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November 20, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Biden says Obama wants golf trip to Ireland

Posted at 11:39 AM by Mark Dee

Whitehouse_2009President Obama and Vice President Biden on the White House putting green in April 2009. White House photo.

Vice President Joe Biden is trying his hand at international relations -- by keeping his boss's golf game at home.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden told President Obama that he is planning a trip to his ancestral Ireland -- and the president tried to horn in, for a little links time:

“I turned to him, I said, “Barack, now that this election’s over, I’m going to Ireland,” Biden told the patrons of Benny Tudino’s Pizzeria, per the pool report. “You know what he said to me? He said, ‘Would you take me with you? I want to play golf.’ I said, ‘I’m not so sure. But I’m going. I’m going to see where my mother is from and my mother’s father and my mother’s mother.’”

At T&R, we're OK with Obama staying in town. We've consulted the rule book, and hitting one over a fiscal cliff is worth a few hundred billion penalty strokes.


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Brady Riggs: Why George W. Bush was our best presidential golfer
August 29, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Ohio governor slams Joe Biden's liberal handicap

Posted at 4:22 PM by Mark Dee

Clearly, no holds are barred at the GOP Convention in Tampa, where Ohio Gov. John Kasich attacked Vice President Joe Biden via his golf game.

"Joe Biden told me that he’s a good golfer, and I played golf with Joe Biden, and I can tell you that’s not true, as well as all the other things that he says," Kasich said during his convention speech. Check the video below, via ABCNews:

It's one thing for these guys to attack each other over Medicare, Medicaid, fiscal policy, social issues, how to read the Constitution, but if golf is tossed into the octagon, then nothing is sacred anymore.

Kasich was referring to an ill-fated pairing with Biden in a $2 match against President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner that occurred last June, according to the Washington Post:

A Biden-Kasich team did lose to a President Obama-House Speaker John Boehner team at golf last year. But Boehner is known as a formidable golfer, so it wasn’t exactly a fair fight. The speaker later told reporters that his fellow Republican was so nervous about the match, “I thought John Kasich was going to cry.”

In Biden's defense, the vice president, an alleged 6.3 handicap, was giving his boss 11 shots. According to the article, Kasich and Boehner both carried 8 handicaps at the time.

But just you wait. It's only a matter of time before some Super PAC picks up on Biden's liberal handicap. Expect some hack commercials.

May 02, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Dustin Johnson hopes for Players return

Posted at 12:00 PM by Mike Walker

Dustin Johnson said via Twitter that he plans to play at next week's Players Championships if his doctors approve.

Johnson missed the Masters due to a back injury he aggravated while lifting a jet ski (we hate it when we do that). He has three top 10 finishes this season and is currently ranked 17th in the world.

Johnson also weighed in on Tiger Woods's controversial no-press press conference where Woods bypassed the traditional media tent interrogation to take questions directly from fans.


Report: Trump's New Jersey course to host 2017 U.S. Women's Open
Donald Trump's Bedminster N.J. course will host the 2017, according to Mike Buteau of Bloomberg News.

The official USGA announcement is scheduled for Thursday, but Trump actually let the news slip to Sports Illustrated's Gary Van Sickle in an interview last month.

I covered the LPGA event that was there several times. During the PGA at Baltusrol, I played your course in Bedminster.

We just got the Women's U.S. Open at that one, which is phenomenal.

Trump has never been shy about his desire to host a men's U.S. Open at his Bedminster course, which is near USGA headquarters in rural New Jersey, and an agreement with the USGA to host a women's Open is a step in the right direction.

Seeking endorsement, Biden plays golf with Bloomberg
Both President Obama and likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney want New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's endorsement and, according to Politico, Biden took the old-fashioned route toward asking for a favor: he played golf with Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg, who was wooed earlier today by Mitt Romney for an endorsement, also got in a round of golf last Friday with Vice President Joe Biden, sources told POLITICO.

The pair was played at a course somewhere in the Washington area, the sources said.

Bloomberg played golf with President Obama in 2010 and recently had lunch with him at the White House.

Calvin Peete says he has no problem not being in Hall of Fame
Calvin Peete, the trail-blazing African-American golfer who won 12 times on the PGA Tour, said he understands why he's not in the World Golf Hall of Fame because he never won a major, according to Seth Soffian of the [Fort Myers] News-Press.

Peete, 68, spoke at a Fort Myers golf course last week to support mental-health services for veterans.

“Deane Beman wrote that I was the best ball-striker of all time,” Peete said of the former U.S. Amateur champion and long-time PGA Tour commissioner. “Coming from him I thought that was probably the best compliment I could get.”

Peete, who turned professional in 1975 and won for the first time in 1979, had four victories in 1982, played on the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 1981 and ’83, won the PGA Tour’s Vardon Trophy in 1984 for the lowest scoring average and punctuated his career in 1985 with his win in the Players Championship, golf’s unofficial “fifth major.”

Despite so strong a decade, though, he has no qualms with not being in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

“They don’t really want to accept anybody in there unless he’s won a major,” said Peete, noting his inclusion in the African American Golfers Hall of Fame in West Palm Beach. “I don’t want them to just give me something just because I’m black. I want to feel when that happens that I earned it.”

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