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October 23, 2013

Jeb Bush: Obama, Boehner should tee it up

Posted at 11:54 AM by Pete Madden


Former Florida governor and first-brother Jeb Bush says he has the solution to break up the partisan gridlock crippling government in Washington, D.C.

"Read the books about the times of Kennedy and Nixon and Johnson and Reagan and Bush and Clinton and Bush and Carter, and you'll find that there was a lot more engagement and a lot more trust that was built up, because there was this personal interaction," said Bush according to USA Today. "That's what's gone in Washington, D.C. No one trusts one another ... I'd like Barack Obama, who seems to be an avid golfer, to quietly invite John Boehner out to hit them up."

President Obama and Speaker Boehner haven't played together since they negotiated their "grand bargain" on the budget back in 2011.

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October 02, 2013

Government shutdown closes golf courses across America

Posted at 12:54 PM by Pete Madden

Course Closed
Credit: Getty Images


When the U.S. government officially shut down Monday amidst a political standoff between President Barack Obama and a Republican-led House, thousands of federal employees were put temporarily out of work, government services grinded to a halt -- and a wave of cancelled tee times shelved golf bags across the country.

Andy Zunz of FOX Sports reported that courses administered by the National Park Service were forced to close in the absence of an approved federal spending plan.

"This is horrible, this kills our business," said a representative from the Historic National Park Golf Courses of Washington, D.C., which administers East Potomac, Langston and Rock Creek Golf Courses. "We have gorgeous weather and thousands of government employees at home who would love to be out golfing. If this goes on for much longer, it's going to be a major hit to our company."

Highland Links Golf Course in Truro, Mass., Grand Lake Golf Course in Grand Lake, Colo., and Wawona Golf Course in Yosemite Valley, Calif. are just a few of the other courses turning would-be hackers away until the politicians work out their differences.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Democrats say they will reject a bill offered by Republicans that would reopen select portions of the government, including the national parks.

Sounds like it could be a while before the government -- and its golf courses -- open for business.

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August 29, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Ohio governor slams Joe Biden's liberal handicap

Posted at 4:22 PM by Mark Dee

Clearly, no holds are barred at the GOP Convention in Tampa, where Ohio Gov. John Kasich attacked Vice President Joe Biden via his golf game.

"Joe Biden told me that he’s a good golfer, and I played golf with Joe Biden, and I can tell you that’s not true, as well as all the other things that he says," Kasich said during his convention speech. Check the video below, via ABCNews:

It's one thing for these guys to attack each other over Medicare, Medicaid, fiscal policy, social issues, how to read the Constitution, but if golf is tossed into the octagon, then nothing is sacred anymore.

Kasich was referring to an ill-fated pairing with Biden in a $2 match against President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner that occurred last June, according to the Washington Post:

A Biden-Kasich team did lose to a President Obama-House Speaker John Boehner team at golf last year. But Boehner is known as a formidable golfer, so it wasn’t exactly a fair fight. The speaker later told reporters that his fellow Republican was so nervous about the match, “I thought John Kasich was going to cry.”

In Biden's defense, the vice president, an alleged 6.3 handicap, was giving his boss 11 shots. According to the article, Kasich and Boehner both carried 8 handicaps at the time.

But just you wait. It's only a matter of time before some Super PAC picks up on Biden's liberal handicap. Expect some hack commercials.

December 16, 2011

Truth & Rumors: Watch Sergio's perfect club throw

Posted at 1:34 PM by Mike Walker

Sergio Garcia capped his strong finish to the 2011 season with an almost flawless toss of his 5-iron into a lake after hitting a poor tee shot on the par-3 eighth hole at the Thailand Golf Championship on Thursday.

In 2008, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Charlie King demonstrated the “Proper Way to Throw a Golf Club” in the most popular video in history.

Yup, the pros make it look easy.

House Speaker Boehner says Golf Summit almost brought Ohio guv to tears
Outside of professional golf, the most famous golf match of the year had to be the Golf Summit, where President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner beat Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich. Recounting the match earlier this week, Boehner said Kasich was nervous before the match and became even more so when he learned Boehner would be playing with Obama, according to The Cincinnati Inquirer

“So Kasich gets in town the night before,” Boehner told a roomful of reporters this morning, and he was a nervous wreck. “I spent all night getting Kasich in the right place,” the West Chester Republican recalled.

“Kasich, calm down, calm down,” Boehner recalls telling his friend and political ally. The next morning, as they were getting ready to go out to Andrews Air Force Base, it was the same thing. ‘I said look, ‘they’re going to be far more nervous about this than we are. Just relax… I hear Biden’s been out there hitting balls for an hour’.”

Indeed, when they arrived, Biden was already on the course “pounding balls.” But then Obama switched things up on them. “The president says ‘Hey Boehner, you and I, we’re going to take these two on’,” Boehner said, describing the last-minute team change. “I thought John Kasich was going to cry.”

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October 19, 2011

Truth & Rumors: Arnold Palmer spikes his famous drink

Posted at 1:46 PM by Mike Walker

ArnoldpalmerThe Arnold Palmer drink (half-lemonade, half-iced tea) has become almost as popular as its namesake. In its 10 years of being brewed by the AriZona Beverage Company, the Arnold Palmer Light Half and Half has reportedly reached $100 million in sales.

Now Palmer is releasing Arnold Palmer Hard, an alcoholic version of the drink, according to PR Newswire.

