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September 28, 2013

DL3: Tiger, Stricker 'might be tired of playing together'

Posted at 5:19 PM by Pete Madden
Steve Stricker, Tiger Woods
Credit: William West / Getty Images


Let's hope they can still be friends.

In an interview with, Presidents Cup assistant captain Davis Love III suggested that the longtime international match play pairing of Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker could be headed for a breakup.

We’ll have some of the same pairings, but I think you’ll see some differences from what we did at the Ryder Cup. Woods and Stricker, they’ve enjoyed playing together, but I think they might be tired of playing together.

Woods, who has had over a dozen partners in Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup competition over the years, seemed to have finally found his match in Stricker. The duo carried a 6-2 record into the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah, where they suffered three consecutive defeats against teams of Ian Poulter/Justin Rose, Lee Westwood/Nicolas Colsaerts and Sergio Garcia/Luke Donald.

Love said that captain Fred Couples "already knows who he's going to play together" at Muirfield Village, but the rest of us will just have to wait and see.

Who do you think should play with Tiger? Tell us.

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September 17, 2013

Bethpage Black to host 2024 Ryder Cup and 2019 PGA Championship

Posted at 10:27 AM by Coleman McDowell
Bethpage Black

(The opening hole at Bethpage Black, ranked No. 23 in Golf Magazine's Top 100 U.S. Course Rankings and No. 36 in the Top 100 World Course Rankings. Photo by Evan Schiller)

After the 2009 U.S. Open, Phil Mickelson fully advocated the idea of a Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black.

"The people here are incredible, and I just keep thinking that this is like the ideal spot to hold the Ryder Cup," he said. "First of all, the course is terrific, because 16, 17 and 18 are so close together. And the way the fans are, I think we would have a big advantage."

He'll get his wish in 2024.

In a press conference held onsite at Bethpage Black in Long Island, N.Y., the PGA of America announced the 2024 Ryder Cup and 2019 PGA Championship would be held on the historic public track.

"One of the reasons we feel so good about the PGA Championship, is that it's a great golf course. But there is so much room, so much space and so much land. That element is unbelievable exciting," said PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua.

"New York State loves golf," Governor Andrew Cuomo said. "The cherry on the cake is that this is at Bethpage, as they refer to it as the People's Country Club."


The players won't have the option to "Tee It Forward" and will face every inch of the 7,468-yard Black Course, which was designed by A.W. Tillinghast and opened in 1936. The course features a famous sign near the first tee that offers a forboding message for 20-handicaps (see right), but the course is public and can be played by any golfer.

The venue has previously hosted two majors. Tiger Woods won the '02 U.S. Open and was the only player under par for the championship with a winning score of -3. Lucas Glover took the wet and muddy '09 U.S. Open with a winning score of -4. Mickelson was second in both events. 

"This is one of the greatest venues in America. I can’t imagine this isn’t a place where the PGA will want to come back for decades and decades," Bevacqua said. "And to be able to bring two of the most popular events in golf, two of the most exciting events in sports, the PGA Championship and The Ryder Cup to Bethpage State Park, it's amazing to think about that."

Future PGA Championship venues

2014- Valhalla Golf Club

2015- Whistling Straits 

2016- Baltustrol Golf Club 

2017- Quail Hollow Club

2018- Bellerive Country Club

Future Ryder Cup venues

2014- Gleneagles (Perthshire, Scotland)

2016- Hazeltine National Golf Club (Chaska, Minn.)

2018- Le Golf National (Paris, France)

2020- Whistling Straits (Kohler, Wisconsin) 

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August 13, 2013

Bethpage to get '24 Ryder Cup, '19 PGA Championship

Posted at 11:09 AM by Scooby Axson


The 2024 Ryder Cup and the 2019 PGA Championship will be held at Bethpage Black in Farmingdale, N.Y., according to Golf Week.

Bethpage Black, No. 36 on Golf Magazine's Top 100 Golf Courses in the World, previously hosted the 2002 and 2009 U.S. Opens.

