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December 06, 2013

Jason Dufner discusses his dream foursome, pink golf balls and 'Dufnering'

Posted at 3:29 PM by Coleman McDowell


Jason Dufner sat down with's Krysten Peek in California after his opening round of the World Challenge and discussed his first hole-in-one (with a pink golf ball!), tweeting with Tiger and his dream foursome.

The highlights from the Q&A portion.

First hole in one: "I was 13 at a public golf course in Cleveland called Sleepy Hallow. I hit a 5-wood from about 170 yards on No. 2. There was one other guy I met on the first tee. He was lucky. I think it was a pink golf ball too. (Asked if he still uses pink golf balls) No, pink golf balls are out."

On Dufnering blowing up: "I was just sitting there screwing off kind of day-dreaming. People got a hold of it to kind of make fun of me a little bit and jab at me, but then it blew up. It's the most remarkable thing I've ever seen. I only did it once. It's a one-time thing."

On tweeting Tiger this week: "I know he looks at it here and there. I felt like I maybe could get a response out of him. I pretty much knew what the response was going to be. It was just all in fun. People actually thought I was serious about it. It was worth a shot. I'm very privileged to be playing this event in California this week, but I definitely wish I could be in Georgia watching Auburn play for an SEC Championship."

Dream foursome: "My dad, Ben Hogan and my grandpa."

Favorite course: "Augusta National. That event has a lot of history. It's a unique course and really tests every aspect of your game."

Keegan Bradley and the PGA Championship: "Lucky."

On winning his own PGA Championship: "It's pretty neat. To work as hard as I have and always think about just playing in these major events, much less win one. It really hasn't even set in yet to have your dreams fulfilled and become a reality." 

Watch the full three-part video interview here on

(Photo: AP/Julio Cortez)

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December 02, 2013

Tiger Woods denies Jason Dufner's request to reschedule tournament to accomodate Auburn football

Posted at 8:34 PM by Coleman McDowell
Tiger Woods and Jason Dufner at the Presidents Cup during a practice round. (Getty Images)

All Jason Dufner wants to do is watch his Auburn Tigers play for the SEC Championship this Saturday against Missouri. The only problem? He's playing in Tiger Woods's tournament, the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge, the same day. So he does what any rabid sports fan would do: Address the tournament host as politely as possible to make the tournament a two-day event to free up Dufner's Saturday.

Tiger responds to Duf with a swift and concise rejection.

*UPDATE* Dufner admits defeat.

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RELATED: Jason Dufner honored by Auburn with 'Jason Dufner Drive'

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November 18, 2013

Jason Dufner honored by Auburn with 'Jason Dufner Drive'

Posted at 11:48 AM by Coleman McDowell

BZYp1-eCIAEFst7The whirlwind 2013 for Jason Dufner isn't slowing down anytime soon.

During the first quarter of the Auburn vs. Georgia game on Saturday, Dufner was honored by his alma mater at Jordan-Hare Stadium with the dedication of a street named in his honor: Jason Dufner Drive.

Dufner's Auburn Tigers would go on to defeat Georgia in the final seconds of the game with a miraculous 73-yard touchdown pass on 4th and 18.

#DufneringThe PGA Championship. The butt-pat heard 'round the world. Howard Stern. Giving his Auburn Tigers a pep talk before their upset of heavily-favored Texas A&M.

Can life get better for Jason Dufner?

We'll see. The Iron Bowl is in two weeks.

(Photo: @ITATJason)

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October 22, 2013

Jason Dufner delivered pre-game speech to Auburn before Texas A&M upset

Posted at 2:32 PM by Coleman McDowell


Jason Dufner delivered the pre-game speech to the No. 24 Auburn Tigers before they took the field and upset No. 7 Texas A&M last Saturday.

Great locker room speeches like "Win one for the Gipper" and "Great moments are born from great opportunity" are designed to hype an underdog team into a frenzy before taking the field against a bigger and badder opponent.

Dufner's demeanor on the course doesn't translate into a fiery, rah-rah brand of pre-game antics, but whatever he said did the trick. The Tigers, who entered the game as two-touchdown underdogs, won 45-41.