The unique combination of half tea and half lemonade was made famous by legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. His namesake beverage is now available in a "spiked" version - Arnold Palmer Hard.

Arnold Palmer Hard is a malt beverage, produced by the Mississippi Brewing Company and distributed by Hornell Brewing Company - parent company of AriZona Beverages. It is made with AriZona brand iced tea and lemonade, and contains five percent alcohol by volume. Launching in 24 oz. cans from Rexam, this refreshing, non-carbonated beverage has 110 calories per 8 oz. serving.

Olazabal expects Sergio Garcia on Ryder Cup team in 2012

The strangest sight of the dramatic, rain-drenched 2010 Ryder Cup that didn’t involve Lisa Pavin’s team wardrobe choices had to be Sergio Garcia carting around the Celtic Manor course as an assistant captain instead of a player. Don’t expect to see Garcia in that role at Medinah in 2012. Team Europe Captain Jose Maria Olazabal said he has no doubt the resurgent Garcia will be playing for the team next year, according to Sky Sports.

"I am sure Sergio will be in the Ryder Cup, he's got a special charisma and a solid game," said Olazabal. "His best motivation is to know what it feels like to be in the Ryder Cup without playing."

Protesters occupy Rep. John Boehner’s golf game

There is no Wall Street to occupy in Orange County, Calif., so left-wing protesters settled for Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s visit to the Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Beach, according to Joseph Serna of The Daily Pilot newspaper.

A weekend of worldwide protest spilled over into Orange County on Monday morning as about 40 left-leaning activists protested House Speaker John Boehner's visit to the Pelican Hill Golf Club.

"He knows he can't go anywhere without the people going with him," said Rick Jacobs, founder of the Courage Campaign, a progressive group. "I hope that even while he's up there, raking in millions in cash, he knows there's people here and everywhere.

"We're going to make clear that this isn't a funny time anymore. This is a real time. It's time for him to get busy on jobs and not on his golf game."

Dave Stockton talks about Phil Mickelson’s putting

Tod Leonard of The San Diego Union-Tribune files an entertaining interview with Dave Stockton, whose putting tips helped Phil Mickelson win the 2010 Masters. Some highlights:

Q: I’ve heard around town lately that Phil’s been playing well with a short putter again. Do you think going to the belly putter was a mistake?

A: “Not really. Phil can putt with anything. I think you could give him a shovel and he could putt. I’m hoping on my short Christmas list that we have some time to work together this year.”

Q: At Rory McIlroy’s request, you worked with him before the U.S. Open, and then he wins on the same course, Congressional, where you won the 1976 PGA Championship. How great was that?

A: “Holy cow, that was so cool! Rory’s caddie (J.P. Fitzgerald) introduced us at Charlotte. We talked for 15 to 20 minutes and I told him what I thought he did at the Masters. I thought he had a very bad pairing (on Sunday, when he shot 80) with (Angel) Cabrera. Cabrera plays at the same pace as Rory; they hit their shots fast. And then they stand there and wait 10 minutes. It’s all rush and stop, rush and stop; there’s nothing consistent going on.

“So then we went out on the putting green and it did not take him more than 10 minutes to figure out what I was talking about.”

Peter Thomson says Tiger was wrong choice for Presidents Cup team

Add Australian golfing legend Peter Thomson to the list of people who think Fred Couples made a mistake picking the struggling Tiger Woods for the U.S. Presidents Cup team. Thomson, who won five British Opens, said that Couples overlooked “better accomplished” players in favor of Woods, according to Robert Grant of the Sydney Morning Herald.

"It's a pretty wild guess, I think, on Couples' part, that he's going to suddenly play well and win points.

"Couples says that once you're a champion you're always a champion. He's working on that theory I think."

Thomson says he is also puzzled why several big-name American team members would opt to play in the Australian Open at The Lakes in Sydney the preceding week.

"I would have thought they would be better off down here in Melbourne," he said. "I don't think playing at The Lakes is going to help them at all."

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June 17, 2011

Walker: Previewing Obama-Boehner match on CNN

Posted at 4:41 PM by

Golf Magazine's Mike Walker was on CNN's "American Morning" to discuss the Brarack Obama-John Boehner golf pairing scheduled for Saturday. See what transpired, including Walker's clutch putting demonstration.

June 03, 2011

Golf summit set for Obama and Boehner

Posted at 7:14 PM by Mike Walker

President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) will play golf together later this month, according to Politico.

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will finally hit the links for a round of golf – and al fresco negotiation – on June 18, a White House official told POLITICO.

Obama’s offer — and Boehner’s acceptance — came six months after White House press secretary Robert Gibbs suggested the two could work out their differences on the course. Both men are passionate golfers; Obama prefers to hit public courses with a handful of friends and White House staffers while Boehner favors private courses, golf fundraisers and schmoozing sessions with other pols.

The game will be at a course in the Washington area, but exactly where — and the names of the other two duffers rounding out the foursome — are yet to be determined, a person familiar with the situation said.

According to reports, Boehner is a single-digit handicap while Obama is still a relative novice, but after squaring off over a trillion-dollar budget, we think negotiating a few strokes on the first tee will be a breeze. Still, Boehner should be careful. Despite recently picking up the game, Obama has been getting a lot of practice. According to CBS News’ Mark Knoller, Obama has played 68 rounds since becoming president, and he came to the White House from the golf course on the day Special Forces killed Osama Bin Laden.

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