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August 07, 2013

Video: Rickie Fowler takes on trash-talking moon

Posted at 10:02 AM by Scooby Axson

Many players have different training regiments to prepare for the biggest golf tournaments of the year. Rickie Fowler is taking his training to a whole new level.

Fowler and his caddy Joe Skovron found themselves in a indoor psychedelic driving range recently with weird features, including magical islands, glow-in-the-dark LED golf balls and a talking moon.

The range also had projection-mapped targets, state-of-the art sound, a stadium-size laser and a light show.

Fowler's first shot on the range was from 45 yards out and went right in the middle of a multicolored tropical tree. Next up was a weird-looking fire-breathing sea monster, which was 56 yards away. And for the finale, a trash-talking moon stood in the way, and got promptly served right between the eyes.

"I wouldn't look too good if I didn't get out of here without taking down the moon," Fowler said.

Could this be Fowler's training regiment for upcoming golf tournaments?

“We’re always looking for new, and sometimes quirky ways to get an edge and Red Bull came up with this fun and inventive animated training challenge,” Fowler said. “Hitting any type of golf shots where you have to focus on trajectory and distance and trying to hit a certain target can only help you get better.”

July 27, 2013

Video: Jack Nicklaus's grandson survives motorcycle crash

Posted at 7:52 AM by Coleman McDowell

Jack Nicklaus's grandson Nick O'Leary, starting tight end at Florida State, survived a motorcycle crash on May 2. 

SB Nation's Tomahawk Nation has the details for the accident report.

O'Leary's motorcycle collided with the front of the Lexus and shattered before crashing into the windshield of a Star Metro Bus, which was stopped at an authorized bus stop. O'Leary was ejected and narrowly missed crashing into the bus. He slid approximately 75-100 feet parallel to the bus, and miraculously, can be seen standing up and walking away immediately after.

During the ACC Football Kickoff in July, Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher said O'Leary "looks good."

June 27, 2013

Video: Rory takes on robot in driving range target practice

Posted at 5:39 PM by Coleman McDowell

The European Tour likes creating promo videos on driving ranges. The latest is Rory McIlroy versus a witty robot named Jeff in a target practice challenge aiming at dishwashers in a driving range.

The highlights of the robot's trash-talking during the clip:

"You know losing to a robot is a little like losing to Martin Kaymer?"

"That sucked. Feast your eyes on this."

"How do you like those apples, Rory?"

"Tiger Woods would have been at home with his feet up by now."

The European Tour's YouTube channel has other videos available in their "Every Shot Imaginable" series.

June 25, 2013

Inspirational movie quotes for PGA Tour pros

Posted at 5:06 PM by Coleman McDowell

– By Jim Gorant, Sports Illustrated Senior Editor

Before last month’s U.S. Open, Gio Valiante, the mental coach of eventual winner Justin Rose, had his talented but underachieving student watch The Empire Strikes Back, with particular emphasis on the scene in which Yoda tells Luke that it’s time to put up or shut up as a Jedi. (“Do or do not. There is no try.”) With that in mind, SI dug up other cinematic samples that could benefit some of golf’s flagging stars.

1) John Daly

PROBLEM: General delinquency, on and off course

MOVIE: Animal House

BIG SCENE: Delta house gets its grades—and last rites—from Dean Wormer

MONEY QUOTE: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”


2) Rory McIlroy

PROBLEM: Play has fallen off since he and Caroline Wozniacki became a celebrity couple

MOVIE: Rocky

BIG SCENE: Mickey warns Rocky about pitfalls of standard heterosexual interaction

MONEY QUOTE: “Women weaken legs!”


3) Phil Mickelson

PROBLEM: An inability to finish at the U.S.Open

MOVIE: Glengarry Glen Ross

BIG SCENE: The ABC speech



4) Tiger Woods

PROBLEM: Mental block on weekends of majors

MOVIE: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

BIG SCENE: McMurphy teaches Chief basketball

MONEY QUOTE: “It’s an old Indian game. It’s called ‘put the ball in the hole.’ ” (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

June 23, 2013

Video: Bubba rips caddie for club selection at Travelers

Posted at 8:08 PM by

Bubba Watson blew his chance to win the Travelers Championship with a triple-bogey 6 on the 16th hole, and he knew just whom to blame: caddie Ted Scott. Take a look:

June 21, 2013

Video: 5-year-old raps about golf (and it's not terrible)

Posted at 6:37 AM by Coleman McDowell

The video starts with "The Most Anticipated Golf Rap Video of the Year."

It's lives up to the billing. But that's easy when it's most likely the first ever rap video about golf produced by a five-year-old.

In the video, "Caleb-C" takes you on a journey detailing his love for golf. He shows off his clubs (Rev-2 Maxfli!), drops pithy lyrics ("I navigate the waters/Just call me the captain") and even toes the line into PG waters ("To play golf ... you've gotta have balls").

This is worth a watch just to see grown men jump from side to side while singing the catchy refrain of: "Drive, drive, chip, chip, putt, putt, throw your clubs up."

