cover the pointy finials."

The Jack Nicklaus-designed course will host the Presidents Cup in October, and while the club insists the fence will be removed after the tournament, residents worry the structure could become permanent.

(Photo: Chris Condon / Getty Images)

August 16, 2013

Monty: Tiger won't break Jack's record

Posted at 10:55 AM by Scooby Axson


Although Colin Montgomerie has never won a major, that is not going to stop him from speaking about people who have. 

When the much-talked about topic of the chances of Tiger Woods breaking Jack Nicklaus' records of 18 major championships came up on the Golf Channel Sunday night, Monty did not hesistate to put his two cents in. 

Nicklaus said he still expects Woods to break his record. Monty just thinks he was being nice.

"Jack was being diplomatic," Monty said to the Golf Channel via The National, failing to suppress a smile. "Very diplomatic."

Woods struggles at the majors are well-chronicled, having failing to crack the winner's circle at a major since 2008. He finished tied for 40th at last week's PGA Championship and hasn't won the Masters in nine years.

When asked if Woods could get to the elusive 19 majors, Monty was less than optimistic. 

"Five more, with the standard right now, and the competition right now," he said. 


(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

August 10, 2013

The 5 best little-known moments in PGA Championship history

Posted at 1:09 PM by Joe Passov

Many special memories define each of the anniversary PGAs over the past 50 years. Some, however, are more obscure than others. Here’s what to take away from the 1963, 1973, 1983, 1993 and 2003 PGA Championships.

AP Photo

1963: Jack Nicklaus wins his first PGA at the steamy Dallas Athletic Club, and refuses to hoist the trophy. As Nicklaus recalled in 1969, “I don’t believe we had one afternoon where the temperature stayed below 110 degrees. Away from the course, I didn’t leave my hotel room except for meals.”

Needing only a bogey 5 to clinch the title at the 72nd hole, Nicklaus one-putted for par to win by two. He remembered, “The PGA trophy had been toasting in the sun in front of the clubhouse the whole day. It was so hot that if you touched it you would have blistered your fingers. I left it alone during the presentation ceremonies. The moment they were over, I made a beeline for the clubhouse with the security officer assigned to me. A couple of steps from the door, the poor fellow collapsed from heat exhaustion.”

1973: Jack Nicklaus breaks Bobby Jones’ record for most major victories -- or did he? The lasting image of this PGA at Canterbury was Jack’s favorite photo -- of 4-year-old son Gary leaping into his arms after he holed out on 18 after the second round. Few recall Nicklaus’s drama-free, four-shot win over Bruce Crampton. Instead, the event was embraced as the one where Jack achieved 14 majors -- one more than his idol, Bobby Jones.

A closer look at Nicklaus’ feat, however, muddies the picture. Jones’ record was compiled when the U.S. and British Amateurs were considered majors, alongside the U.S. and British Opens. Nicklaus’ 1973 total: four Masters, three U.S. Opens, two British Opens and three PGA Championships. Oops, that adds up to 12. However, Nicklaus captured two U.S. Amateurs, in 1959 and 1961, just about the time that their status as majors was fading -- but still in the gray zone. Sometime over the next few years, Jack’s U.S. Ams were dropped from his major total -- though Jack’s not so sure they should have been. Either way, most now agree that Tiger is chasing 18, not 20.

1983: Sure, this was Hal Sutton’s year. He won the Players Championship and looked to be a lock at Riviera, after taking a 5-shot lead over, yes, Jack Nicklaus, with six holes to play. Sutton proceeded to bogey 13, 14 and 15, while Nicklaus birdied 14 and 16 to pull within one. Sutton, however, steadied himself and Jack failed to birdie the par-5 17th, allowing Sutton to hang on by one after parring the rugged 18th.

What you didn’t know was that Nicklaus didn’t lose it on Sunday; rather he felt that a double-bogey at 18 on the first day, leading to a 73 cost him the event. What motivated Jack to get right back into the tournament, courtesy of a second-round 65? A famous sportswriter, Jim Murray, wrote an obituary of “Jack Nicklaus, golfer” in Friday’s L.A. Times, following Jack’s mediocre first round. “I still believe it was this colorful write-off that inspired me to shoot 65 the next day,” Jack wrote in 1997. “Like my closing 66, it wasn’t quite good enough, but Jim’s witty and heartfelt resurrection of me in Monday’s edition of the paper was some consolation.” So the “Nicklaus is done” story that appeared in an Atlanta newspaper before the 1986 Masters wasn’t the first time that Jack had been spurred to action.

Getty Images

1993: Greg Norman was inches away from two straight majors—and revenge from his stunning 1986 Inverness loss to Bob Tway, but that’s not what we’ll remember. Paul Azinger and Norman waged an exhausting duel, with Zinger birdieing four of the last seven holes for a back nine 30. Norman edged the cup at the 72nd, then power-lipped it at the third playoff hole to lose in his usual cruel fashion.