Senior linebacker Jake Holland (No. 5), seen above possibly 'dufnering,' finished the game with three tackles. Hey, whatever works.

Dufner also visited the team in fall camp after winning the PGA Championship. Let's hope he isn't busy during the Iron Bowl.

(Photos via @FootballAU)

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October 03, 2013

Photo: Tiger, Phil and Dufner hanging backstage at Presidents Cup opening ceremonies

Posted at 12:50 PM by Coleman McDowell

(Photo: Getty)

Is #Tigering the new #Dufnering? 

Doubtful, but that doesn't make this photo any less amazing. In a candid shot of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jason Dufner backstage of Wednesday night's Presidents Cup opening ceremonies, we get to see three of the biggest names in golf just hanging out. Pretty cool.

But there are more questions than answers after looking at this image.

First, was Tiger just lying on the stairs when Dufner and Phil happened upon him? Or did he get tired of the conversation and take a seat midway during Phil's speech? And what is Phil talking about? You don't learn much from Dufner's facial expression (surprise), but Tiger has a face mixed with shock and fear. Maybe Dufner was here first in an attempt to escape from the crowds when Phil and Tiger ran into him backstage. We'll never know. 

Your captions are welcomed.

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September 26, 2013

Dufner, Watson, Kim featured on SI's Twitter 100

Posted at 11:03 AM by Pete Madden
via Twitter
@JasonDufner, @bubbawatson, @TheChristinaKim


Three golfers -- Jason Dufner, Bubba Watson and Christina Kim -- were named in the third installment of Sports Illustrated's Twitter 100, accounts "essential to [SI and staffers'] daily routine for finding news, information and entertainment from the sports world."

@JasonDufner has ridden the #Dufnering meme to social media stardom:

The 2013 PGA Championship winner may be a stoic figure on the course, but off it, he’s extremely engaging (despite his demeanor in the photo that launched the Dufnering meme). When he tees it up on Twitter, Dufner comes across as an everyday guy sharing his opinions on football and current events.

@bubbawatson scores points for honesty and accessibility:

The 2012 Masters champion isn't the most prolific of athletes on Twitter, but that doesn’t diminish the pleasure of the Florida native’s sunny, laid-back and always irreverent feed. Sharing a look inside his life on the green and as a father, Watson also engages with his followers through his #BubbaTalk hashtag.

@TheChristinaKim is just enjoying the journey:

With candor, style, irrepressible charisma and honesty, Kim lets you in on the life of a professional golfer. She tweets from everywhere – and tweets often – about her life, her game, her losing luggage and whatever else is on her mind. She’s also well-connected to players on the PGA Tour, and it’s fun to follow her stream of consciousness (and instructional takes) during a PGA event. A must-follow for any golf fan.

Do you follow any golfers who you think deserved to make the list? Tell us.

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September 22, 2013

Keegan Bradley eagles then Dufners at Tour Championship

Posted at 2:51 PM by Pete Madden

Keegan Bradley holed out on the seventh hole at the Tour Championship on Sunday, and to celebrate, Bradley "dufnered" in tribute to his friend and playing partner Jason Dufner [video above].

After all, Bradley had a hand in creating the Dufnering meme earlier this year, when he tweeted the "best picture ever" to his followers.

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August 29, 2013

Check out Bradley's new Howard Stern wedge

Posted at 4:30 PM by Pete Madden

2011 PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley delighted fans of The Howard Stern Show today, posting a photo of his wedge with "Baba Booey" engraved on the clubhead.

The phrase is at the center of a polarizing issue among tour players -- Bradley, a longtime fan of the show, and fellow PGA Champion Jason Dufner have embraced its ever-increasing use, while other players, most notably Ian Poulter, hate when fans scream "Baba Booey!," "Mashed potatoes!" or "Get in the hole!" after a player hits his tee shot.

There's at least one thing those three should be able to agree on: no one could have predicted that Howard Stern would leave his mark ... good or bad ... on golf.

