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December 23, 2012

Top 100 Teacher Ted Sheftic's Nine New Year's Resolutions for 2013

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1. PROMISE TO SEE YOUR PGA INSTRUCTOR EARLY IN THE YEAR—Come to your lesson with some goals of your own and work out a measurable plan to reach them. It could be swing or short-game fixes, or you might need some new equipment. Work out a plan with your pro.

2. PROMISE TO PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE—Rather than simply hitting balls aimlessly,  practice with focus. Practice that swing fix you worked on in your lesson, hit to specific targets, and play "practice" holes by switching clubs and changing targets.

3. PROMISE TO WORK ON YOUR SHORT GAME—The quickest way to lower scores! Ask your pro for suggestions, and then play putting, chipping, and bunker games to simulate real golf situations. Again, change clubs and targets. Play some of these fun games with your buddies.

4. PROMISE TO DEVELOP AND MASTER A CONSISTENT PRE-SHOT ROUTINE—A great routine keeps your mind focused, positive, and relaxed, allowing your body to perform properly under pressure. This routine will help you concentrate on targets and tempo, rather than mechanical or negative thoughts.
5. PROMISE TO STAY PRESENT ON THE COURSE—Vow not to fret over a bad shot, worry about your work or family, or think about your score. Your consistent pre-shot routine helps you to stay present. Deep breathing and other relaxation techniques are also helpful to keep you grounded in the present moment.
6. PROMISE TO STAY POSITIVE OR NEUTRAL AFTER EACH SHOT—This combines with Resolution #5. After each shot, you have five seconds to react and move on to the next one. If the shot turned out great, put the shot in your visual and feel memory bank. If the shot wasn't what you wanted, make a fist, count to five, open your fist, and release the tension. Let the last shot go. Go find your ball and embrace the challenge of hitting the next one.

7. PROMISE TO BECOME FITTER AND EAT RIGHT IN 2013—This is a great resolution for life in general, not just golf!

8. PROMISE TO HAVE MORE FUN AT THE GOLF COURSE—Sure, golf can be challenging and frustrating at times, but remember it is a game that is meant to be fun. With the right attitude, there is no better stress relief and relaxation. This leads to the next and final resolution.

9. PROMISE TO APPRECIATE THE JOYS OF GOLF—Hanging out with friends and family, enjoying the beauties of nature, celebrating the surprise of holing that 50-foot double breaker, appreciating the gift of being alive and able to enjoy this amazing game! These are just some of the numerous joys of Golf!
—Ted Sheftic, Bridges Golf Club, Abbottstown, Pa.

(Photo by Angus Murray for Golf Magazine)


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