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May 18, 2010

Truth & Rumors: Haney happy to be done with Tiger

Posted at 2:47 PM by Michael Chwasky

The Telegraph reports that Hank Haney is "relieved," to have ended his six-year relationship with the world's number one golfer, Tiger Woods. According to the story, Haney decided to make the move after Tiger failed to support him in the midst of post Quail Hollow criticism. Haney also added that he wasn't even working with Tiger at the time.

"I wish he had stood up in a press conference and announced, at the very least, that he was sick of all the criticism, that he backed me and that he believed in me, but he never did."

Haney goes on to say the his decision was made that much easier when Tiger claimed they were indeed still working together at the time of his disastrous performance. Evidently Tiger wanted the two to continue the relationship but the now famous golf instructor was ready to call it a day.

"It was a tough decision, one I went back and forth on many times," Haney said. "I sent him a text. I wished him the best and told him I hope he finds someone else to help him. "He first responded: 'Thanks'. Then two seconds later he said again: 'We're just taking a break right?' I told him: 'No, we're done'. "When all is said and done, I'm better off out of it. That's the bottom line. It is a huge weight off my shoulders."

The bottom line: You probably didn't know who Hank Haney was pre-Tiger, but you sure know now.

Westwood thinks he's got a shot?

The world's third-ranked golfer Lee Westwood has been knocking on the Major victory door for awhile now and it seems the high profile finishes may have gotten to his head. We all know the stocky Englishman had a close call at Torrey Pines in '08, but a T3 at the PGA in '09 and a 2nd at the Masters this year have clearly clouded his judgment. ESPN reports that when asked if he could pass Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods for one of the top two spots in the world he replied, "why not."

"The world rankings normally reflect consistency so I think the No. 1 and 2 spots are definitely there to be shot at. Both of them (Woods and Mickelson) are obviously capable of playing some fantastic golf but neither of them have really shown the consistency that the world No. 1 and No. 2 would ordinarily show. Phil obviously played very well to win the Masters -- I had a ringside seat for that one. I'll be trying to keep up my consistency and in the next few weeks and months with some big events coming up and try to get closer to them.

The bottom line: Westwood is a terrific player and a likable guy, but his inability to close the big ones makes No. 3 about as high as he can hope to go.

Romo could've played golf instead of football

According to a story in USA Today, Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Philips wouldn't have minded if his star QB, Tony Romo, had skipped practice in order to try and qualify for the HP Byron Nelson Championship.

"I wouldn't have minded if he wouldn't have been here. I mean, the guy works hard every day and has never missed anything. He kept that streak going."

Romo has said he was not disappointed at missing his chance at playing in the Nelson but does intend on trying to qualify for the U.S. Open later this week.

The bottom line: If Romo ever wants to win a playoff game he should probably spend a little less time on the links and lot more watching film.

May 17, 2010

Truth & Rumors: Haney says Woods is a sex addict

Posted at 4:56 PM by Mike Walker

In a wide-ranging interview with The Golf Channel's Jim Gray, Tiger Woods ex-swing coach Hank Haney said that Woods is being treated for sex addiction. Woods has said he is being treated for addiction, but has never specified what particular addiction he was battling.

"The only thing I knew about was his issue with sex addiction," Haney said.

In the interview, Haney defended his tenure with Woods and said that Woods' recent on-course struggles are related to fall-out from his recent sex scandals, not a swing flaw.

"Last year, he played in 19 tournaments and he had 17 top 10 finishes and seven victories," Haney said. "This year he's struggled, but he's only played in three tournaments and he's been off for five months.

"I don't think there any doubt [the scandals] are affecting him," Haney continued. "He's a human being and he's got a lot on his plate to deal with right now, a lot more than people know about."

Haney said that he remains friends with Woods, and that Woods' scandals did not affect their professional relationship. His only criticism of Woods was that Woods didn't defend Haney when the coach was blamed for Woods' poor outings.

"I feel like I was treated well for the most part," Haney said. "Obviously I took a lot of criticism. He could have stepped up a little more and been a little more supportive. Sometimes his answers were evasive. ... That would be the only area I would say something was an issue."

Haney said that Woods could be more open with the media and disclose things like his recent neck injury. However, he said, that's part of Woods' playing philosophy.