August 16, 2013

Jason Dufner breaks a smile in wedding video

Posted at 2:12 PM by Coleman McDowell

Jason Dufner is as stoic as they come on the golf course, but on his wedding day, he really let loose. 

See? That's a smile. Well, maybe half of one. 

From his Howard Stern show interview to the #Dufnering craze that almost broke the Internet to his famous love pat to his wife Amanda on the 18th green at Oak Hill last week, Dufner truly has become golf's new cult hero.

GIF via Eye on Golf

August 13, 2013

Jason Dufner on 'Stern': Sabbatini rubs pros the wrong way

Posted at 5:39 PM by Mike Walker

It was impossible not to enjoy Jason Dufner on "The Howard Stern Show" on Tuesday morning, unless your name is Rory Sabbatini.

During a wide-ranging interview that touched on the PGA Championship, Tiger Woods, and Dufner marrying "out of his league," Howard Stern pressed Dufner to name a fellow Tour player that he doesn't like. At first Dufner wouldn't say, but then he mentioned Sabbatini as a player who "rubs people the wrong way." Here's a portion of the interview:

HS: Do you hate golf sometimes?

JD: Yes, definitely.

HS: Do you hate some of the other golfers?

JD: I don’t hate ‘em, but--

HS: There’s guys you dislike.

JD: It’s like anything else.

HS: Without naming names -- we’ll name names in a minute -- what do they do that gets under your skin.

JD: Guys are just jerks sometimes.

HS: How does that play out?

JD: Most of the time nothing plays out because guys are pretty soft. Golf is pretty soft.

HS: Right.

JD: I’ve seen guys do stuff that if it happened in an NFL locker room or an NBA locker room, there’d be fists thrown.

HS: What do they do?

JD: Just the way they treat people and how they interact with people and things they say.

HS: Are they obnoxious?

JD: Yeah.

HS: Are they trying to get under other golfers’ skins so they can win?

JD: No, I think they’re just jerks.

HS: Just jack-offs [laughs]. Will you ever name a name?

JD: Today? No.

HS: Who is the biggest jerk you’ve ever met in golf? Just give me one name.

JD: Are you going to put me on the spot?

HS: Yes, I just want one guy that you don’t like.

JD: Get the drumroll.

HS: Maybe he’s a good guy, maybe he’s not, but just one guy you don’t like.

JD: Keegan Bradley, complete jerk.

HS: Is it Keegan? No, you like Keegan.

Producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate: Howard, you know who has a reputation for being cantankerous and not a great guy? Mickelson.

JD: I like Mickelson.

GD: He’s a good guy? Because people say he’s not that nice a guy.

JD: I think he’s a good guy.

HS: Who’s a bad guy in golf? I’ll put you on the spot. I want someone you don’t like. He just personally rubs you the wrong way.


JD: Doesn’t run me the wrong way but he rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

HS: Okay. Who is that?

JD: Rory Sabbatini.

HS: Okay. Why?

JD: He just rubs people the wrong way.

HS: Because he’s a loudmouth?

JD: He is, a little bit.

HS: And he mouths off to the other golfers.

JD: A little bit. He’s aggressive.

HS: Have you ever confronted him and said, “Listen, Roy [sic], you’re a hard guy to take”?

JD: No, I haven’t. But I’ve seen guys. I played in a tournament last year -- the Shark Shootout -- it was a team event. And I was teamed with Vijay Singh, who’s a good friend of mine, and [Sabbatini] and Vijay don’t get along very well. We played together that day and it was a little uncomfortable [laughs].

HS: I’ll bet you Roy is anti-Baba Booey.

JD: No, he’d probably like it.

Here are some other highlights from Dufner's appearance on 'The Howard Stern Show':

On Tiger Woods Not Winning Majors and Golf Groupies

HS: It almost seems like when [Tiger] had all the crazy turmoil, with all the women and stuff, it almost was like a great pressure release for him. I don’t just mean physically, it kept him busy mentally. And that’s when he was playing his best golf because maybe that was his way of dealing with the stress of being a professional athlete.