“I think taking a major sporting event like the Ryder Cup to what I would arguably say is the greatest sports city in the United States in New York would be a phenomenal combination,” Ted Bishop, the PGA of America’s president, said. “It’s a mammoth venue, and you’ve got a lot of possibilities for infrastructure and being able to handle crowds and the stadium-golf concept. I could give you 100 reasons why I think Bethpage certainly is very high on our radar as it relates to a Ryder Cup.”

Even though the PGA has not made an offical announcement, Bishop said the Bethpage news wasn't leaked by the organization.

“The PGA of America would not make any kind of a major announcement that would upstage any of one of our major championship partners or the PGA Tour, it’s not the right way to do things," Bishop told the Back 9 Network Radio. "I am insulted that anyone would think that.”

Phil Mickelson finished second both times the U.S. Open were last held at Bethpage and said recently that it would be an incredible idea to have the Ryder Cup there. Next year's Ryder Cup will be held September 26–28 at Glenagles Scotland. 

“I think that will give the U.S. side a distinct advantage,” he said. “I love it. I’ve been quietly hoping it would go there for years. It’s a perfect site.”


(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

July 26, 2013

Hal Sutton: Tiger and Phil ‘have failed us' in Ryder Cup

Posted at 10:45 AM by Mike Walker

Tiger_phil_ryder_337Former Ryder Cup captain and 1983 PGA Champion Hal Sutton said Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have failed in Ryder Cup competitions in an exclusive interview with Golf Magazine.

Sutton captained the 2004 U.S. Ryder Cup team, which lost 18.5 to 9.5 in the largest victory margin since 1981, and he was criticized afterward for pairing Mickelson and Woods, who lost both matches they played together. In an interview with Golf Magazine’s Alan Bastable, Sutton talked about how that Ryder Cup drove him away from the game and why he thinks Woods and Mickelson have not played up to their own standards in the Ryder Cup.

The press hammered you after your Ryder Cup team lost in 2004 at Oakland Hills. How difficult was that for you?

I quit. It drove me right out of the game. You needed to blame a body, so I caught the blame. So I said, "I'm going to go over here. I don't need you all." That's the only way I could get grounded again, and get focused again on what I know.

So you were fed up absorbing the backlash?

Yeah, I was fed up listening to it. People were saying things they didn't know anything about. There's no one person who can make a difference [in countering Europe's success] right now. Is it a whole lot different right now than it was then? No, it's not. There's nobody turning this around. We've created some real superstars in the U.S. who have failed us when it comes to [the Ryder Cup]. They don't fail because they don't have enough talent; they fail because there's too much for them to do.

You mean Tiger and Phil?

Yeah. I mean Tiger's Ryder Cup record [13-14-2] is not very good at all, but everyone expects him to carry the team. He can't get but five points. That ain't gonna win it. So everyone else has got to perform. One of the reasons I think Europe is better than we are is they know more of the game. They have all the shots instead of half the shots. We've been playing the game in the air constantly. It's easier to learn how to play the game in the air than it is on the ground, so it's easier for them to learn to adapt to our style than it is for us to adapt to their style.

Sutton also said that if he regretted pairing Mickelson and Woods on the first day, where they lost 2 and 1 to Colin Montgomerie and Padraig Harrington in morning foursomes and then lost 1 up to Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood in alternate shot in the afternoon. The body language between Woods and Mickelson was frosty at best [see photo], especially when Mickelson drove the ball practically off the property on 18 to ensure a loss to Clarke and Westwood in alternate shot.

Looking back, what would you have done differently as captain?