May 28, 2013

Video: Padraig Harrington takes aim at range-picker

Posted at 5:27 PM by Coleman McDowell

Here's a pastime that's almost as old as the game itself: taking aim at the poor soul who's picking balls off the driving range while you practice.

Most golfers are wired the same way. Even if you can't even spell d-r-a-w, you line up a four-iron in the back of your stance and attempt to rip a sweeping hook that only rises 10 yards off the ground to nail the iron-clad range-picking cart some 150 yards down the fairway.

Once you have heard the satisfying "ding" of the dimples clanging against metal, you immediately crave more. (Thank goodness for the thin mesh lining of the cart that protects the driver from the elements.) So we understand Padraig Harrington's desire to search out the range-picker in the above ad campaign "Every Shot Imaginable" for the European Tour. It's only natural.

Harrington just happens to be a lot better than us at it.

May 16, 2013

VIDEO: Miguel Angel Jimenez demonstrates his amazing stretching routine

Posted at 10:18 AM by Ryan Reiterman

Tip of the cap to Golf Monthly for shooting this amazing video of Miguel Angel Jimenez demonstrating his fascinating pre-round stretching routine.

Quick backstory: ESPN filmed Jimenez going through his warm-up at the 2011 British Open, and the oddly hypnotic routine quickly went viral.

We're not just talking simple jumping jacks and calf stretches. Oh, no. This is "The Most Interesting Golfer in the World," after all. Jimenez gets loose with his signature "little dancing moves," usually with his trademark cigar.

Stay flexible, my friends!

May 13, 2013

What to yell (and what not to yell) at golf tournaments

Posted at 11:44 AM by Ryan Reiterman

The folks over at Deadspin pointed out that "Get in the Hole!" guy took a break Sunday from being obnoxious to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. Nice.

I'm like most of you -- I think it's ridiculous for people to yell at golf tournaments, but, come on, when someone screams "Yabba Dabba Doooooo!" how do you not laugh?

And let's face it -- as long as there are TV cameras (and booze) around, someone's going to yell something. So we've compiled a list of do's and don'ts on yelling at golf tournaments. There's also a Hall of Shame category below, with examples of incidents that should get you thrown out!

What To Yell At A Golf Tournament

Yeah, Playa!
The gold standard. Short and sweet. Yelling something like this shows you're rooting for the player, and not just trying to get your 15 minutes of fame.

Yabba Dabba Do!
Warning: If you're going to yell this, you better be like this guy and actually sound like Fred Flintstone!

Boom Shakalaka!
Any catch phrase from NBA Jam will work.

Nice Layup!
Honest or snarky? You be the judge ...

Baba Booey!
The nickname for Howard Stern producer Gary Dell'Abate, this one has the potential to replace "Get in the Hole!" and "Mashed Potatoes!" as the go-to phrase to yell.

Chewbacca Call
Doing a good Chewbacca impression is hard, so if you can not only make that noise, but also do it loud enough to be heard on national TV, more power to ya.

What NOT To Yell

Mashed Potatoes!
I first heard someone yell this at Doral a couple of years ago. It's somehow become the new "Get in the Hole!," which means it's time to stop using it.

Enough with the random food references! No, "Skittles!" ...

... "Ham and Cheese!" ...

... or "Sausage!"

Light The Candle!
I almost gave this the nod, it's so random and silly, and the guy does yell it with enthusiasm. Which is key. If you're going to yell random crap, at least yell it with authority!

No, no, no, no, no ... No random body parts!

Hall of Shame

Hey, Vijay, Go In The Water!
Never openly root against a player, especially in their backswing. If you see someone do this, point them out to an official so they can be escorted out.

Get In The Hole!
The worst. It stopped being funny ... check that, it's never been funny, especially when you yell it after a guy tees off on a par 4 or par 5. And this is the worst offense right here. This woman A) thinks she's being funny, and B) records herself doing it!

Tiger Woods, You Suck!
This should also get you thrown ... What's that? Oh, sorry, this is just Tiger yelling at himself.

VIDEO: Sergio Garcia's most memorable meltdowns

Posted at 12:01 AM by Ryan Reiterman

Oh, Sergio. There he was, standing on the 17th tee Sunday, tied with his nemesis, Tiger Woods, and he hit not one but two balls in the water.

Instead of adding another Players Championship trophy to his collection, and sticking it to Woods after their public spat on Saturday, Garcia instead added another chart-topper to his collection of on-course meltdowns.

Below are some his other "highlights." Not included is Garcia's waggle-fest at Bethpage, where he was heckled mercilessly by the rowdy New York crowd. (Sergio eventually gave them the one-finger salute.)

Sergio Spits in a Cup
It doesn't get much worse than this. The best part is when Jimmy Roberts grills Garcia about why he did it, and Sergio just hems and haws. 

Sergio 1, Microphone 0
"If you thought you heard something after Sergio hit the ball, you did. It was Sergio hitting our microphone."

'The Ball Goes Right, The Club Goes Left'
That about sums it up ...

Bunker Bash!
Was Sergio's best bunker meltdown this one ...

... Or this one?

Shoe Toss
No piece of equipment is safe from Sergio's temper, including his shoes.

Chip In, Flip Out
Yes, Sergio even gets mad after chipping in!

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