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August 11, 2013

Fans pick pin position near water on 15 for PGA

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Oakhill_15_300The people have spoken. They want to see the flag on the 181-yard 15th hole at Oak Hill [right] next to the water.

The PGA Championship tried to get fans involved this year by allowing them to choose the hole location on the 15th hole for the final round. They were given four choices, with Jack Nicklaus providing input on the differences in strategy of the four choices.

The PGA of America said more than 92,000 votes were cast on its website, Facebook and Twitter over the last 19 days.

The winner was "Hole Location C," which will be 25 yards on and 4 yards from the water on the right.

Nicklaus, who won the PGA at Oak Hill in 1980, approved of the selection. In fact, he went online and voted for "C" himself.

"Now, if I was in the field, I would look at a hole location like Option C and think, `No, no, no.' I would likely stay away from going at that," Nicklaus said. "Because Option C is the closest to the water, it's probably the most dangerous of the hole locations, especially if a player is trying to get it close. But that hole also gives a player an option if he wants to play conservatively, because there is plenty of room short left."

--By The Associated Press

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August 07, 2013

Tiger fans crush fence seeking autographs at Oak Hill

Posted at 10:58 AM by Mike Walker

Add another reason to why Tiger Woods isn't crazy about signing autographs: It's dangerous.

At Oak Hill for the PGA Championship, Woods made a move to sign some autographs for fans near the driving range on Monday, but stopped when it looked like the fence surrounding the range might collapse from the press of fans seeking his autograph [see video above].

Woods talked about the scene at his pre-tournament press conference on Tuesday:

Q. We see the way fans try to approach you for autographs. Yesterday it look liked when you were going on the range, you went over to sign, did something happen there, and how do you approach that when there's so many people?

TIGER WOODS: Well, the fence almost came down. So they almost knocked the fence down. It gets dangerous.

We had a little girl get crushed today, and she was just on the ground crying. People get so aggressive for autographs. And security is trying to be aggressive to protect the little kids up front. You try and sign, but sometimes the adults start running over the little kids up front, and especially on a fence like that, on a hard fence, it can get dangerous sometimes.

That was one of those situations where, yeah, it almost fell.


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