[Long pause] I wouldn't have paired Tiger and Phil together. But if I hadn't, we'd have gotten beat anyway, and somebody would have blamed me for [not pairing them together]. I mean, we weren't going to win. They were just playing that much better than us. On Friday evening, after we'd gotten trounced, I'm out there watching the last group, and I've got to go to the pressroom. I've got a headset on and [assistant captains] Jackie Burke and Steve Jones are on the other end. I said to Jackie and Steve, "We've got to sit Tiger or Phil, because we need to make a statement. I've got my opinion on who needs to sit. I need your calls, too." Jackie comes on and says, "Well, hell, Hal, sit'em both, because it ain't gonna make a damn bit of difference." I said, "Why'd you say that?" He said, "When you get in, I'll show you." And he did. He said, "Every American's got their shaft leaning back, every European's got their shaft leaning forward, and we ain't got enough time to teach'em the difference." Do you know why that is? Because every American is taught, by virtue of his environment, to hit the ball straight up in the air like that, and every European is taught to hit [it lower] and maneuver the ground. Oakland Hills requires you to play the ground game, and not one single American could get that figured out.

Photo: WireImages

December 21, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Kaymer says missing putt at Medinah could have ruined his career

Posted at 11:18 AM by

Three months after Martin Kaymer made the putt that clinched the Ryder Cup for the Europeans, Kaymer spoke to the Daily Mail's Derek Lawrenson about what was really on the line -- his career.

"Now I honestly feel like my whole career might have been on the line," he said.

"I sometimes think about what would have happened if I had missed it. Would I have had the mental strength to recover from thinking I had let down a whole continent?"

After losing to Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar on Friday with Justin Rose, Kaymer sat Saturday's matches out.

"I hadn’t played well on Friday and was desperate to show what I could do on Saturday, so you can imagine how I felt when I was told I wasn’t playing," he said.

After trailing American Steve Stricker for the first five holes of his Sunday singles match, Kaymer birdied No. 6 to turn the match around.

"I could see that something huge was potentially unfolding. One, two, three, four points, on I went but I knew we needed at least a point from me, or two half-points from Francesco and me."

"The last three holes were great, the excitement was beautiful. On the 17th I had a four-footer that I had to hole and, when that went in, it gave me a lot of belief."

Leading 1 up, Kaymer made a five-footer on the 18th hole to beat Stricker and ensure that the Europeans would at least retain the cup.

December 19, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Rory McIlroy thought he blew Ryder Cup for Europe

Posted at 12:13 PM by Mike Walker

Rory_watchLate-arriving Rory McIlroy celebrates the European Ryder Cip win with a giant clock (

Central Time Zone victim Rory McIlroy showed up just minutes before his Sunday singles match at the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah before coolly dispatching Keegan Bradley 2&1 to help the Europeans secure their miracle comeback.

But if he looked cool on the outside as he arrived at Medinah in a police car, McIlroy was terrified that he had lost the Cup for Europe. McIlroy told the story of that morning in an exclusive interview with Ireland's RTE:

“On the Saturday night, before I went to bed, I was watching the Golf Channel and they posted the tee-times (for Sunday). But they posted them in Eastern time and we were in Central time in Chicago, so 12:35 Eastern is 11:35 in Chicago.

“Next morning I get up and get out of the shower at 11am. I get a phone call from Conor, my manager, and he says ‘Are you at the golf course?’, and I tell him that I’m not.

“He says ‘You should be, you’ve got half an hour to your tee-time’. “And I say ‘No, I’ve got an hour and a half, I’m off at 12:35. He says ‘You’re not. You are off at 11:35’.

“I have never been so scared going to a golf course. It was such a mad rush. Luckily there was a state trooper waiting for me and if it was not for him, if I was not in that car, I would not have made my tee-time.

“I actually played my best golf of the whole week on that Sunday!”

December 18, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Police car that rushed Rory to Ryder Cup to be sold on eBay

Posted at 4:22 PM by Samantha Glover

Now you, yes you, can own the police car that rushed Rory McIlroy from his hotel to the course just in time for his match against Keegan Bradley in the final round of the Ryder Cup. The car will reportedly be listed for sale on eBay sometime in January.

The unmarked 2005 Ford Crown Victoria is being listed using the auction website by the Village of Lombard because of the amount of attention it has received following the swift actions of Rory's driver, deputy chief Pat Rollins, according to the Daily Herald's Marie Wilson.

"Since it's drawing so much attention," Village Manager David Hulseberg said in October, "we figure we have nothing to lose by putting it out there for any European or anyone who would like to buy the car and do whatever they would like with it."