The most memorable image? Zinger lifting the massive PGA Championship trophy, with some difficulty. As it turns out, Zinger’s apparent fatigue turned out to be cancer in his right shoulder blade. He would sit out the next 12 months. The most memorable image that never appeared? As recounted by authors John Companiotte and Catherine Lewis, “Darrell Kestner, a club professional from Deepdale Golf Club in Manhasset, New York, made headlines Saturday with an improbable double eagle. His wife, Margie, was asked by the PGA of America to carry a video camera around the course to provide amateur footage for a film they were producing. After nine holes, Kestner became worried that the battery would die and asked Margie to turn off the camera. An hour later, he regretted his decision. On the 13th hole, his second shot landed in the hole, making it the first ‘albatross’ in PGA Championship history.”

Getty Images

2003: We’ve seen dozens of replays of Shaun Micheel’s incredible 175-yard 7-iron at the 72nd hole -- and we never tire of it. The shot was so pure. It skipped three times and skidded, stopping quickly two inches from the hole. His clinching birdie is remembered as one of golf’s great finishes.

Yet, Micheel’s perfect iron might not have been his finest tournament moment. As told in the book, The PGA Championship: The Season’s Final Major, “While on a trip with fellow professional Doug Barron to a TC Jordan Tour event on June 30, 1993, Micheel was sitting in a New Bern, North Carolina, hotel parking lot when he witnessed a 1990 Pontiac Grand Am fly over an embankment and splash into the Neuse River. Not a strong swimmer, he stripped to his boxer shorts, jumped on a concrete wall, and leaped into five feet of water. Micheel rescued Julia O’Neil Gibbs, 76, and Harold Mann, 68, with assistance from two male bystanders who pulled the elderly couple to safety. Micheel may be the only PGA Champion to have been awarded the Sons of Confederate Veterans Award for Bravery.”


August 06, 2013

Nicklaus says PGA Championship is 'open ball game'

Posted at 9:57 AM by Mike Walker

Jack_300Jack Nicklaus said that Tiger Woods is definitely "one of the favorites" at this week's PGA Championship at Oak Hill, but the 18-time major winner thinks that the PGA at Oak Hill is wide open, unlike this year's U.S. Open at Merion and the British Open at Muirfield, according to

"The player has to suit his game to the golf course and the guys that can adapt to it are the guys that always have been the good players," Nicklaus said. "I mean, Mickelson will adapt well to it. Tiger will adapt well to it. I think there's a lot of guys that will adapt well to it.

"You have so many good players today that I think will like Oak Hill, will enjoy playing the golf course and could have an opportunity to win. To try to pick one of them out of there is pretty difficult right now."

Nicklaus said the summer conditions at the PGA Championship bring many more players into the mix than the year's previous three majors.

"The British Open, you can eliminate a lot of guys because of conditions. The U.S. Open you have the same thing and the Masters the same thing. But I think more people, because of the summer conditions and the nature of what happened with the PGA Championship, it opens it up to more people having an opportunity to win. So I think the PGA is a pretty open ball game right now."

And what about Woods, who's won five times this year but has been stymied at majors since winning his 14th in 2008.

"Obviously Tiger has had a very, very good year," Nicklaus added. "He's not finished off a couple majors he's had an opportunity to be involved in.

"You would be pretty hard pressed not to make him, if not the favorite, one of the favorites going into Oak Hill."

Photo: Jack Nicklaus at Wimbledon in July (WireImage).

July 27, 2013

Jack Nicklaus: Phil Mickelson will go down as 'one of all-time greatest'

Posted at 8:09 AM by


Jack Nicklaus was obviously impressed by Phil Mickleson coming from five shots back at the British Open to clinch his fifth major. 

In the Golden Bear's eyes, that makes Mickelson the favorite for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill which starts Aug. 6. Las Vegas odds have Tiger Woods as a slight favorite over Mickleson.

After Mickelson birdied four of the last six holes to win the Open, Nicklaus says that performance makes him one of the "all-time greats" of the game. 

"Phil's obviously playing awfully well," Nicklaus said to Sky Sports. "Phil is going to go down in history as one of the great players of the game. There's no doubt about that."

As for his thoughts on Woods, who finished five shots back of Mickelson at the Open after a closing with at 74, Nicklaus says he thinks there are more majors in the future. He stopped short of saying if Woods was capable of breaking his mark of 18. Woods is stuck on 14 majors and hasn't won one since the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. 

"Will he win more majors. I think so. When? I don't know," said Nicklaus, who thinks Woods' problems in the big tournaments is mental rather than technical.

"I don't know what is happening between his ears. Each person handles things differently. Winning four times this year, he had to have something working in those tournaments." 

--Posted by Scooby Axson

Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Video: Jack Nicklaus's grandson survives motorcycle crash

Posted at 7:52 AM by Coleman McDowell

Jack Nicklaus's grandson Nick O'Leary, starting tight end at Florida State, survived a motorcycle crash on May 2. 

SB Nation's Tomahawk Nation has the details for the accident report.

O'Leary's motorcycle collided with the front of the Lexus and shattered before crashing into the windshield of a Star Metro Bus, which was stopped at an authorized bus stop. O'Leary was ejected and narrowly missed crashing into the bus. He slid approximately 75-100 feet parallel to the bus, and miraculously, can be seen standing up and walking away immediately after.

During the ACC Football Kickoff in July, Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher said O'Leary "looks good."

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