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November 30, 2009

Ask the Top 100 Live: Keep your game on track during the winter

Posted at 4:55 PM by Brady Riggs

Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday at noon Eastern to review your swing videos, answer questions and offer tips to keep your game on track during the cooler winter months. Be first in line by leaving a comment below.

Thanks to everyone for the questions and comments. Sorry we ran out of time. Please ask again next week and get them in early so we can get to them. Have a great week.

AdmiralXizor asks at 9:55:

This is my second season and I'm looking to improve a lot during the winter. How does "winter golf" (it's going to be the mid-40s most of the winter) compare to golf in the warm weather? Am I going to have to re-calculate my distances when the weather improves? I realize I may have to do that anyway, assuming I'm a better golfer in 4 months..! :D Are there specific adjustments I need to make to my game for warmer to colder weather, and/or vice versa?

Mike asks at 9:33:

Hi Brady, Although I think I'm a strong guy, I have a lack of distance in my irons (5i: around 160yards) and driver (around 235 yards). I know that to get more distance I need to get more speed. Is it possible to increase the speed in your swing, or is your swing speed a more natural thing? Are there any drills? Thanks! Mike, The Netherlands

Steve asks at 9:20:

I see pros use two sticks to lay down on the ground at the driving range and place a ball between them to hit. Is this a drill to help control the club path through impact and is this something everybody can do or just those with a certain type of swing plane?

Rich asks at 9:08:

From the top, I steepen the shaft and dive at the ball with my left shouder. Help please? Does not happen on practice swings.

What are the suggested tee heights for the driver, 3-wood, 4 & 5 hybrids for a 20 handicapper?

November 22, 2009

Ask the Top 100 Live: Brady Riggs here to help your game

Posted at 9:22 PM by Brady Riggs

Tough time on the links this weekend? Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday at noon Eastern to review your swing videos, answer questions and offer tips. Be first in line by asking a question in the comments section below.

Thanks to everyone for your great questions and videos. Have a fantastic holiday weekend and I will see you next week on the blog. GO PACKERS!

Paul asks at 11:45:

I am single figure handicap but I always struggle with my driver. What are some driver basics that I can work on at the range? Is width the most important thing? I used to play a draw that turned into a snap hook. So I steepened my swing slightly to play a fade but now I tend to come over the top on certain occasions. Mostly though I just don't trust my driver on the course and I end up with 100 swing thoughts going through my head over the ball. What are some driver basics that I can use to simplify my practice and my thoughts?

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November 17, 2009

Ask the Top 100 Live: Brady Riggs offers swing tips

Posted at 10:25 AM by Brady Riggs

Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday at noon Eastern to review your swing videos, answer questions and offer tips. Be first in line by asking a question in the comments section below. 

Thanks to everyone for your questions and especially your videos. This was a very good blog today. Let's keep it going next week with some more interesting videos, questions, and opinions about the golf swing. Have a great week and go Packers!

CJ asks at 1:00:

Tiger switched coaches from Butch Harmon to Hank Haney. And Ernie Els switched from Leadbetter to Harmon. So what are the different coaching styles of those 3 coaches that cause the players to chop and change?

You would think that they are all teaching the same fundamentals but they clearly can't be otherwise the players wouldn't change between them.

CH3fan asks at 12:55:

I was a huge Charles Howell fan when he first came onto the Tour. I love his swing and the power he generates, it gives us smaller guys hope. But he never quite lived up to the hype.

I was watching him at the range at one Tour event and you could see what a great ballstriker he is compared to the other guys. It must be embarrassing for Leadbetter cos all along he was telling everyone how good CH3 is.

How come he has never translated his talent into more wins than he has? Thanks.

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November 03, 2009

Ask the Top 100 Live: Brady Riggs helps lower your score

Posted at 2:01 PM by Brady Riggs

Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs was online Tuesday to review your swing videos, answer questions and offer tips.


Alex asks at 1:30:

Now that my golf season is almost over I was wondering what exercises I can do to be in shape for next season. I know I need a lot of core workout as well as legs for stability but I was wondering if you knew any specific workouts that would help me.

There is so much great information out there on the internet that can help. I would recommend finding someone in your area that works with high-level golfers. The more golf specific your workout can BECOME, not begin, the better off you are. If money is a huge issue, check out Paul Chek online and research his material. I have over a dozen of my players working with a certified Chek guy that have had great results.

Paul asks at 1:20:

Can you clarify: In order to control distance in greenside bunkershots, do I shorten my backswing or follow-through ?

Neither. I would have you change the speed of your swing to change the distance of the shot. Think of a second baseman throwing to first versus a third baseman. The throwing motion looks the same, it is the speed of the arm swing that changes the throw. To make golf more athletic think of just changing how much energy you put into the swing. On a shorter shot, swing easier; for a longer shot, swing harder. Remember that the sand under the ball moves the ball out of the bunker. If the sand comes out slower and shorter the ball won't go as far as it would if the sand comes out faster and farther.

One last thing about this method. You will see an obvious change in the length of the swing, especially the follow-through, when changing the speed. This happens because there is less momentum in the shorter bunker shot. Be an athlete and don't overthink this.

JJ at 1:18 posted swing video:

JJ, I have no idea what your request is because you didn't ask me a question but I will give you my opinion of what you are doing that looks off from where neutral is. You are excessively bent over in the address position forcing your hands to hang too low to the ground. As you take the club away from the ball, you lose the connection between your upper right arm and your chest forcing the arm to move well away from your body. As a result, your right wrist loses all of it's bend from address and the clubface becomes very closed. This has a lasting effect on your golf swing as it prohibits you from releasing the club properly through impact, shortening your shots and severely restricting your follow-through.

If I were to recommend some changes, it would start at your address. Get into a more neutral posture so your hands aren't so close to the ground. Take the club back with your upper right arm and chest maintaining their connection while you keep some bend in the right wrist. This will help the club into a more square position at the top allowing you to release fully through impact. The final thing I would recommend is to look at the pictures of Tiger, Annika, Adam Scott, etc., at the finish position and try to copy that as best you can. Chances are your flexibility will limit you from getting as around as the swings I mentioned, but it will go a long way to helping you get where you want to go.

Bob Featherstone asks at 1:05 p.m.

I video my swing and noticed that when I started on my down swing from the top my right heel started to come up should that happen?

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