"Anything above and beyond what we normally receive for a police vehicle of its kind would be a bonus to the village and the taxpayers," [Carl] Goldsmith said.

After confusion about the time difference, McIlroy arrived at the course a mere 11 minutes before his match. Without warming up, the Irishman went on to beat Bradley 2 and 1.

(Photo: McIlroy and Bradley shake hands before their singles match at the Ryder Cup; Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)

December 13, 2012

Truth & Rumors: Gallacher says 'Watson is the perfect captain to get the best out of Tiger Woods'

Posted at 1:46 PM by Samantha Glover

Shortly after it was officially announced that Tom Watson will lead the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 2014, Sky Sports published statements from both Bernard Gallacher and Colin Montgomerie on why they believe he is the best man for the job.

Gallacher, Watson's opposing captain in 1993, said:

"The USPGA have conducted a post-mortem after Medinah and decided that, as they look likely to have a young and inexperienced team, they might need a bit of experience over in Scotland to deal with the young players, so Tom, who is probably the most respected figure in the game today and has been there before as a captain and player and won in Europe, is a very clever appointment.

"I also think Watson is the perfect captain to get the best out of Tiger Woods, something we have not seen in Ryder Cups. Tiger only plays with Steve Stricker, but Tom will get him playing with other players ahead of 2014, plus, I think Tiger respects Tom for being very straightforward and criticizing him when he spat and swore on the course."

Monty, leader of the victorious European squad in 2010, said:

"It is a surprise choice but seeing America's failure in the Ryder Cup - Europe have won seven times out of the last nine - they've decided to change things and go with someone who isn't playing alongside the players; if you keep on doing the same things you get the same results, so I think America have been very wise in choosing Tom and have gone back to the future.

"It is also a selection that will keep the Ryder Cup on the front pages in America, more so than some of the other candidates, while as a captain in '93 he was very well respected and he's even more respected now. There's a lot of pressure on him but I'm sure he can handle it - and the egos in the American team."

Larry Neson disappointed not to be chosen for 2014 Ryder Cup captain
PGA Tour Confidential: Would Tom Watson make a good U.S. Ryder Cup Captain?
Golfers react to Tom Watson's Ryder Cup captaincy

Golfers react to Tom Watson's Ryder Cup captaincy

Posted at 10:06 AM by Samantha Glover

Tom Watson named 2014 Ryder Cup captain

Posted at 9:03 AM by

Tom-watson-ryder-cup-captain-93Tom Watson was officially introduced as the next American Ryder Cup captain on NBC's "Today" show on Thursday morning.

Watson will be 65, the oldest captain in Ryder Cup history, when the matches are held at Gleneagles in Scotland. Watson has won eight majors, including five British Opens, and captained the Americans to a victory in England in 1993, right, their last victory overseas. Since continental Europe joined the competition, only Jack Nicklaus has held the position twice.

Watson made a Broadway analogy in his press conference later in the morning at the Empire State Building. "It's like being a stage manager," he said. "That person has to prepare the stage for the actors, and that's what I do."

Watson is a universally respected figure in golf, especially in Scotland because of his success in the British Open. His reputation as a master of links golf was cemented at Turnberry in 2009, when, just shy of his 60th birthday, he lost in heartbreaking fashion in a playoff against Stewart Cink.

Another interesting wrinkle to Watson's selection is his frosty history with Tiger Woods. Watson was critical of Woods during his infidelity scandal and has also chastised Woods for cursing and throwing clubs on the course. Woods immediately issued a statement in support of Watson, however.

"I'd like to congratulate Tom Watson on his selection as Ryder Cup captain," Woods said in the statement. "I think he's a really good choice. Tom knows what it takes to win, and that's our ultimate goal. I hope I have the privilege of joining him on the 2014 United States Team."

The U.S. squad lost the Ryder Cup at Medinah in Chicago this year when the Europeans made a dramatic Sunday comeback in singles. The European side is expected to name its captain in January.

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Photo: Michel Euler/AP

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