JD: There’s different ways to deal with it [laughs]. I don’t know his particular story, but...

HS: I think he should go back to whatever he was going, just juggling multiple women and all that stuff.

JD: But he’s playing so good this year. He’s close. Once he gets through that hump of one of the majors I think he’ll really start rolling again.

HS: There are golf groupies though, right?

JD: Oh, yeah.

HS: You could come off the course are there are like tons of chicks.--

JD: It’s like any other sport.

HS: That’s crazy.

JD: I stay away from that.

On Patting His Wife's Butt After Winning the PGA Championship

Getty Images

JD: Yeah, I grabbed her butt.

Co-Host Robin Quivers: He was patting her butt and he walked off holding her butt.

HS: You can’t win. If you’re into your wife and you’re grabbing her a--

JD: You get in trouble.

HS: You get in trouble. And if you’re not into your wife and you’re cheating on her, you get in trouble.

On Dufner Marrying 'Out of His League'

HS: How did you meet your wife?

JD: Just through mutual friends.

HS: No kidding. Because everyone says she’s way too hot for you.

JD: She probably is. But why wouldn’t you do that, right?

HS: They say it about me too. Hey, eat your heart out.

On Fans Screaming 'Baba Booey!' at PGA Tour Events

HS: You know what you’ve got to do after you hit the ball at this big tournament [Barclays]? You’ve got to scream out “Baba Booey!” That’ll be your thing. … That is a phenomenon. I mean, on one hand I understand golf is a game of concentration and anybody yelling anything out is verboten but it’s usually after the guy hits. Does it ever enter your psyche that, “After I hit this ball someone's going to yell ‘Baba Booey’?”

JD: No, I never think that. It doesn’t bother me. Like you said, no one does it when we’re swinging or before we’re swinging. It happens afterward. Obviously people are trying to get noticed and clown around that way. Sometimes the stuff’s pretty funny that they say.

HS: It’s become a phenomenon. Like, remember the word “fore”? You used to go, “Fore!” Now it’s “Baba Booey!”

JD: Yeah, it’s out there.

HS: I don’t understand the “mashed potatoes” thing.

JD: I don't know what that is. Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, people plugging their business.

HS: [Laughing] It’s pretty wild. But the “Baba Booey” thing I like because I’m not a golf fan so therefore it makes it interesting to me. I’ll actually tune in to see if somebody yells out “Baba Booey!”

JD: It’s crossover for you guys.

HS: It’s bringing in new audience. But a lot of golfers now, there was a guy Ian somebody, I don’t know his name--

JD: Ian Poulter.

HS: Ian Bolter [sic]. I don't know these guys, forgive me. But Ian Bolter tweeted--

JD: Poulter.

HS: Poulter tweeted, “Enough of this baba boo stuff.” I tweeted him back and said, “It’s Baba Booey, by the way.” As long as you’re going to spell it out I told him how to spell it. But he’s bothered by it.

JD: Yup.

HS: But that’s good for you.

JD: Definitely.

HS: Let him be bothered.

JD: Let him worry about other stuff out there.

HS: And you know now that he’s come out against “Baba Booey,” they’re going to Baba Booey him to death.

On Dufner's friend and Stern superfan Keegan Bradley

HS: How do you not become superstitious?

JD: A lot of guys are. Like Keegan.

HS: What does he do?

JD: He’s got all kinds of stuff.

HS: Is he crossing himself and sticking his finger up his a--?

JD: He’s got all these weird mannerisms. After he misses a putt, he takes his hat off and scratches his head. He’s got all kind of superstitions.

HS: Did you ever ask him about it?

JD: Oh, yeah. I bust him all the time about it.

HS: You think he has OCD, is that what it is?

JD: Could be.

On Good Players Who Have Never Won a Major Championship

Robin Quivers: What do you feel for the guys who’ve been on the Tour all this time and they’re good but they never win a major--

HS: Screw ‘em, who cares?

RQ: Like Sergio Garcia?

JD: Like Howard said. What did you say Howard?

HS: Screw 'em. it’s not your problem. You got enough problems. You’re trying to keep your own thing going.


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