"He doesn't complain and he never wants to make an excuse," Haney said. "That makes him hesitant to talk about anything that bothers him. In general, I think he'd be better off if he was a little more forthcoming."

Haney, who said he spent 110 days a year with Woods over the last six years, said he never saw anything to suggest Woods used performance-enhancing drugs. Anyone who claims otherwise is just starting rumors, Haney said.

"I totally believe that Tiger has never taken any performance-enhancing drugs," he said.

Tony Romo pulled from Byron Nelson qualifier

Cowboys QB Tony Romo had advanced to the Monday qualifier for this week's Byron Nelson Tournament in Dallas, but he skipped the qualifier to attend a Cowboys team meeting. Talking to Todd Archer of The Dallas Morning News, Romo didn't sound too upset.

"It's not as big a thing," Romo said. "I'm a football player. I love football and it's fun to play football but once in a while I get out and I love competition whether it was golf, basketball or ping pong. Whatever it is, it's enjoyable to compete. Almost on a daily basis I'm always competing with myself but it's nice to be able to beat someone else every once in a while. That's what we get when we're out here in practice."

Romo will attempt to move on to the sectional qualifying for the U.S. Open with the local qualifier Thursday at the Honors Golf Club in Carrollton.

Tiger babes in online catfight

Rachel Uchitel, known as Tiger Woods mistress No. 1, took down porn star Jocelyn James in an interview with TMZ. Asked if James was using her alleged affair with Woods as a "career move," Uchitel said, "My personal opinion is that she said she wouldn't go down that road and she did. To each their own. It's probably getting her more money than she had before, but it's nothing that I would do."

James of course responded on Radar Online, calling Uchitel a "bed-jumper."

In other Tiger mistress news, TMZ reports that Uchitel has signed a deal to pose for Playboy.

Stray Observations

Just a few items we noticed while listening to the CD of Masters Works: Soundtrack Music From and Inspired by Golf's Majors on CBS...

David Leadbetter nominates Sean Foley to be Tiger Woods' next swing coach. (Via The New York Times) We thought he'd pull a Cheney.

The solution to making golf popular with young people: Be more like ... tennis? (Via The Wall Street Journal)

A golf-cart injury might end the career of Denver Broncos offensive lineman Matt McChesney (Via Yahoo! Sports)

Finally, Tommy Armour III hosts the PGA Tour's best party of the year Monday night in Dallas. In an interview with Golf Magazine last year, Armour said all the stories you've heard are true, even the one about the sushi served on naked models.

May 15, 2009

Warren Sapp: Romo needs to focus on football, not golf

Posted at 2:43 PM by Mike Walker

Tony Romo, everybody's favorite starlet-dating, golf-playing NFL quarterback, caught some flack Thursday from former Tampa Bay lineman Warren Sapp, who said that Romo's passion for golf hurts his play on the football field when it matters most.

Sapp was one of the game's most vocal and entertaining players, and he's kept a high profile since retiring, appearing on Dancing With the Stars and Showtime's Inside the NFL.

On an live chat, Sapp took a question from a reader about whether Romo's dream of qualifying for the U.S. Open was the reason behind his poor playoff performances.

Tate, Atlanta: What do you think on romo not being focused on football by trying to get in the us open?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network: That's why his record is what it is in December and January.

And all along we thought Jessica was the distraction!

*Thanks to Tim MacMahon of's Cowboys blog for catching this one.

March 18, 2009

Did Tiger Woods say no to golf lessons for Jessica Simpson?

Posted at 5:03 PM by Ryan Reiterman

Is Tiger Woods the one guy on the planet who would say no to golf lessons with Jessica Simpson?

According to several blogs, an unnamed source told In Touch Weekly, "Jessica is taking (golf) seriously. She even asked if Tiger Woods would give her some pointers, but he’s been busy with his new baby."

Simpson is reportedly taking up the game to get closer to her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Romo is a serious golfer in the off-season. Last year he tried to qualify for the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.

Since Woods is busy, my suggestion to Simpson is to contact Tiger's coach, Hank Haney. After he's done with Charles Barkley, working with Simpson will be a piece of cake. The Haney Project: Jessica Simpson.

You're welcome, Golf Channel.

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